Julie’s Testimony, An Open Letter To The Rozells: The Potters Field Case

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12 Responses

  1. Kendra Scharite says:

    Mic. Drop.
    (Pun intended) lol
    I love you Julie! This is amazingly written. Thankful to walk through this with you.

  2. richard says:

    Wow. just wow.

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    Wow!!! Well said!!

  4. Bob Brow says:

    Amazingly written… I used to get mad because from 1990-1993, The Lord taught me about my worth to Him. I was mad because I couldn’t seem to fit into any ministry or church body. I was “accepted” by man as long as I “got along to get along”. I wished…PRAYED I could just be like everyone else at church…so I could fit in. For 25+ years, I had been asked to either lead a bible study, be an elder, host a small group, teach Sunday school, write curriculum or start a church at each ministry in which I/we got involved (from 1984-2001, because of work, school or family, I/we lived in 4 different states and in 7 different cities). I/We “joined” a Baptist, Presbyterian, Calvary Chapel, Christian, Assembly of God, Covenant, Independent or a CMA church through the years (was saved at CC Costa Mesa in 1982). Depended on the city in which we lived…didn’t matter the denomination…always attending where me/we felt The Lord wanted us to go and could use us. Always got very involved, because we were asked to. It never ended well, though. As soon as I started asking questions…BOOM. I/we were either ostracized, put down, avoided, kicked out or reprimanded. Now, I praise GOD because he wouldn’t allow me/us to “go along to get along”. He taught me, “The praise of man is a snare. If you want praise…you’ll get it. Either here…or There. You choose” Yes, I have missed fellowshipping on Sunday’s the past 3-4 years…but after reading about things like Julie describes, the alternative isn’t worth it. Thank you all who are brave enough to exposed “man’s ministry”. Praise be to The Lord! Love you all…

  5. prodinov says:

    Bob, what you wrote could have been stolen from me. OR, we are such like minded brothers in Christ, that the experiences we have in life are shared jointly as we journey and face obstacles that hinder our growth. I relate to everything you have stated, and Julie’s testimony is so well presented, yet hard to digest. The depravity of man can sometimes quench the spirit but on good days, we move forward and try to not look back. As Michael has pointed out in so many profound messages relating to his cats, many which seem to have abusive backgrounds, they seek, they remain cautious but in Michael, much like in our Father in Heaven, they have solace, peace, understanding. Readers of this blog will exhibit much pain as these letters continue to be published because we understand that no one should experience such abuse, especially under the cover of ministry. God’s blessing endure!! Thanks Julie. Thanks Michael.

  6. DawnMarie says:

    Julie, I’m so sorry you and your family went through this. My first thought was, “This could have been me.” I was their “Assistant” for 11 years. I was asked to “fall on my sword” for him numerous times. I had to try to hide who Pam really was, from the rest of the world. I had to hear about their sex life…and discussions about Pam’s parent’s sex life. I’m sure you heard what he and Pam said about me after I was gone. For those who haven’t- I was having inappropriate romantic feelings towards Michael. (One second while I vomit here.) I looked at him as my pastor and father figure. I was in their will and they were in mine. I too am fatherless with a difficult childhood, and people I considered my family said those words about me. God is a redeemer! And now has given me a true family of friends and a deeper understanding of who God isn’t.

  7. DawnMarie says:

    Just to clarify, they accused me of having inappropriate romantic feelings, but I wasn’t.

    Julie, what they accused you of is a thousand times worse! I don’t believe it for a second! So many hurtful lies are said about people who leave. I’m sure you are an amazing and wonderful mom!!

  8. Emily Thelen says:

    My sister, brother-in-law and nephew (their 6 year old son) entered ignite in January of 2017, less than 3 months after our dad passed away. When they arrived in Guatemala, it was if they’d fallen off the face of the earth. They were not allowed to contact anyone from their “former life” for over a month, and that was only by email. This was especially difficult for my family, as we had now lost three generations within a two month period. I’m going to tell you what it’s like to see your sister (brother/friend/whoever) be pulled into something you know is not healthy and what they are going to tell you to try to stop your questions, your doubt and perusal of them… All to protect the ministry.. I’m also going to tell everyone out there with someone still in the ministry what to do right now. DO NOT STOP PERSUING THEM! EVER! They honestly don’t see where they are!
    Trust Your Gut.
    When you get complete and total radio Silence from someone you used to talk to four times daily before they joined Potter’s field Ministries, something is wrong. When they first arrive they go into an undisclosed blackout period. That means no calls, no Skype, no text and no email. You will have no idea what is going on and you are expected to just accept it without question. Why would a Christian Ministry designed to bring others to Jesus want their new recruits to cut off communication with their family? The answer is, we know that something’s wrong and they haven’t had enough time to brainwash these kids.. Pfm is taking advantage of the fact that the new recruits are home sick, hurting, confused and excited all to their benefit. What they are doing is slowly turning us into the enemy. They are telling these new recruits that their family is not Christian enough, their friends are a bad influence, their sisters are liars, whores and theives. They are told to break off all contact in order to fully accept their new Christian Missionary role. They must only be surrounded by like-minded thinkers and worshipers. Yet, don’t they go out into desolate parts of foreign countries and put themselves in danger to bring others to Christ? It’s not that we are not just as important, we are just a threat to Potter’s field Ministries.

