Jim Kempner Update

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Pain…. make it all stop LORD

  2. Hate to be crass but it looks like the teachers and the board are all about to get “screwed” too.

    Board members are legally responsible for any liability the church may civilly incur and my guess is Lawsuits are coming!

    Not knowing all the facts but rather than fight to sustain his kingdom, Mr. Kempner might do well for everyone to step aside

  3. Bob Sweat says:

    What will it take? This is disgraceful! How long will it take for the excuses to start coming? I taken back by the “God disposes” comment a few weeks ago.

  4. Bob Sweat says:

    Sometimes I wonder if God is thinking, “Me dispose?” What are you waiting for?

  5. Em says:

    as to why you keep talking and we keep commenting on such things here… isn’t it because we all want very much to say that that isn’t the way of Christ?

  6. Michael says:

    I may be crazy…but I still believe we will see the hand of God in this matter.

  7. Michael says:


    I can help you with that… 🙂

  8. Em says:

    Pastor, Pastor 🙂 your handle reminds me today that we used to have a physician in our neck of the woods whose last name was Doctor – sounded funny when he was paged…

    your #9 comment raised a question in my mind, tho… doesn’t most of the world need justice? is the world’s call for justice always “revenge?”

  9. Em says:

    if they’re liable, can’t those board members negotiate, themselves – sell off the school assets to pay the debts, if need be – before the State steps in and forces the issue?

    and those teachers and parents have an opportunity to teach the children about bad behavior in the real world IMO praying

  10. Bob Sweat says:

    This is a private school. I don’t believe the state has any jurisdiction in this matter. The teachers certainly have the right of litigation. If the matter is ruled in their favor, then liens could be placed on assets. I’m not sure about Board members, especially since they were replaced following dissenting votes.

  11. Michael says:

    The status of the board is up in the air as their “terminations” may not have been legal.

    What you have here is one clever, desperate man doing all he can to keep himself going.

  12. Em says:

    hmmm, doesn’t the State always have jurisdiction in matters of labor compensation – payroll? just asking…

  13. Michael says:

    By the time the state processes something, your car has been repoed and the lights are off…

  14. Please Note says:

    Yes, church boards are a challenging thing.

    While there are standards that Non-Profit Board Members are required to adhere to, as well as rules regarding your liability in the proceedings, church boards have tended to exist in a somewhat grey area.

    They tend to create their own By-Laws and rules regarding the responsibility of the Board, and members change somewhat frequently, thus making the lineage of error harder to track.

    As we;ve seen from the Heitzig debaucle, one has to really screw up on a federal level, like with the IRS, to see much action.

    And with local prosecutorial budgets getting squeezed, the malfeasance has to really cause some outrage to see much done about it

    It’s sad.

  15. Michael says:

    God is using this mess…I have to believe that.

    When it’s all done He will get the glory because it will be evident that only He could have done what happened.

  16. Please Note says:

    I agree, Michael. Didn’t mean to be naysaying, just tossing our why sometimes church boards get a different look-see.

    It’s ultimately all His, and He will use it for his Glory at some point 🙂

  17. Michael says:


    I have to confess something.

    I thought when we got a hold of this story that we would lead the charge , the bad guy would go down, and I would be a hero in the eyes of God and man.

    I blew it.

    I repent.

    He alone is worthy of praise and He alone brings justice and truth.

    God keeps me on a short leash.

  18. Please Note says:


    You should be viewed as a hero becuase you screw-up as often as we all do and admit your screwups readily.

    That’s biblical.

    The fact that you do it on a public forum so that we can all identify with it and learn, is a blessing in itself.

    You also show more grace than most of us on here (at least, eventually 😉 )

    All of these battles will rob you of your joy and perceived impact if you concentrate on any one. It’s the overall journey and lessons learned that I believe are most pleasing to Him, and most fruitful for us to be a part of.

    You’re planting a lot of seeds, time will tell how He grows them.

  19. Michael says:

    Don’t forget to keep this situation in prayer as the Lord leads…we may be close to something good!

  20. David Sloane says:

    Hi Bob Sweat,

    My take on the statement “Man proposes and God disposes” is that no matter what man may decide to do, ultimately it still remains in the capable hands of God.

