Feb 022018

There are days when I wonder why I try.

Today is one of those days.

A couple of days ago Bob Coy posted a new profile picture of himself on Facebook.

The comments that were posted under the picture were all extolling the greatness of Bob Coy and expressing the posters adoration of him.


“Pastor Bob you know we love adore and support you always !!! So please let us know where you’ll be pastoring !”

“You are the best pastor on the history of the universe!😃And not matter what you still!”

“You look so adorable as always👍🏻🤗😇

“We miss you so much you have no idea❤️❤️🙏🙏👋🏻👋🏻god bless you❤️”

There were more, but a man can only vomit so many times…

What in the name of all that’s holy is wrong with you people?

Did you read this or this?

Let me review what is publicly known about Bob Coy.

He was a serial adulterer.

He had a “problem” with pornography.

From the latest story…

“The call came from California. A woman told Coral Springs Police she had recently learned something terrible: A South Florida man had molested her daughter for years. It began when the girl was just 4 years old.

An officer noted the information and called the victim, who was then a teenager. She confirmed the story in stomach-churning detail.

By the end of that harrowing call on August 20, 2015, police knew the accused predator was no ordinary suspect. His name was Bob Coy, and until the previous year, he’d been the most famous Evangelical pastor in Florida.”

I lived with that story for months before it saw the light of day.

While I worked on that story, I found other stories …every time I tried to follow Bob Coy’s trail I stumbled upon another piece of another broken life.

You can’t research these stories and write these stories without being traumatized to a degree yourself.

I can handle writing about most of the bad guys we’ve chronicled…this was a different story altogether.

I wrote it because the church needed to know the truth and in knowing the truth, act on it.

I assumed that the truth would set people free.


If he decides to make a comeback more information will be disclosed, more lives shattered.

Collateral damage because “he’s such a good teacher”…

God help us all…

  83 Responses to “Bob Coy’s Real “Profile Picture”…”

  1. KEEP TRYING, MICHAEL. Thank you for getting the word out about Coy.

    Any idea if there will ever be any legal movement on the pedophile allegation?

  2. I honestly cannot think of a more relevant verse (and it applies to far more than just Coy):

    “Now in all Israel there was no one so much to be praised for his handsome appearance as Absalom. From the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him.”

    But, then, how does one discern without the Word and faith?

  3. Donner,

    Not at this time…

  4. That one paragraph alone was enough to sicken me.

    American society as a whole has lost its way, and this is just one example of that. People should be outraged over this and ready to run him out of each town he flees to. It should be a scandal of Biblical proportions.

    Instead, we get silence and indifference from the majority, and few people listening to the lone voices aiming to speak with honesty and integrity about the situation.

    Wanna know why so many people avoid church?

    Corporate, upper-middle-class white people friendly supercongregations;

    fossilized movements who canonize the rapture as equal to the resurrection;

    far-right, ultra Republican congregations who lift a billionnaire up to the near-equal of Christ just because he tells them what they want to hear;

    strict Calvinist congregations who put their people under a yoke as heavy as Mount Everest by something they call ‘winsome, loving church discipline’, complete with a legal contract they say isn’t a legal document that probably is a legal document;

    superstar pastors flaunting their wealth while much of the country struggles to make ends meet on the little money they earn from their employers;

    all that, on top of the usual backbiting, gossip, backstabbing, @$$kissing and politics we’ve all seen in churches all our lives, and probably going back to when the first Pilgrims walked off the Mayflower.

    Now, we have the sexually abused, who have always been with us and never talked about openly. They’re still never talked about openly, only it’s not just to protect the privacy of the abused and abuser. Now, in some cases, it’s to protect the Anointed By God Great Man’s image and help his followers maintain the fiction that he’s as innocent as the Son of God Himself.

  5. That New Times article was plenty detailed, names and dates and all. Why is this not being pursued? Is it strictly because the victim refused to press charges? Statute of limitations and hush money involved??

