Why Bob Coy Can Come Back

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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    This seems simple from this point on. There should be no more articles about the wickedness of Bob Coy – those stories have already been written and catalogued.

    From this point on, the articles should be written about the idolators when attend his congregation – which would be 100% of them.

    They are the one’s who need to be called out.

  2. Michael says:


    That’s pretty much where I’m at at this point.

  3. Xenia says:

    Are people being told all the accusations are lies? Fake News, they believe?

    Are people relying on Cheap Grace (It was all covered by the Blood.)

    Do they imagine he is repentant?

    Do they think his “excellent teaching” outweighs his moral degeneracy?

    Are people so enthralled by celebrity that they are blind? (Coy’s only a celebrity in a very small corner of the Christian world.)

    Are they simply gawkers?

    Are there no other preachers in S. Florida that they must provide an audience for this guy?

    I don’t get it.

  4. Xenia says:

    This reminds me of a story I’ve told here before, when I was the director of a home school groups and was planning the annual family camp. One member wanted to bring her relative, a former pastor, who was just out of jail for molesting a 5-year old boy. She kept telling me that God has forgiven him and so should I. We argued quite a bit about this. She brought the pervert. He spent the whole time down at the creek with the little boys in swim suits.

    She said he repented of his sins. If he had repented, why did he plead Not Guilty? Well, we wouldn’t want him to go to jail since God has forgiven him.

  5. Steve says:

    MLD let’s see how this plays out. Maybe CCA will forgive Bob and admit him back into their elite celebrity pastor club. There is nothing more Chuck Smith like than that kind of second chance.

  6. Michael says:

    All of the above…celebrity is as much a drug for the celebrants as the celebrity…

  7. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Steve – and? So CCA says he is forgiven – so? Even I said on the other Coy thread that he is forgiven (which of our sins did Jesus not die for?)
    All the people who will populate hell will be forgiven sinners – so obviously forgiveness is not the question here.
    If you by some strange occurrence ended up at Coy’s church, is that on Coy or you?

  8. Michael says:

    Let me repeat myself.
    This has little or nothing to do with any of the fragments of what’s left of Calvary Chapel.
    CC and Coy are both tainted brands and don’t need or want each other.
    The CCA doesn’t want or need the uproar that would come with his affiliation.

  9. Duane Arnold says:

    I’m sorry, but I think a really basic mistake is being made, similar to the thread on Linkathon and the observations by the InternetMonk. I’ll take it further still… I think Michael made a mistake in placing this in the category of “Church Issues”.

    This has nothing to do with anything that one can even vaguely refer to as “Church”.

    Yes, it is a gathering of people. Yes, there’s a guy up in front holding a Bible. Does that make it “Church” that is in any way recognizable from descriptions that we have from the first through fifth centuries? Is it in any way recognizable from what we see in the Pauline corpus? Does it bear the marks of what we call “Church” – one, holy, catholic and apostolic? We are talking about something that is vaguely “religious”, headed by a minor celebrity who can, apparently, entertain a crowd, but we are not talking about “Church”.

    Maybe we should put this alongside the reviews of Captain America, where we can comment on the skill of the actors, the quality of the production and who’s doing what with whom from the pages of People magazine.

    Call it what you will, but not “Church”….

  10. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I agree with Duane and I thought I was making that point on the other thread when I said I had no compassion for anyone who does business with him – and that business would include a church type venture.

    I don’t think we need to go any further than to classify him with Elmer Gantry (fictional) or Marjoe Gortner.

  11. UnCCed says:

    Darn!!!! Didn’t see this threat till posted on the last one.
    Ok, I’ve copied my question here.

    During one of my CC “trainings” it was explained to start in religious nonprofit in the US, you must state your religious ordination (for brevity’s sake, leaving out the christianeeze).
    I think that’s partially untrue in that you can theoretically start your own denom or 5013c without affiliation with anyone, but that’s longer and requires more $.
    Anyway, since Bob was ordained and later use that to register with FL for tax purposes, won’t he reuse it for the same reasons?
    If so, doesn’t that make whichever CC side for oversight in FL culpable?
    In other words, unless he got his own corp in FL, won’t he HAVE TO technically be a CC?
    You see where I’m going.

