False Teachers & Itchy Ears

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  1. Michael says:

    The last commonality is that these folks are already condemned…they are not brethren.
    One last word from Calvin;

    “As to the word opinions or heresies, it has not, without reason, been always deemed infamous and hateful by the children of God; for the bond of holy unity is the simple truth. As soon as we depart from that, nothing remains but dreadful discord.”

    John Calvin, Calvin’s Commentaries (Complete) (trans. John King; Accordance electronic ed. Edinburgh: Calvin Translation Society, 1847), n.p.

  2. Em says:

    can a charismatic and honest leader/teacher be overrun by hangers-on and exploiters?
    in the world, of course, yes… but in the Church? just pondering…

  3. Dave Rolph says:

    It seems to me that the emphasis of the 2 Timothy passage is on how to minister TO these people, not on how to destroy them. The words used are positive ministry words. For instance, the word translated “reprove” means “to convince.” The word translated as “rebuke” means literally “honor upon” and refers to calling someone to live up to a higher honor. The word translated “exhort” means “called alongside” and is often translated “comfort.” And it is all to be done through patient teaching. I think we would see much greater effectiveness in addressing error if we did it God’s way.

    This is why, in my estimation, a man like Tim Keller is more effective in bringing people to Christ than all the odm’s put together. He cares deeply for those who are wrong, and it shows.

    James 3:16-17 says, in my literal translation from the Greek, “Where there is heated zeal and divisiveness, there is instability and every evil thing. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure (simply clean and holy) then peaceful, building upon similarities, easily negotiable, full of compassion and good fruits, without judging and without phoniness.”

  4. Michael says:



    That translation of James is priceless…

  5. Not Alone says:

    Is it maybe about Pastors like B.G. from CCVisalia? Who denies his sin against others, saying it never happened or that the victims are just telling lies to cause division.

    This might be out of context Michael, but things are heating up again. The lies and cover-ups are flowing. How can a pastor behave this way? Can a man who clearly did awful things to his children, continue to deny forgiveness or reconciliation, every truly be saved? Wouldn’t the Holy Spirit be crying out for him to do something, anything in either direction? If he can’t extend these very basic biblical principles to his own family, what is the hope for the rest of us.

    It is so confusing why God would allow this type of behavior in his church leadership.

  6. Reuben says:

    Rolph, can I use that? Of course I will point that translation to you…

  7. Michael says:

    “How can a pastor behave this way? ”

    Because pastors are human beings who suffer the effects of the fall just like everyone else.

    That’s another article for another day, but pastors are no holier than the people in the pews.

    These false teachers were libertines.

    The question you are asking about the salvation of the unrepentant is excellent and worthy of discussion…

  8. Michael says:


    We’re all going to steal it…no need to ask. 🙂

  9. Not Alone says:

    Not trying to hijack, thanks for the reply. 🙂
    Just frustrated with these feelings. Confused as to why God allows men like this to flourish, but spanks me for the smallest things (I’m glad he does, but struggling)

  10. Dave Rolph says:

    You can use it. Just say it is from The Message so you can be a target too. 😉

  11. DavidH says:

    Dave Rolph – “You can use it. Just say it is from The Message so you can be a target too. ;-)”

    So that’s how you get targeted?

  12. Reuben says:

    Rolph, I have already been spotted numerous times at major CC events holding a copy of “The Message”. I carry it on purpose. Some people laugh, (those who know me anyway) and some people start preaching at me almost as if I need to “find Jesus”…

  13. centorian says:

    Reuben… The Message? I’m surprised in you. Peterson has many other works that are of greater value.

    I brought an N T Wright book with me to the last pastor’s conference I attended. Didn’t carry it around much and didn’t get much response.

  14. Believe says:

    Pastor Dave, how do you believe we should deal with the ODMs? (practically)

  15. Reuben says:


    I know. But I rather enjoy the grin and nod sessions with people trying to set me straight.

  16. DavidH says:

    It’s good to have some fun and games.

  17. centorian says:

    Reuben…lol!! 8)

  18. London says:

    Michael, is there any chance you could throw up an “Open Blogging” thread so we’ll have a place to put up random things we have to say?

  19. Reuben says:

    Whats funny is I used to be the guy who tried to set people straight.

    Life is so much happier on the dark side. 😛

  20. Reuben says:

    I DavidH the DavidH I know?

  21. Michael says:


    That would be out of the ordinary routine…I take it you’ve got something on your mind?

  22. London says:

    nothing that matters.

  23. Michael says:

    I’ll try it…it’s up.

  24. DavidH says:

    Reuben, ?

  25. Reuben says:

    That should have said, “Is DavidH the DavidH I know?”

  26. Dave Rolph says:

    ODM’s are best just ignored. That is what they fear the most.

  27. Tim says:

    These scriptures not only point to the likes is warren , Leonard and the others, but are made exactly for them

    The ones more closely masked as one of us are actually the most dangerous for they are able to get close and tight Spinning their subtle error and gaining allegiance to their name

    Just like the commentator who bought it line and sinker a model of being led astray endorsing the snakes and con men like warrreb Leonard and the rest of the pack of wolves and brood of vipers

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