    Man may propose a thing but God just might dispose of what man proposes. Is that a Calvinist principle, I’m not sure?

    I realize that there is a lot of wiggle room in the statement Man proposes and God disposes.

    Here in the West there is a statement, “He shot himself in the foot.” Self inflicted trouble…seems that Jimmy has a few problems these days. Sigh…

    I love being able to visit here with all of you and I do read everything that is posted. You indeed have a community and I find it porfitable for my understanding of these things that impact all of us. Your words are highly valued by me and open me up to diffrent angle points that I may not have thought of in my own paradigm.

    God’s grace and blessings to this portion of my Christian family.

  21. Jessica Menn says:

    ***I may be crazy…but I still believe we will see the hand of God in this matter.***

    I’ve given up hoping to see God in any church related matter, much less a church related scandal. This is all very depressing and lame.

  22. Forgiven says:

    If anyone steps in and shuts Rev. Jimmy Kempner down and removes him, he will always say “They took the church/school away from me…and shift the blame once again to someone else.” I do believe that God will not be mocked and if all is true, JK has disqualified himself from being an overseer. God will not let him continue, or if he still does push through to continue–there will be no blessings to follow.

    I was a similar situation years ago a at small CC. I saw & heard the pastor say all kinds of things to the sheep (mostly new believers). I was so upset with things, I first went to the pastor directly (matt 18 right?). Then he used what I said as a platform for a pointed sermon that sunday to show me! I then went to a few others in the church, they agreed and we approached the pastor….he shrugged it off. I was a very new Christian and could not understand the ego of this man (now I have seen it many times over my last 17 years as a believer). I went back and made an appointment with the CC who would oversee the church I was currently at….I was surprised and shocked when the pastor caring and patiently listened to all I had to say and then said. “If we go in there and shut him down he will always say Pastor John (not real name) shut me down, but if we pray and all you say is true God will not let that church continue.” I was even more upset when I left that meeting, not understanding why no one would stop this guy from hurting more people. BUT it was a huge lesson for me about HOW BIG GOD IS, in a few months the church was GONE. Really….within a few months the church was gone. All had left..except a few that were family. The pastor could never say someone took his church away. He can say ONLY THE LORD saw fit to remove him. Since then, I have seen that former pastor a few times over the years, he is still not right with the Lord evident by his actions and comments during those chance meetings. I still pray for him and his family as I was very close to his children.

    I am NOT making light of anything that is happening at BCC with JK. I think God will do the same in this situation. My heart cries out for the teachers, students and parents of the school, who are the victims of this man’s ego. If one man steps down, so many things can be corrected to thrive and survive.

    I am still praying for him to step down on his own…I also applaud all who have left, who see clearly that JK cannot be a biblical leader without true biblical restoration that includes stepping down. The continued maneuvering, manipulating, and making things look better than they really are, will soon fall apart by the hand of the Lord alone. Not what anyone wants to happen.

    I have lived through this type to situation a few times now and God does always prevail.

    The question that is gets me….who has been corrected by the Lord so severely for a first offense?
    In my tenure with the Lord, He gives me so much each time to get out of something I am doing, first by the still small voice, then a gentle shove, even a hit over the head, before He has it shouted from the rooftops (Luke 12:1-3).
    Anyone else have the same experience?

    Blessing to all who are healing in this situation….blessings to all those who have left and are now finding a new place of fellowship. BCC was an incredibly loving family, not just a fellowship. That has now been ripped apart….

    They have already survived this happening before in 2001 and will survive again. It might be a new work, a new fellowship…but the people love the Lord and will do what is right biblically.

    Let’s keep standing in the gap for all involved….

    P.S. sorry so long winded….

  23. Fellow Follower says:

    I am an interested party and would like to know what became of all of this. Jim Kempnor is still running the church and new school. I have heard he refuses to admit he is guilty (as I’m sure most guilty people do). He said he only pled guilty because he couldn’t afford the $10,000 in legal fees, yet he had money to keep the church afloat and new school running. Something doesn’t add up. He said he was cleared by the FBI agents involved, yet that is hard to believe.

    -Concerned parent

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