    (new addition)
    With a police report-publicly available, if Bob allegedly does something else allegedly (yes, I’m being careful), won’t THAT finally pierce the liability-veil of the sacred affiliation where everyone acts like the three monkeys (don’t see/hear/speak)?


  12. Michael says:

    Sigh twice…


    Coy filed for a completely separate non profit and there was no affiliation mentioned with any organization.

    I just filed for non profit status for all my ministries yesterday…it is a new short form and the cost is half of what it used to be.
    I did not affiliate with any other ecclesiastical group.

    This whole mess now has nothing to do with either side of CC…it has everything to do with Bob Coy.

  13. UnCCed says:

    Oh, nevermind, there’s never been any admission of guilt.
    Also, I’m cobbling together my half-baked legal knowledge from tv/movies.
    However, at least my motive is pure. I mean, if the Holy Spirit is greived by us, He must vommit when, in His name a child is brutalized – physically and emotionally.
    At this point, since the RC and large portions of the us protestants have ignored the duty of protecting them, I’d be open for ANYTHING to try, including stripping all churches of the nonprofit status – it wasn’t given for the purposes its used for today’s anyway (those of who involved in actually helping the needy and poor are excluded from my comment).

  14. Michael says:

    Whether or not these are real churches is a morass for another time…

  15. UnCCed says:

    Sorry, I never understood the process.

    To whomever was talking about shaming attendees.
    There’s another option.
    In my world, which I won’t describe except the vague reference to make a point here, I can assure you there are forces which would make handy work out of Bob’s “ministry” and all records its storing ($-backers), they could feel the pain as well.
    Anonymous is but one group.
    I’m actually surprised with the well-reported examples (some hide what was behind it) of obvious reprisals, more religious orgs haven’t been punished.
    Trust me, these groups don’t give two hoots about the Dove nor will “pray about it” before devastating anything $.
    Several of our own gov agencies, many large Corps, and others have felt their wrath.

  16. Michael says:

    Anonymous went after one CC pastor and threatened me about 2003…nothing came of it.

  17. Papias says:

    “They will embrace and protect him as if it were the Second Coming of Christ Himself, because they are too ignorant to discern the difference between their idol and the Lord.”

    Michael – you hit the nail on the head with that comment.

    I guess i would question who the “they” are/is in this scene? Anyone who would embrace Coy at this point may not be “CC”, but they would be “CC friendly” or “CC familiar”. He does not have to be affiliated with CC to pull a bunch of money from that pot o’ gold.

    Where else is he going to get his funding/audience from? Where else do these backers come from? Does he have a brand in South Florida that transcends into a wider evangelical circle? If so, why did he work in a nightclub and not transition to another church staff position?

    And yeah, I see him pop up on my FB friends request list…no thanks.

  18. Michael says:


    Coy is a brand unto himself.
    He didn’t go back into ministry because some blogger has kept the heat on every time he thought about starting again…that is no longer enough of an impediment…

  19. Steve says:

    MLD, I know it’s all idolatry but not all the congregants read this blog or are aware of all the circumstances. CCA has a role in this since they probably knew stuff long before it became public. Yeah they dropped him but my recollection is they didn’t say much. When I am talking about forgiveness, I’m not talking about God’s forgiveness but rather the organization restoring one to fellowship and maybe even leadership. David Hocking ring a bell?

  20. Michael says:


    It’s not going to happen.

  21. Em says:

    Haven’t completed reading this thread, but it seems MLD is on target.
    Can’t recall the O. T. reference, but it declares don’t “refirm” a murderer… I think i got kicked put of Bible Study Fellowship because i argued that reforming and forgiving were not interchangeable terms… actually, it probably was because i think R.B. Thieme was a valid Bible teacher 😏

  22. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Steve, since 99.9999999999999999% of the population do not read this blog, I would expect folks to get the info by other means. In the past 15 years (Google time) have you ever gone to a church without first Googling bot the church and pastor to see what’s up? I am sure if a newby pewster were to google some new start up church, much about Bob Coy would pop up. Hey, perhaps it shouldn’t be, but it is a buyer beware world.