    This stinks in more ways than one.

  6. Donner,

    God knows I’d love to explain it all publicly, but I can’t.

    It’s combination of things…but no hush money.

  7. BrianD,

    First, I’m blessed to see you tonight and hope you’re well, my friend.

    Second, I’ll just say the amen to what you wrote…

  8. Michael,
    Understood. Thank God that the Judge of all the earth will do right.

  9. Jean,

    I suspect Saul was a hell of a lot more impressive than Coy…but the point stands.

  10. The man is a snake…. that’s obvious enough. It was obvious to me the first time I met him 25 years ago. There is a dark cloud of sleeze and filth that surrounds him.

    It’s those adoring, blithering fans of his that astonish me.
    Very much like the fools that follow Saeed.

    BrianD… amen. Good to see you here.

  11. Michael, Paige, back at ‘cha.

  12. I never met the man, but used to listen to his podcast and his radio program on KWVE. Seriously wondering, do I lack discernment? I never felt the slightest check. In fact, I remember feeling spoken to by the spirit on a number of occasions (although it has been years ago now). How is it possible that preaching of the word from such a broken speaker can still have an effect? A testimony to the power of the word, or some lack of perception/maturity I should be concerned about?

  13. re; # 10 above, it wasn’t obvious to me, and that is concerning to me.

  14. “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.”


  15. Munro,

    The power of the Word is not dependent on the purity of the preacher.

  16. I question 2 things. If Bob Coy actually set up that page. And, the sanity of the commentators.

  17. The Jews practice circumcision. Maybe the Church should consider the merits of castration.

  18. “The power of the Word is not dependent on the purity of the preacher.” That says a whole lot. … People – too many of us – credit the preacher with the power…. sigh

    Someone referred to hero worshippers of a political bent… if we look around us there is evidence of mindless hero worship everywhere… Maybe it has always been there, but the 1960s saw something evil gain the high ground in the US… The beginning of a popular intellectualism that gave man permission to question and form answers that call evil good and good evil … May God deliver us from equating group think with wisdom

  19. Trigger Warning and I am toning this done quite a bit because if decorum also posting under my semi-anonymous name.

    I took care of a lady back in the late 80’s early 90’s at the facility I worked at. It was in the “hospital” “units” basically a large facility within an even larger facility that housed medically fragile individuals with developmental disabilities. As far as the record concerning her past and what I could gather when she would go into a rage yelling at the memories/imaginary people in her room coming out of the ceiling to kill her. She had been so badly sexually/physically assaulted as a child her pelvis was shattered and her back was literally broken making her a paraplegic. I would spend literally hours with her mostly on my own time during the evening when the episodes would bet worse. Singing humming watching tv and yes even praying according to her faith tradition, she was Catholic.

    In the faith group I was in I did, to my shame, try to seek some spiritual comfort because working in this environment with people in so much need, again to my shame, it wore me out. It should not have but it did. Because I could not share too much because of confidentiality I E they knew where I worked so I the few facts I included here was not made clear and I couched many other issues to avoid potential issues. To a one, the thing that my faith family was concerned about was the fact that she said naughty words ie cussed and that was horrible. They suggested she might be demon possessed and well I stopped discussing the issue after that. Like I heard a nurse say one time, you can beat them to death as long as their shoes are on the right feet.

  20. I hope that he never comes back and these people who follow this dirtbag are idiots also. I hope the Calvary movement does not in any support it.

  21. Michael, I agree with Donner – KEEP TRYING and yes, thank you for getting the word out about Coy.

    When the most recent story about Coy molesting the 4 year old girl was published, a Miami based paper picked up the story BUT Broward County’s paper, The Sun Sentinel NEVER published it. WHY? Broward County is where CCFL is located. This means the people who attend missed a huge story.

    Brian D’s #4 spot on.

    Paige’s #10 – agree.

