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Merry Christmas! 7 4

Merry Christmas!

The child is born, the King is on the way… May you all have a blessed Christmas full of hope and anticipation.

Loose Ends 15 75

Loose Ends

Rod Dreher spoke wisely and prophetically in this article… “Second, the problem with so many Christian conservatives is that they are far too involved in politics, wrongly seeing gaining political power as the summum bonum of...

Bearing Witness 17 38

Bearing Witness

Every morning before there is light, I go outside with my hands full of cat food and look for a black cat in the dark. I feel him before I ever see him and...

Support Us On Cyber Monday 19

Support Us On Cyber Monday

If you are using Amazon to buy Christmas gifts you can support us at the same time by using our links. We make a little on every purchase…and it’s much appreciated. Click on the...