    Hey, if a friend tells me he is going to a new church, I google to see if he is making a misstep.

  23. Duane Arnold says:


    Sorry for my comment above, it was out of line. I could edit it out, but I prefer my mistakes in judgement to be there as a reminder.

    After spending part of the morning talking to a so-called “church consultant”, I’m a bit beyond grumpy. It seems as though all you need to do today is to come up with clever alliteration – encounter, embody, extend – and hang whatever you want to on to the words. It seems that it is no longer about “church”, it’s about marketing. What’s worse is that someone like Coy may find takers for his “services” on that basis.

    Again, my apologies…

  24. Michael says:

    It’s all good…

  25. Duane Arnold says:


    Many thanks… I hoped you would understand…

  26. Steve says:

    Michael,. What’s not going to happen? Coy may make a strong comeback. It’s all about the numbers. If Coy became super famous and actually appear to repent and gets a huge following bigger and better than before, I’m sure CC would welcome him with open arms.

  27. Michael says:

    There are numerous dynamics at work in this and while nothing is impossible, this is close enough.
    It has nothing to do with numbers…

  28. Jerod says:

    It’s a real broad brush stroke to call it all idolatry in the pews. Some are ignorant, some have baggage of their own that wants to see Coy get a fourth fifth sixth chance. Etc. It doesn’t negate the fact that some little turtles at the bottom of the stack need to belch their disapproval.

  29. Steve says:

    Michael,. I’m more cynical then you.

  30. Michael says:

    If you support Coy in light of what is known about his character, you are either an idolater or cognitively challenged. Period

  31. Jerod says:

    Your last comment was strangely in concert with what I was talking about with the Spencer article.

  32. Jerod says:


    Yeah, well, grace is ugly, isn’t it…?

  33. Jerod says:

    I don’t support Coy, for clarity. That guy needs to be fine and making me a pretty little drink

  34. Michael says:

    Grace for who?
    Bob or the trail of victims?

  35. Jerod says:

    The Christians that support him! The dinguses that will seek his advice or listen to his motivational speeches.

  36. Jerod says:

    Done… Not fine! Silly predictive text, geez

  37. Michael says:

    Those who support him are complicit in his evil and the denial of justice to those he harmed. It’s way past time that we made people responsible for the sin they perpetuate.

  38. Anne says:

    “Those who support him are complicit in his evil and the denial of justice to those he harmed. It’s way past time that we made people responsible for the sin they perpetuate.“
    Powerful statement, Michael. Application beyond the scoundrel Coy.
    Pierced my heart, as the migrant/refugee situation at our border and beyond continues to keep me up each night.

  39. Michael says:

    I don’t know if you’re on the Frontera list…if you are you have good reason to be up nights.
    I’m at a loss where to even start on that subject…

  40. Corby says:

    Duane @ 1:15 – I would love to see a post about your experience with the consultant. What you said further validates what I’ve been saying and seeing and contributes to my cynicism about both church leadership training and the growth of consumer Christianity. Trying to find Christians that don’t look for the things you mentioned is very difficult. It’s a vicious circle that is rotting the church both from the inside out and outside in. Nothing new, but to me too many deny that they participate in it while participating in it.

