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  1. Jean says:

    Culture, the arts, humanity, is passed down generation to generation.

  2. bob1 says:


    Thanks for sharing this video! Very heartening.

    I’m a big Todd Rundgren fan. This reminds me of when he was at Notre Dame as artist-in-residence and he played with a bunch of students providing the music, like this.

    I love watching these kids play!

  3. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    If you are looking for a good book on Christology, may I recommend Christology by David Scaer – a bright bulb scholar at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne since 1966. A theological genius to this day.

  4. Duane Arnold says:


    Not sure about “genius”, but he’s a really nice guy… took every course he offered 😁

  5. Jean says:


    On a scale of Lou Dobbs to Rudy Giuliani, Scaer probably ranks shiny.

  6. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Whatever that means – your politics 24/7/365 gets old. So don’t read the book.

  7. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane, I haven’t taken classes with him but I have 6 or 7 of his books and have read probably 40 of his position papers in the CTSFW journals. His son Peter is quite good also, I think he has been at the seminary 20 years and writes and speaks out about natural law, natural marriage.

  8. Duane Arnold says:


    As I said, David is a nice guy…

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    Here we go again

  10. Em says:

    Since it is random Saturday, here’s something i reveived in an E
    Aprapos of nothing here, but cute story:
    “I’m happily driving back home… what i initially thought was an old leaf flutters up in the gap between the hood and the windshield. Then it turns and stares at me with its fur blowing in the wind. Mr. Mouse then turns back toward the front with its little front feet hanging on to the wiper blade for the thrill ride of its little life. Eyes squinting against the wind and whiskers plastered against his face, he rode for several blocks before leaping off, headed for the field beside the road.”

  11. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I like the Scares as they are not afraid to take on the apostate, antinomian, gospel reductionist LINOs who have polluted Lutheran circles this century.
    Brave scholars who stand on the Bible and Confessions without wavering

  12. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    A live update. Sitting in the sanctuary with the other saints – waiting to have Jesus spoken into my ears and his body and blood poured down my throat.
    A blessed Lord’s Day to all.

  13. Duane Arnold says:


    My wife just reminded me, David was at our wedding with the ecumenical group 40 years ago…

  14. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane, that’s nice – makes for good memories.

  15. josh hamrick says:

    Geez, that book is too expensive 🙂 I’ll have to wait til that one pops up in the used bookstore 🙂

  16. josh hamrick says:

    Ahh, there is a Kindle version for 10 bucks!

  17. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Josh, as you well know, academic books are outrageously expensive. Lutheran academic books are over the top expensive. I don’t think they sell many – so no price break.

    Bart Ehrman is smart. He puts out a popular version of all his academic books – makes millions on those and the publishers go broke on the others.

  18. Jean says:

    The power of idolatry:

    Have you ever been so committed to a narrative (other than the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ) that you will die for it?

  19. Anon says:


    I think it’s a good reminder that there’s only one “true narrative.”

    But I wonder if the answer here varies. Some of them are maybe plain stupid and/or obviously, in extreme denial.

    Whatever’s going on, it’s very, very sad.

  20. Jean says:


    Now that you mention it, there is tremendous stupidity. When it’s an individual, the stupidity places themselves and their families and neighbors at risk. When the stupidity is within a government, it places a whole citizenry at risk:

    But, what produces such stupidity in individuals who are canny enough to get elected? And what produces such stupidity in individuals who vote for such stupid politicians?

  21. Em says:

    Since someone here accused me of trusting info that i get off the internet to reach my conclusions, i NEVER hit the links posted here….
    Exception being Michael’s Linkathon

  22. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    the stories are anecdotal and I think they are a convention of speech — as in – “I can’t believe this is happening to me.” — of course I believe it is happening to me, I am in the midst of it – but I just can’t believe it.
    “this is just not real!!!”

  23. Anon says:

    I don’t give a s-it who you voted for…

    We should all be praying for Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa who’s tested positive for the coronavirus. He’s 87.

  24. Em says:

    good idea, Anon … thankfully treatment seems to be improving … pray he gets the latest…

  25. Jean says:

    There is a tactic in warfare, known as “scorched earth.” This tactic
    means destroying one’s own territory to prevent your enemy from using it, in the event that your enemy overtakes it. You destroy your own homes, factories, farms, and transportation systems. You attempt to leave nothing of value to your enemy should he overtake you.

