Linkathon 5/12, part 1

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  1. jlo says:

    Signing off for the night, will dig into the linkathon tomorrow, God bless.

  2. brian says:

    I find this very troubling, and in other areas of the world it is also increasing.

    We were talking about power, I would love to see these types of situations end.

  3. Linnea says:

    Good for Al Mohler. His assessment is correct, now and in the future.

  4. james tiberius kirk says:

    “Put down the boycott signs.  Jesus promised mockery, abuse, and suffering for his name so this ain’t no big shocker.  Possible responses:

    1.  Pray for the creators of this show.

    2.  Ignore it by not watching it.  Flag waving and sign-holding protests oftentimes don’t accomplish much other than more hype and hype sells. 

    3.  Use it as a conversation starter with your co-workers.  Ask them what they think of it.  Why Jesus and not other religious figures throughout history?

    4.  Remember that Christianity grew out of the most abusive and violently oppressive regime known to man (The Roman Empire).  If Rome couldn’t stop Jesus and his mission, Comedy Central probably doesn’t pose much of a threat.”

    Is it overly vindictive to add #5.
    Wait and see what happens to those responsible for the mockery of Jesus.

    Old Dirty Bastard from WuTang clan changed his name to “Big Baby Jesus” and later was arrested for posession of crack, and later died of a drug overdose.

    It seems God won’t stand for mockery forever…

  5. Linnea says:

    BrianD…thanks for referencing Michael Patton’s reflections on depression. It takes a special courage to share the inner workings of one’s heart, mind and spirit, but I get the sense he does so that others may benefit. I get the same sense here at PP.

  6. Josh Hamrick says:

    Todd Rhaodes take on the Franklin Graham issue is pertty limp-wristed in my opinion. As a Christian, don’t you ever get tired of getting shoved into a closet? I agree ith Franklin, we should preach while we still can.

  7. Babylon's Dread says:

    Depression is HELL

  8. Tim says:

    Someone mentioned Haggard on a different thread. Saw this over at Monday Morning Insight.

    I’m assuming this is the news Dread was waiting to announce. I don’t mean to step on Dread’s toes, but I figure this is pretty public information now.

  9. Another link for linkathon…funny…but to close to true

  10. Em says:

    Pastor Tim,”Someone mentioned Haggard” i read the article and learned that St. James is the name of the new ‘church;’ that it is a ‘business necessity’ in order to keep orderly books (silly us to think they should report and pay taxes, eh?) this is the Lord’s work? mebbe, dunno
    it’s just a little ‘house church’ but (all are welcome, i’m sure) they might have to move to a larger facility in the future… someone from the old church says he’ll come, cuz Ted is a gifted teacher… ok…
    guess we can’t shove him into a closet, Josh 🙂

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