  41. Jerod says:

    Start at funding beds

  42. Jessica says:

    If I misunderstand plz correct me, that this is not a CCftl problem anymore. I do not agree. Here is why, CalvaryChapelAbuse.com had been posting for years the moral failing of Coy. Including paying off families to move out of S Florida that Coy had affairs w married women, to they were forced to put his sister in law as his secretary in Ft Lauderdale to keep taps on him and try to stop his serial adultery. Obviously this didn’t work. Then we rumors came out that the women in the April 2014 relationship actually went to powers to be (Board) at CCftl and outed Coy. However they did nothing. So this women went to a affiliated pastor who speaks as a guest at CCftl and had a parenting program on reach FM. This women asked him for help, and he went to the Board of Directors and gave them an ultimatum to call Coy our on the carpet or he will. And the Board’s arm was bent forcing them to be removed. It makes sense bc the next week Chet Lowe spent the entire service discussing this w the church by stating Our pastor has “multiple affairs” which was new and different than the press release (see how they let it out a little at a time) , AND thank God for the Nathan that called him out. Fast forward to November 2017 when the New Times came out w the molestation. Calvary FtL said these allegations happen after he was removed and we pray for all involved any questions go ask Bob. Lol BUT the church CCftl keeps Coy around sprinkling his name here and there as the founder etc. Basically they dressed him up in his 300 shirts and jeans, white teeth and covered all his evilness to make money. I bet you this is a “grooming” of the community and eventually Coy and Ccftl will reconcile may be years frm now, may happen through a Coy family member but Coy is not staying in S Florida for nothing. They say once you smell a rotten dead rat, you will never forget that smell. It’s a rat and it’s rotten.

  43. Steve says:

    I don’t support Coy but the “Moses model” may become the “king David” model. David did worse then Coy and after being confronted by Nathan and repenting, he was called a man after God’s own heart.

  44. directambiguity says:

    I wonder if the SBC would take him? Kind of follow in Greg Laurie’s steps.

  45. Michael says:

    None of the CC churches in S. Florida want Coy to come back, including CCFTL.
    The reason?
    Everyone he starts with will be transfer growth from their churches…and most of the growth thereafter.

  46. Michael says:

    There are no legitimate parallels between the chosen king of a theodicy and a weasel who can’t keep his pants on.

  47. Michael says:

    Coy does have friends in the SBC down there…but I seriously doubt that they would embrace him in the current climate they work in…

  48. Jessica says:

    Steve, I wonder why it took an outside pastor to bend the strong arm of CCftl to call Coy to the carpet? You know how much distress this caused on the community? First shock, then sadness, then we wanted to rally and support the church/pastors and staff. But little by little the pieces didn’t add up. And that’s when anger set in. We feel used and suddenly even the Frappuccino’s at the Grille seemed like we were being sold and marketed. I stopped attending regularly months before his departure bc Coy never ever preached about family or marriage. Now know why. The fall of the mega church that needed an outsider to make Coy accountable. I wonder why no one else inside could. But like Michael’s blog states, they hid counting their silver pieces.

  49. Steve says:

    There are no legitimate parallels between the chosen king of a theodicy and a weasel who can’t keep his pants on.
    For starters, King David was not only sexually abusive and an adulterer but a liar and a murderer. But I agree, not a good parallel for the church just as Moses was not a good parallel for the pastor. But for some weird reason, I think Coy may get everything back plus some.

    Maybe a better modern day example would be Trump. No one thought he could win the presidency. The timing is kind of ironic with Trump kicking off his own re-election campaign in the sunny state of Florida.

  50. Jim says:

    This development is very disturbing to me. I had hoped that Bob’s memory would just fade away and healing would continue for those hurt…

    I have some questions out of curiosity, if anyone can answer: 1) Did Bob reconcile with his wife? 2) Is he with his family at this time? 3) Are any other pastors supporting him or claiming they have reformed him, or is he just a lone wolf doing this?

  51. Michael says:


    1. No
    2. No
    3. Not publicly…but there are some…

  52. Julie Anne says:

    Damn. Can I say that word here? The day I post about Tullian Tchividjian making a comeback, you are posting this. Gag! When will it ever end? WARNING: Tullian Tchividjian Attempts a Ministry Comeback by Faking True Restoration and Repentance with His Victims; AND He’s Starting a New Church???

  53. Jim says:

    Thanks Michael.

  54. Josh says:

    “I wonder if the SBC would take him?”


  55. Will Whosoever says:

    This is a man who was used by God at one time to lead many to faith.

    Then, after many years, he did some of the most heinous and ugly things with his body with a young, attractive new believer … just mere steps from and moments before entering the pulpit to preach the Word of a holy, righteous God.