  22. mk,

    In the post-internet age, a lot of the decision-making process regarding what any media outlet covers depends, in part, on how many hits the story will bring to the outlet’s website. Gannett operates on this principle. Tronc, which owns the Sun-Sentinel, probably does the same. Also, in an age where virtually every newspaper’s editorial staff has been cut to the bone marrow, there may not have been enough people on staff to assign someone to follow the story and give it quality coverage.

    Other factors could have been at play, as well, but I don’t want to suggest anything else without solid evidence.

    To anyone who is curious as to why the Sun Sentinel didn’t cover this story, I would suggest you ask the editors yourself:


  23. BrianD, thank you for explaining and for the info to follow up with the Sun Sentinel. Hopefully, the editors there will get a flood of inquiries from those of us curious as to why they didn’t publish the story.

  24. mk,

    If the story didn’t break in Broward,now I’m really sick…

  25. I’m all for the castration idea!

    Hi briand! Hi mk! Good to see both of you!

  26. This is really a sad, disturbing tragedy. I’m so sorry for the victims that this ‘man’ left in his trails…..

  27. Michael – nope, it never did. It sickens me too.

    Hi Dusty and thank you!

  28. i think the idea of castrating sex offenders was actually considered but the civil rights people got involved… how dare we take away their civil rights! … what is “civil” about a sex offender? of course the civil rights folks would really be upset if God carried out the punishment and the poor victims of their own impulses were stoned to death…
    i don’t know how one can express the outrage, not even sure that outrage is the best term for what is reported here… someone on another thread noted that we are pragmatists today… solve all hurts the easiest way possible? easy for whom, eh?
    One thing seems clear to me, as was also expressed here a while back, we in the Church – or at least we in the churches – do not have an understanding of grace… or of judging v discerning

  29. Hi Dusty!

  30. Okay this seems to be more about hate for the man then anything else. What does any of this have to do with him rite now? As a man that does media myself with my radio show I do have connections that have found red flags in the most recent story about him. And I will not come down on any of this until all the facts have been checked and proven.

    Lets see what he’s doing now as a person before we make anymore calls against him.

  31. Show me the red flags.

  32. @30 – If he isn’t anything other than repentant, humble, and teachable “right now,” then it doesn’t matter what he’s doing. As far as I can remember he did not submit to his restoration process. So far as I know he hasn’t owned any of his sin in a meaningful way.

    On another note, the comments quoted above from the Facebook page and Michael’s and others reaction to them very much remind me of how people are with politicians. To some, Bush/Obama/Trump can do no wrong even if they have done and continue to do wrong. TO others the belong in the deepest and hottest of Hells and can do no good even if they do something good.

    The ability to be objective is rare indeed, especially in today’s charged mainstream and social media environment. Rage is all the rage, as is willing ignorance, as is whatever if someone can turn it into click-bait and make money off of it.

  33. For details on how to identify click bait, click on the ad for my new book…

  34. Corby,

    Sometimes rage is justifiable.

  35. #31 Agree.

    #32 Agree.

  36. I tell you, one of the most eye opening days of my life was being on a church staff with a narcistic senior pastor who bossed and bullied people, but being told by people aware of his injurious ways, “But he’s such a good teacher.”
    That’s when I decided to never join their ranks as long as I lived.

  37. Question for you, Michael

    With all that you know about Calvary Chapel and the policies and practices that were inculcated through Chuck Smith, do you have any doubts that they played a large role in how Coy was allowed to do what he did (perverse immorality) without accountability (Moses Model) for so long?

    Secondly, because of the “Don’t tell” rule CC practiced and codified in the “Assisting Pastor” book, do you have any doubts that there were people who knew at least part of what he was doing, if not all?

    Lastly, if upon review of this situation, Chuck Smith is shown to be essentially responsible for enabling Coy and all who have done similar, how should we view him. Should we give him a “pass” as some have advocated?

