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  1. JM says:

    We did a small outreach for Thanksgiving and were very pleased with the results. My health does not always allow for some things, but, this year we had the privilege of being able to share the love of Christ by serving food and washing dishes. It does make a difference when people see the Gospel in graphic terms. I encourage any other “dishwashers” to know that they are being used right where they are and they are precious. God sees.

    Michael, we just wanted to say a big, “Hello!” to you and a genuine hope that your health has improved greatly. May you receive much encouragement for your willingness to stand up and call wrong things “wrong”. So many will not. Thank you!

  2. JoelG says:

    “I encourage any other “dishwashers” to know that they are being used right where they are and they are precious. God sees.”

    Amen. God is in the mundane.

  3. Michael says:


    Thank you for your encouragement.
    God bless all the dishwashers…

  4. JM says:

    Amen, JoelG!

    Kudos again, Michael!

  5. The New Victor says:

    Two years ago, we did a Thanksgiving outreach in a city park. After we left, you could barely tell anyone had been there. We served over 200 guests. The city charged the organization $3000 for a permit. A health inspector came by and said that we couldn’t carry food plates to the guests because it was “unsanitary.” Of course, many of these people will go back to dumpster diving. I heard that there were elements in City Hall that didn’t like that we were a faith-based organization. So the org turned to reach out to local churches to host, and now we bus people in from downtown.

  6. dusty says:

    Good for you JM and New Victor,……Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I love hearing stories about outreach.

  7. Duane Arnold says:

    “We must learn, then, not to HAVE a spirituality, something we turn on at a particular place or time, but to BE spiritual, as a habit of life, a continuous state of being. It is to this end that we seek after God in the stillness and hubbub of life, but always and everywhere in and through the church, where Christ is made present to us and, through us, to the world.”

    Robert E. Webber
    Common Roots

  8. JM says:


    I echo your praise to New Victor & I thank you for those to me.
    May you be blessed for your continued kindness & grace to others. 🙂

  9. JM says:

    My goodness.
    Squirrely computer correction at #8.
    “those” should be “that”

  10. JoelG says:

    A mediation for Advent….

    IT WAS THOUSANDS of years ago and thousands of miles away, but it is a visit that for all our madness and cynicism and indifference and despair we have never quite forgotten. The oxen in their stalls. The smell of hay. The shepherds standing around. That child and that place are somehow the closest of all close encounters, the one we are closest to, the one that brings us closest to something that cannot be told in any other way. This story that faith tells in the fairytale language of faith is not just that God is, which God knows is a lot to swallow in itself much of the time, but that God comes. Comes here. “In great humility.” There is nothing much humbler than being born: naked, totally helpless, not much bigger than a loaf of bread. But with righteousness and faithfulness the girdle of his loins. And to us came. For us came. Is it true—not just the way fairytales are true but as the truest of all truths? Almighty God, are you true?

    When you are standing up to your neck in darkness, how do you say yes to that question? You say yes, I suppose, the only way faith can ever say it if it is honest with itself. You say yes with your fingers crossed. You say it with your heart in your mouth. Maybe that way we can say yes. He visited us. The world has never been quite the same since. It is still a very dark world, in some ways darker than ever before, but the darkness is different because he keeps getting born into it. The threat of holocaust. The threat of poisoning the earth and sea and air. The threat of our own deaths. The broken marriage. The child in pain. The lost chance. Anyone who has ever known him has known him perhaps better in the dark than anywhere else because it is in the dark where he seems to visit most often.”

    – Buechner

  11. JoelG says:

    A meditation….

  12. John 20:29 says:

    Worth meditating on, JoelG… It is interesting to ponder how God has made Himself and His character displayed to the nations… A small newborn in a cowstall? An obedient Son submitting to evil’s attempt to silence the Word on a cross? Yes, a small piercing light, but there for the honest searching heart to plainly see in our dark world…
    Now the good news (and the bad) is that He will return in glorious, terrifying power that will be seen from every point on earth – defying man’s understanding, neutralizing the wisdom and power we think we have in one single cataclismic event

    It’s snowing up here now and the expensive (300+ lb) snow blower we ordered from a big box hardware store arrived without its key several weeks ago – we’re still waiting for the promised vital part… the machine is not a luxury item up here… phone trees that businesses use are ridiculous mazes designed to wear you down … Coupled with our sneaky politicians’ claim to reform the tax maze …. I think the end times are here…

  13. Everstudy says:

    Hey everyone,

    For Reformation Sunday, our church did a 3 day conference, ending with a spoken word / orchestra using the hymn “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”. My son participated in the orchestra playing percussion on the timpani drums.

    Here’s a link if anyone is interested in watching.

  14. Everstudy says:


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