    While his worship team led the congregation in worship, he was using an gratifying himself sexually in his office.

    I can not wrap my mind around this development. If I were Bob Coy, I would be about as afraid to to touch the Word of God about as much as an O.T. Jew would casually walk up and touch the Ark of the Covenant.

    It comforts me to know that God sees and knows everything. He will handle this either now…or later. Take your pick.

  56. filbertz says:

    I think the trait that will dog the reputation/legacy of Evangelicalism in future generations is a lack of critical thinking. Unprincipled thoughts, actions, and decisions give us blight like Coy.

  57. Jerod says:

    This thread needs some levity.

    Lenny Dykstra lost his dentures.
    “So began what [Lenny] Dykstra says was ultimately a nine-hour Dumpster dive that he tweeted about. He enlisted a friend, tag-team wrestler Sprinkles the Clown, to help.”

  58. Jessica says:

    Will-whosoever, so Coy actually was to that point? Minutes before stepping out to preach? I heard years ago that the church paid off a family to move out of S Florida bc he had a thing w a married women. I know he had his ribs broke in a classroom by a disgruntled husband. Needed a bodyguard after that. So how many more stories are out there? Why no one stopped him. He used to complain on the pulpit that people “judged” him bc he was having lunch w his niece. Told the congregation don’t jump to conclusions. It is apparent he knew and planned this behavior. What a jerk.

  59. Mary says:

    What does SBC stand for?

  60. justMike says:

    Slowly Becoming Catholic. 😉

  61. Michael says:

    SBC- Southern Baptist Convention…

  62. Michael says:

    “Then, after many years, he did some of the most heinous and ugly things with his body with a young, attractive new believer … just mere steps from and moments before entering the pulpit to preach the Word of a holy, righteous God.”

    The story of what happened to that new believer has yet to be told…

  63. Mary says:

    justMike 😉

    Will Whosoever — I can’t wrap my brain around this new news either.

    Back in 2017 when the New Times published the story about the police report, keep in mind that the New Times is a Miami publication (I believe) and also a smaller news source.

    Miami (Dade County) is the county south of Fort Lauderdale (Broward County).

    For some reason, Broward County’s newspaper called the SunSentinel, didn’t publish the story nor did the Miami Herald. (To the best of my recollection).

    This 2017 police report story was now 3 years after Coy’s 2014 fall from ministry. Most people were getting on with their lives and unless you googled his name, one was unaware of this latest development.

    I can only speculate as Michael stated in his post that there must be some politics of evangelism here in S. Florida.

  64. Jessica says:

    Unfortunately having experience w rape victims, statistics are 1 in 5women are sexually assaulted. Would not surprise me if “the young, attractive, new believer” was not consensual. Just a feeling I have bc I have heard of very distraught women being taken advantage by Coy. Rape survivors do not come forward immediately they need to heal, feel safe before they are strong enough to go to police. And who would believe her “if my assumption” is true? The Sun Sentinel refused to even write about the allegations of molestation, even w a police report. If you would have a police report that you molested a child on record, nothing else would surprise me. But hoping the truth would come out.

  65. Will Whosoever says:

    I sincerely apologize for my graphic post, but his sin is so radical and it altered that make up artist’s life. That’s just one life ruined…

    How can we possibly quantify the damage to those who simply walked away from Jesus quietly when the news broke out? Just discussing it here furthers the pain and conflict.

    To much is given, much is required…and yet my own sin haunts me and I know by the grace of God there go I… I wish I had the power of Elizabeth Montgomery and that I could just ‘wiggle my nose’ and I could make him and the aftermath all go away…

  66. Will Whosoever says:

    Jessica, from what I know, sadly, it was mutually consensual.