  38. JM,

    There is no doubt in my mind that the culture that grew out of Smith covering himself has contributed to this mess and many, many, others.

    I view Smith as a paradox…a very flawed man whom God used greatly.
    It is dishonest to ignore either side of that paradox.

    That’s often the biblical pattern as well…

  39. This is just another example of the Trump world we live in where up is down and down is up, where the truth is a lie and the lie is the truth, and good is evil and evil good. It is sad to see the evangelicals lose their way so badly. As our Savior told us, care for the poor. Someone who has been victimized sexually is one of the poorest people of all, having to live a life of depression, shame and guilt,and anxiety, not to mention other mental illnesses they may fall victim to. He/she is the person on the side of the road, beaten bloody and suffering, and many evangelicals are the priest that walks by and pretends to not see. May God’s great mercy come to all victims of sexual crimes, especially those of the clergy, and may the evangelical part of the church find their way again.

  40. Well, everyone here is younger than me and i am not someone whk believes older = wiser… But….
    I cannot for the life of me understand why our present President is singled out as the personification of evil… I smell a red herring….
    There is a case to be made that our churches should not be focusing on a secular leader as their hero; i agree with that viewpoint. Yet, ecept for souls here that i respect, in the public arena, i have not, so far, come across an anti-Trumpite ( 😁 ) that i respect
    This is just a comment on a comment or two from up here in the moutains… not an attempt – God may it not be – not attempting to start a political discussion

    Tomorrow, i will watch football, hoping and praying for an upset…. are the evangelicals backing the Eagles? LOL
    guess not as they’re all self identifying as patriots these days… 😈

  41. Why was she bringing this up again to the coral springs pd and yet not wanting charges pressed against him yet again?

  42. AVR,
    The question itself indicates you know nothing about this situation and have not seen the police report.
    I will entertain no more from you.
    If you have further inquiries you can email me…but I suggest you find the bare facts before you do.

  43. I noticed that the Miami New Times article about Rob Coy (which Newnham cited) does have have one factual error.

    The article states that the lawsuit regarding Iglesias was “settled out of court”. This is simply not correct.

    Because I was following that case at the time (the trial was being conducted in my home town), I know for a fact that the case was “dismissed with prejudice“. (Refer to Idaho Supreme Court Data Repository, CV-2011-0006451, Kootenai County, Idaho)

    My commentary: We have some pretty level-headed “we don’t put up with nonsense” judges here in rustic Idaho, and so I am guessing the judge figured out pretty quickly that the real target of the lawsuit was CCCM (which is where all the money is anyhow). But the plaintiff’s case really didn’t have any legs to stand on, and it was mostly a “gold-digging” operation by the plaintiff’s law firm.

    BTW, for a refreshing and completely independent perspective on Calvary Chapel, Vineyard, et al, please dig through the dusty archives at Cuthbert’s Cave. (Yes, this is naked self-advertising.)

  44. Oengus

    I just had to ask you:

    You really think this is just an attack at CCCM? Seems like a really back ass ward way of going about it, given that Coy was more closely associated with CCA. As well you sound as if you’re Blaming the Victim – a CCA trademark

    Yet again.

    I’m totally willing to be wrong. I hope we all are but I doubt it.

    This isn’t a #metoo moment, it’s been around for awhile

  45. I should say what is presently CCA

  46. Oh I know nothing about the situation? Looks like I’m going to go live now.

  47. Were you dead before?

  48. Michael, thank you for being willing to give me feedback.

  49. JM,
    Thank you for asking the important questions.

  50. 45> “You really think this is just an attack at CCCM?”

    Answer: Regarding the Coy story, no, I was not thinking this at all.

    45> “you sound as if you’re Blaming the Victim”

    Answer: You are mistaken. I am not.

    I only know what I read in the newspapers. I was merely pointing out that sometimes the newspapers get the details wrong.

