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  1. Jean says:

    I am watching Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx brief the press and the American people on the status of coronavirus testing in the U.S.A., and I am very impressed with their expertise and ability to distill this topic into accessible information for lay people like myself.

    I have no idea why anyone in our country would for one second doubt either their competence or their integrity or their motivations. They are a national treasure at a time like this, and I am grateful to our Father in heaven that He has placed these two key individuals in our country at this time.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why their ultimate boss actively works to undermine their work, even while saying that he highly respects them.

  2. Michael says:

    I concur…

  3. Em says:

    Jean and Michael…. okay…. I won’t give you any ideas. 😄
    They are competent

  4. Jtk says:

    What hidden benefits have you found in this crisis?

    I’ve never had as many good talks with our neighbors as we do now. It’s been AMAZING.

    FaceTime calls and games have been a neat blessing, something I never could figure out a way to take the time to try.

    And I think I’ll take up an (weak attempt at a) new hobby…

  5. JoelG says:

    Jtk, good question.

    This thing has caused me to re-examine my relationship with God. I suppose that’s a benefit.

  6. Michael says:

    I haven’t found any hidden benefit.
    This whole thing has darkened my cynicism to the point of no return.
    The people closest to me are all about to snap, the countries about to snap and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing any of us can do about it.
    The house has been divided and the fall is imminent.

  7. Xenia says:

    The fact that like everyone, I am worried and saddened about the virus and the effects it is having on the people around the world is a given.

    On the other hand, I am rather enjoying my forced stay at home. I am a hermit by nature, so I am somewhat relieved that I have an excuse to stay home and do the things I love doing.

    Some good things:

    1. I noticed (and not for the first time) how well-suited my husband and I are for each other. We’ve been cooped up together for 5 weeks now and not one argument. We find ourselves laughing ourselves silly over dumb things.
    2. Our children check in on us all the time. Grandchildren, too.
    3. I’ve got time to knit up inventory for my poor little Etsy shop. (Winter hats and dog sweaters, which no one is buying right now, but I don’t care.)
    4. I had time to do a really bang-up job on my final paper and project for class. (We’ll see if the prof thinks I did a bang-up job.)
    5. We’ve been getting the garden in shape. Since I can’t go to the garden shop for plants, I’m growing everything from seed this year. I ordered seeds from a local nursery. Amazon wasn’t going to send the seeds until June, they warned!
    6. I’ve been baking bread, but today I used up the last of my yeast so that project will have to be put on hold for a while.
    7. No church. Our pastor is in frail health and highly susceptible so no complaints from our house that he closed the Church. He and a few of his family members are conducting a skeleton schedule of services, but the Church doors are locked.
    8. So we are watching serviced from our favorite monastery in West Virginia. We ordered a traditional Pascha (Easter) cake from them, so we will eat it for dessert tomorrow and think fondly of the monks who baked it.
    9. For myself, Pascha is an exhausting time, usually. As a member of the sisterhood, I have a number of tasks I am responsible for each year (baking, decorating, etc) not to mention the very long services of Holy Week. I hope God doesn’t mind that I am enjoying a break this year.
    10. So those of the benefits I have found myself appreciating during this weird Lenten quarantine. Pascha is tomorrow, and we will be sad to miss the day with Fr. G and his family, but my husband and I will enjoy our lamb/asparagus/mashed potatoes dinner with the dog and the cat, who are without sin. I am so glad Lent is almost over.
    11. Pretty soon we Orthodox can shout “Christ is Risen!” “Truly He is Risen” and all will be well with the world.

    Love to every one here at the PhxP. All you Peeps. 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    Xenia…you brought some light to me with this…thank you!

  9. Em says:

    Tried to think of a platitudinous response to Michael’s (justfiable) bleak frame of mind
    Glad Xenia stepped up and did the job w/o platitudes. 😄

  10. Catherine says:

    I feel so hopeful after reading Xenia’s post–thank you ! Lovely thoughts..

  11. Jim says:


    I mentioned in another thread my use of “I’m your neighbor and I can help” cards in my neighborhood. I resident takes a card, puts their phone number on it, checks off one of the options, such as “pick up groceries for you”, and places the card on a neighbor’s door. 10% of the community took cards the first weekend they were available. I’ll have data for weekend 2 on Monday. Florida condo dwellers aren’t always particularly neighborly, so I’m greatly encouraged.

  12. Michael says:

    Good stuff, Jim!

  13. Jean says:

    Question for the house:

    How does one manage a pandemic in such a way that if your country exits the pandemic successfully before an election you get the credit for the successful exit, whereas if your country exits the pandemic too early and experiences a spike in infections before the next election you get no blame for the unsuccessful exit?

  14. Jim says:


    Having Joe Biden as an opponent helps.

  15. Em says:

    The question is… How DOES one manage a pandemic? My “medical sources” aren’t at all sure that this thing won’t cycle and possibly more than once….. 🙆

  16. On Facebook, I saw someone post an article from Newsmax that Texas was set to reopen. The headline didn’t match the content. The plans are for a tepid, cautious reopening, hardly different than what is in place now. It’s like our governor’s news release this week about California’s reopening which was coordinated with OR and WA. No real news or plan, just politics, an excuse to hold a news conference to gain political points.

  17. Jean says:

    Question for the house:

    Does being pro-life apply only when it doesn’t inconvenience me?

  18. bob1 says:

    I’m sure those protesting the stay-at-home thing will get all the headlines from a
    media lacking in discernment.

    After all, a clear majority of us favor staying in and keeping this virus from killing
    more Americans (40K at last count).

    But at least for a couple of days, the Branch-COVIDians will prevail.

  19. MM says:


    I don’t know your circumstances and I can assure you financially I’m set so sitting this out really is just a relatively relaxing time and I’m catching up on my on going studies.

    However, maybe you missed what is actually going on in the entire world? Besides the COVID deaths many if not most Individuals and families do not have the luxury of just sitting this out and waiting for the virus to disappear. They aren’t the rich, nor the famous and they live with no more than about 45 days of financial resources available to them.

    Beside prayer those of us with resources will be called in to do more than sit at home watching Netflix. We will be asked to sacrifice our hard earned wages of life to support the possible 30+ % unemployed in our communities and the USA.

    And if you didn’t catch it the curve flattening does not save lives and was never really meant to. It spreads the infection over time and reduces the burden on our medical heroes, who are on the front lines of saving lives. Pray and thank them!

    Until there is a vaccine or the herd immunity spreads (which means BTW one actually gets infected) the only way to not get the virus is zero contact with anyone. That is not practical, is it.

    No matter what you believe about others the truth is COVID is here to stay and It appears will be at our doors for a long while. So have grace and mercy for those who have to work and do not have the resources to sustain a quarantined life.

  20. Em says:

    Not sure i follow bob1 and MM but… If i have to go out, my daughter made me promise to wear an N95 mask and carry heavy duty sanitizer to be applied before i touch anything in the car… We suspect that we have had an episode, a mild one, so the protection goes both ways
    Right now i have 4 furloughed grandsons, 2 wth newborns… closing down the construction industry makes no sense to me – the best i cam do is tell them what my grandparents went through (quite a story). We will survive also, God willing and i suspect He is….

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