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TGIF 3 21


She loves to use my hand for a pillow and sleep with a paw touching my face. It was 1:30 in the morning and I was sound asleep…until the searing pain in my hand...

TGIF 5 15


Miss Kitty hasn’t been feeling well. Because cats can’t tell you they have an upset stomach or a toothache,the only way you know they have a problem is by changes in their behavior. Missy...

Finding Jesus In The Muck 7 14

Finding Jesus In The Muck

It’s been my calling in life for the last couple decades to patrol the grimy underbelly of the church and report on what I find. I’ve found a bunch of perverts, thieves, and greedy...

Sunday With Smokey 11 11

Sunday With Smokey

Meet Smokey…who doesn’t quite understand yet that he’s a “former” stray. He’s a former stray because whether he knows it or not he has a home here and he’s loved whether he moves in...

TGIF 13 8


It was one year ago this morning that my beloved friend Chester went on before me. I miss him a lot… Miss Kitty still looks for him and calls for him. We’ll both see...

Allie Rae Mondok 15 7

Allie Rae Mondok

The documentary is live now. We’ve followed this child and her family for years…this is truly a “Christian” story in the truest sense of the word.  

TGIF 17 1


I thought she was Miss Kitty… Miss Kitty is usually that cat that wakes me up in the middle of the night purring and nuzzling me, telling me how much she’d love me if...