  51. Michael, you are still heroic in my book for exactly this. Why Coy is not in prison is beyond me.

    Also nice to see BrianD out and about.

  52. For the sake of clarity, I am amending #51, by adding words in brackets to make explicit what I meant to imply:

    45> “you sound as if you’re Blaming the Victim”

    Answer: You are mistaken [if you assume that I am “Blaming the Victim”]. I am not [blaming any victim.]

  53. Was his new profile picture archived?

  54. I wonder if “VR” stands for “Vacuously Reactionary,” because that podcast was incoherent.

    You are yelling at the patron of this blog about being judgmental (based on his readings of police and journalistic endeavors) while you (with the eloquence of a drunk at a bar) babble out a judgment of your own, that the young girl’s story about having an experience with God and not wanting to pursue the criminal case does not add up?

    That transfers to Michael, how? Further, you described the story as if you simply scanned it without reading the account with any comprehension.

    Sadly, the story *does* add up within certain evangelical cultures that place spiritual feeling over actual justice. Further, the kid probably just wants to move on and not make that bad experience (if it occurred) as part of her identity. Within that youthful evangelical sub-culture, that totally makes sense.

  55. Children fantasize I don’t believe everything I hear. Bob Coy was a great pastor and very smart I am not impressed with the the new leader of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale.
    The only other Pastor was Fidel. He is great

  56. Children fantasize I don’t believe everything I hear. Bob Coy was a great pastor and very smart I am not impressed with the the new leader of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale.
    The only other Pastor was Fidel. He is great

  57. Maroonie you know nothing about radio. And this reporting on Bob Coy has now become more about a witch Hunt more then anything else. The podcast was rite and to tell the truth! I have connections that can take things down here. Credibility is terrible! And you know this. Bob Coy has lost almost everything! And when he tried to get a little balance. People like you shoot him down.

    Now let me explain this here now! Why was Bob Coy never arrested? Why was there never a trial? Why did they always try to stop the investigation into the reports on more then one occasion for some reason or another? See the red flag now?

    Thank you!

    The offer is still there to come on my show and to talk live on air man to man.

  58. Man Up Michael!!!

  59. “I have connections that can take things down here.”
    Bring it on.
    I’m sure both your listeners will thrill to hear it play out…

  60. I have connections too! And you have no rite to talk the way you are about CCFL and Bob Coy. You want I will bring you on for a civil debate.

  61. I have a firm policy against debating people who can’t spell.
    I await the fury of your dreaded connections…

  62. See? I rest my case with a judge mental one like you. Full of hypocrisy and double standards. This Christian wins I guess. I guess I will get my people to go on the air about this soon. Just for the record! My Business Partner is a long time christian and has been in radio for almost 30 years. I have connections to pastors with Calvary Chapel and without Calvary Chapel. A person with more media connections and with government and has done it all and still works as a forensic psychiatrist. And some of them I had for years before getting into radio 12 years ago. I am not scared of you! As far as I’m concerned you need to look into the old cliche Christians use to use that are true. WWJD! Remember that?

  63. Yes I’m familiar with it.
    Jesus had something to say about child molesters…something about a millstone.

  64. Do you know what a forensic psychiatrist does?

  65. Again! I gave you some points and even talked about it in a podcast for you. Where is any of this proof that he is a child molester? I just mentioned the red flags again for you today! There is more working against the story then there is for it. And! Just for the record! A local news channel ran with the story then too it down after only one airing of it. Because checking facts is a must! And nothing could back the reports as to weather or not he did it.

    And WWJD! You are saying that Jesus would just walk away from a child molester. That’s not true! Jesus would want him to be healed and to accept what was done and for him to be forgiven. And again we still do not have anything to prove this where he goes.

    Remember! Jesus always wins. We all want to be him! But we are not him! He was perfect.