    They have a Bible verse for everything.

    And it is not being used the way God intended it. Each verse is Twisted to fit a scenario in which God (Mike Rozell) is in control, and we are the enemy. Of course, the interns don’t see this because they have already been convinced that we are the bad guys and Mike is there to guide them, teach them and advise them. He gains their trust and expects the same in return. When a person is literally cut off from contact with their family, they will find someone else to take the place of those people. And Mike and Pam were the fill ins. When you try to tell your loved one that what’s going on is wrong, they will have an instant Bible verse to quote back at you proving their version of the truth. It will be so skewed by human interpretation that they will not see the meaning God had behind it, only how it serves to keep us far enough away that they don’t have to deal with us. Eventually, they believe everything they are being fed, and anyone who questions it must be without God. So family members, please don’t be offended. They honestly can not see what is happening.

    They will find replacements for you

    Since they now know that you are no longer a safe person to be around, Pam and Mike take your place. Because their story is so relatable, they can fill any shoes you need them to fill. They can be your parents, they can be your brother or sister or they can be the link between you and God. All the while, you’ve seen how easily you’ve been pushed aside, replaced and ostrisized.

    You start to buy into the whole thing.

    Your loved one will put on a great show. They will tell you how wonderful and happy everything is! There will be sunshine and rainbows everywhere and be so convincing that eventually you believe them. You can even go visit them in Montana and everyone put on such a good show! The thing is is they really believe that they are happy, because they have been conditioned to not know what freedom is anymore. Also, you have been hearing how knowledgeable they are, how many Souls have been saved and how amazing Pastor Mike is, and now you believe that everything is okay and you simply overreacted. Honestly, I think we begin to believe everything is okay because to have any part in my sister’s life was better than no part. And if everything had to be hunky-dory for that to happen, then I was going to make everything hunky-dory.

    My sister, brother-in-law and nephew ended up staying in Montana for over 2 years. Mike promised them their biggest dream. They wanted to go to Africa and Minister there so badly that they would do every degrading task Mike asked of them. He had Nick running a multimillion-dollar farm for pennies, he had Julie, who was an insurance agent, take over all operations in that area. Because they were doing this for him, he promised them their dream If Only They would help him get through this season. However, worst of all, was he took my 6 year old nephew under his wing. He taught him how to lie and manipulate. He taught him how to be a follower and how great it feels when everybody stops to listen to you. He also showed him the power he has over other people. He showed him this by placing his hands around my nephew’s throat and saying “that’s what it’s like for the enemy to have control over you” . Mike had my sister lie to outsiders for him, convincing her it was for the good of the whole ministry because outsiders just didn’t understand. Yet, we knew none of this. All we saw were happy, smiling faces on Skype and cheery voices telling us how wonderful their purpose was. We had no idea that people literally ran away in the middle of the night to escape. A few times, I was asked to pray for some who had gone astea and left.

    When Julie called me to tell me she was moving home (something she swore would never happen) I didn’t really believe her. Somehow, I knew that Mike would convince to them to stay. But, they had finally seen the REAL truth. And now they are home, praise God. I also want everybody who have somebody in pfm to know that your loved one is not okay. They do not know they are being manipulated. They do not know that you are not the enemy and they do not know that they are in a cult. DO NOT STOP PURSUING THEM! One day their eyes will be open and I need to know that you never stop fighting for them. Also, when they come home, know that they will be emotionally shattered. They literally put their entire life in Mike and Pam Rozell’s hand and let him strip away everything. Their self worth, their secrets, their family, their free thought, their ability to act without his approvsl. They are broken. They need understanding and empathy. They need your prayers. Julie and Nick are being slandered All Through Potter’s field Ministry and it has not been easy for them to speak out, regardless of what anyone thinks. I know my sister and I know she is speaking out to save others and to stop the abuse from continuing.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear what it’s like as an outsider looking in. We know the whole time something is wrong, but there is no proof, only a Feeling. So I am incredibly thankful for those who are speaking out now.

  9. Michael says:

    Emily…thank you

  10. Brett Ashley Scharite says:

    Emily – You’ve said everything I’ve been wanting to say for a long time. I was also a sister on the “outside” looking in and I am so forever thankful my family is HOME now. Thank you for sharing <3

  11. Paige says:

    Wow. Thank you! I have the feeling that this is the tip of the iceberg, and that PFM is hardly the only modern church organization with this sort of cultist control and the”Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain”…

    Truth is freeing, scary and life giving. Thank you Julie and to each of you for bravely sharing what you’ve held in your hearts and souls for a very long time. May God heal your hearts.

    The journey ahead is long. Jesus is Faithful. It’s Pilgrim’s Progress all over again. God bless you.

  12. McGarrett says:

    I am so sickened by these stories, I can only hope that the Lord will bring reconciliation and peace to all who have suffered from this Madman and his wife. Michael, thank you for being willing to stand in the gap for the truth of these who are innocent, and have been spiritually manipulated. I hope that these Charlotons of power and control will be brought to their knees. I have known many type A Corp people who know very well, how to manipulate people. It appears to me, that this man, trans positioned his Corporate upbringing, to manipulate those young ones who desired to serve with a pure heart. Blessings to all.

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