  67. Michael says:


    What do you know about the make up artist and the aftermath of this?
    You can email me privately if you prefer… phoenixpreacher@gmail.com

  68. Maria Marua says:

    If he has repented and is back in good standards with God, good for him. As Christians, we must forgive as God forgave us, BUT, that doesn’t mean it is ok to accept everything else. Voy should NOT come back as a pastor , NO WAY NO HOW. I have been going to Calvary for over 20 years, and yes he was missed at the beginning, but as a person, not as a Pastor. He should stay where he is wherever that is and continue to pray and continue to repent.

  69. Mary says:

    I stand corrected. I googled Bob Coy’s name and The Miami Herald did indeed post an article about the police report. Article dated November 14, 2017.

    As Jessica stated, The Sun Sentinel chose not to expose this story…

    Ugh, this Coy story makes me sick.

  70. Jessica says:

    A makeup artist for a pastor? I think that just sums the whole thing up. The next church we decide to go to, gonna ask does the pastor have his own makeup artist? If so I am out of there.

  71. Jerod says:

    Just a bunch but maybe folks should probably stop mentioning the vic’s role and situation… easy to figure out …

  72. Jerod says:

    Might be worth a deletion

  73. Jessica says:

    Jarod I didn’t know, I heard rumors bu. And no we don’t need to know the “details” but as far as victims I have stayed strong that a child is a victim, a under age girl is a victim and rape survivor is a victim all in a court of law. If he had a thing w a makeup artist it’s consensual and not a victim. And then it is a lesson for us all about idolizing a person. To add to that it was Bob Barnes who stated over and over in sermons that he had to “clear” the 2 front ties of Ccftl every time he visited bc of “groupies” of Coys. If all this is true, it should not be deleted. It should be exposed as what it is covered up idolatry.

  74. TJ says:

    You, the writers of the darkness of Bob Coy, are you without sinful/criminal thoughts or events. I think not. You rightoeus writers who batter and continue to batter Bob Coy, believe you are doing right. Long necked aren’t you. Of course when a burden arises so many psychologically imbalanced people come out of the woodwork and point fingers. When one false exclamation is directed it remains in the minds and internet as truth.
    The only Truth is our Lord and He is Loving and all is between Him ABBA and Bob Coy.

  75. CM says:


    You are sadly deluded and following a wolf that has been outed.

    Please stop drinking the Kool Aid.

    Either that or should we ask how much does Bob Coy pay you?

  76. Dan from Georgia says:

    How does a Swedish pop band figure into all this?

  77. Kevin H says:

    Maybe because Bob Coy is the Dancing Queen? Dunno? 🙂

  78. Diana Horgan says:

    You’re comment: “They will embrace and protect him as if it were the Second Coming of Christ Himself, because they are too ignorant to discern the difference between their idol and the Lord.”
    Have you ever attended Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale? Pastor Bob Coy was never an idol to me or to thousands of others. He taught from the Bible every Wednesday and every weekend. Are you serious about what you said above? Pastor Bob would always say to give glory to the Lord only and that he just teaches the word of God. If anyone chose to idolize him, that was their choice. I am overwhelmed and shocked by everything that I’m reading online about Pastor Bob Coy. We are all sinners and we all fall short of the glory of God. The devil comes to kill steal and destroy lives. Satan comes like a roaring lion trying to devour its prey( Jesus followers). He hates God and tries to destroy God’s children. We are living in the end times and I personally know that the attacks are more and more to all born again Christians that I know… including Pastor Bob. He really loved the Lord and always wanted to obey God. People are trying to destroy all that he has done for the glory of God. No one should take that away from him. When he got caught up in sinful behavior, I believe that it was from the pit of hell that he slowly fell away from Jesus… I hope and pray that only the truth will be spoken or written and nothing else. So again, he was a great pastor and teacher. Please don’t take that away from him because that is true. He never wanted to be idolized. What people choose to do has nothing to do with Pastor Bob. We all need prayer and so does he. Jesus says to love one another but what I see is not love. It’s people saying bad things about others- Sadly people don’t want to hear about good things but only the bad. This world is getting worse and worse and we all need Jesus. Praise his holy name. Amen.

  79. I personally know the girl he abused. Mike Rozell Of Potter’s Field tried to cover it up while I was interning there. Bob is a wicked wicked man.

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