  66. I know what they do! Want to meet my friend who does it?

  67. Read the police report and get back to me.
    Actually read the police report, get some sources with the family involved, and get back to me.
    Obviously, I need to keep writing about this…

  68. I did and so did he! And you forget that the “VICTIM” keeps wanted to get rid of the report for one reason or another. She’s now a young adult! How do you use that to make sense of anything against Bob Coy?

    Note: I am not defending Bob Coy where he is proven “GUILTY”. He is wrong where his affairs go and for his divorce goes not doing what he needed to do to save his family. And for his addiction to porn. But again this with this whole matter of being a child molester! Nothing is backing it. Otherwise! He would be in jail.

  69. I know how this Christian subculture works…and they cover this stuff up if at all possible.
    Unlike you, I actually know how that was done in this case.

    I’m not commenting further because unlike you, I know that the victimization was real.

    You’ll have to pump your numbers another way…

  70. A forensic psychologist mainly comments on whether a person is mentally fit to stand trial.

  71. And VR – Form an outsider – no skin in the game – Your podcast sounded unhinged. It doesn’t make any sense.

  72. Josh
    I’ve sent “wacko bob “ as he calls himself ,to the spam filter.
    Maybe he can find some listeners there…

  73. All good. He was a hoot. Headed home. About to read your Trump article, which will give me much to think about on the ride.

  74. Hmmm….Forensic Psychiatrist…Why would Action VR Network need to know one of those?

    Found a definition:
    “He or she must evaluate the facts and the mental state of the defendant and report the findings to the lawyer when asked. … Forensic psychiatrists evaluate specific areas that include:

    Psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia”

    Read his posts again. Now it makes sense. Poor VR.

  75. I stumbled upon Bob Coy’s Facebook page this week. I don’t know him and have never attended CCFTL. I appreciate that the posters there seem anxious to forgive and forget, but it is a little discouraging to realize that they either haven’t read the New Testament qualifications for a pastor, or don’t care. People seemed to have loved Bob’s teaching, but scripturally he cannot be a pastor. I don’t know how or where he would fit in at a church.

  76. Action VR Network you are unreasonable and blinded. There is no conceivable way you can research this issue and not rule logically and responsibly that this story was written w sensitivity and transparency. Coy needs to fade into the sunset. I know people who are on his Friend list and I cannt figure out how they associate w him after this report, some are business but some are friends. If you did research on the metoo/molestation/rape movement you would realize why charges have not been filed. I see Bob popping up here and there and it is alarming that he is still in the area. In a world of Jerry Sanduski and Bill Cosby’s it is important to continue to report the truth. Thk u Michael for doing so.

  77. Thank you, Jennifer…we’ll keep doing so.

  78. Bob Coy will never start another church if it’s within distance where I can go and cause A disruption Bob Coy is finished he’s absolutely finished and he was a wonderful great preacher and God uses the foolish of this world and he did with that with Bob he was a great preacher and many many wonderful Ministries took place at Calvary Chapel. But I think if I ever ran into him in the street I probably go ballistic on him was all swept under the rug and we were just sit there supposed to sit there and chew on it and understand that for years we were being duped no he will not be opening another church

  79. Mel I feel yr pain. I was puzzled to find him bck in S Florida working in a local entertainment bar establishment. Knowing all the long the damage he hd done. (He ws fired frm there after the New Times Report ws posted). Why would u come bck to this area? Is he a sociopath? He has visited a couple churches around, got his famous white teeth grinning w a Coral Gables church last month on FB. I could care less if I saw him again. My days of being angry are done. God will deal w him and the good people on this earth who are watch dogs (like this site) will keep him in line so he doesnt open a church. I pray for his family and even though I dont attend church there anymore nor do I agree how the church handled it, I still pray for the pastors who left and who chose to stay, everyone has been through a heart wrenching experience that hs scars.

  80. If Bob Coy molested this child why was he not investigated and charged after the coral springs police were told

  81. There is no “if”.
    Ask CSPD why they didn’t…

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