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Amber's Story: The Potters Field Case 10 4

Amber’s Story: The Potters Field Case

Amber Kurutz’s PFM Testimonial I began PFM’s Discipleship Training School in January of 2017. My time involved with Potters Field Ministries ended much earlier than I had anticipated. My excitement and joy to live...

Jessica's Story: The Potters Field Case 14 2

Jessica’s Story: The Potters Field Case

I  lived and worked at Potter’s Field Ranch for almost 2-years (Feb 2007-Nov 2008).  My story probably starts similarly to other folks who went to PFR when it was a Discipleship School–I was 20-years-old...

Potters Field Survivor Stories 18 0

Potters Field Survivor Stories

I’ve created a separate page just for Potters Field Survivors Stories. You can access it from the bar on top of the page. It’s a work in progress…I’ll get it finished as I’m able…