    I wonder if Americans believe that scorched earth if is a legitimate political tactic for an incumbent president to use in his last days in power?

    Should he decapitate the head of the nation’s cybersecurity who enjoys bipartisan respect and admiration?

    Should he remove the civilian leaders of the Defense Department?

    Should he deny his successor access to daily intelligence briefings?

    Should he deny his successor access to national information on the preparedness, needs, vulnerabilities and plans in the middle of the greatest national health crises in a century?

    In sum, is it acceptable for an incumbent president to delay the peaceful transition of power, which is a hallmark of our nation and constitution, and place our nation at risk and on the back foot, because his feelings are hurt and he is unable to come to grips with the fact that he was voted out of office?

  26. Em says:

    On the other hand, it just may be time to expose the scorched earth of our voting procedures… before it is too late

  27. Jean says:

    What’s wrong with the voting procedures? They worked well enough in 2016, and in 2020 electing lots of the same Republicans who are bitching and moaning that the treasonous Trump didn’t get elected. Is it so unbelievable that a sizeable majority of the American citizenry despise that man and would not re-elect him? Has he not revealed himself even more (if that even is possible) post-election with baseless charges and the attempt to disenfranchise millions of voters on a scale that not even Jim Crow could imagine?

  28. Em says:

    Jean, 🙈 🙉 🙊 time to get rid of the monkeys. ….
    At least that’s how it looks from here… 😏

  29. Jean says:

    “get rid of the monkeys”

    Thanks for sharing racist sentiment here. It is very uplifting.

  30. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Anti Trumpers are the world’s biggest sore winners.
    We are only 11 days out since Biden was called the winner by some networks on Dec 8th and you guys are melting.
    Al Gore tried to game the system for 5 weeks before being told by the Supreme Court to shut up and go home.
    True Americans will let the system play out. The rest will be cry babies.

  31. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Em, trust me, the anti Trumpers here thought you / me / us are racist before we speak – so your “get rid of the monkeys” has nothing to do with the smear.

  32. Michael says:


    Accusing a member of the community of racism is unacceptable.

  33. Jean says:

    If calling the election workers in counties which voted overwhelmingly for Biden, who also are where black voters are concentrated, “monkeys” is somehow acceptable here and not tainted with racism, then I’m obviously on the wrong blog.

  34. Em says:

    For the record, although surely unnecessary…..
    When i said “monkeys” i meant those little creatures with long tails that swing in the trees. The ones whose persona was grabbed to create the admonition on hearing, speaking and seeing evil….
    I’ll ban myself from responding to Jean …. I suspect, however, that cogent elderly folk do throw a (ahem) monkey wrench in the move to a new (and improved?) USA

  35. Michael says:


    You are making connections in someone else’s mind that probably don’t exist.

    That is unfair and beneath what we hope to be.

    There is no point left in discussing these issues…people believe what they want to believe.
    I expect a bloody holiday season before it’s all said and done…

  36. Jean says:

    What is also unfair and beneath what we hope to be is where anyone makes or spreads unsubstantiated, without-evidence, accusations against our voting processes, with the hope of disenfranchising millions of votes.

    The courts have overwhelmingly dismissed and/or ruled against the unfounded charges, the reputable law firms have abandoned the baseless cases, and all Trump has left is to try to convince States legislatures to appoint Trump electors, where their own citizens voted for Biden.

    He is trying to steal the election, because he has no evidence that there was fraud in the election process which could overturn the election. He is calling the election workers frauds without evidence.

    It is beneath anyone to subscribe to such claims, because there is no evidence. If there was evidence, the court cases would bring it out.

    If there is blood this holiday season, it will be as a result of Trump and GOP allies and their blind followers who will try to subvert the will of the American people. It won’t be because of the faithful work of the thousands of Americans who volunteered to work the election.

    Think about it, if the Democrats pulled off such a masterful fraud, why did they do so poorly down ballot?

  37. Michael says:


    I am beyond the point of caring about this and have moved on to self preservation during civil unrest and a raging pandemic.

    Facts no longer have any bearing on what people think and I can’t fix that.

    I can, as long as this site is up, expect that we will not call people racists who have never shown any signs of racism.

  38. bob1 says:


    I understand your outrage. Some things are worth being outraged about.

    But I also agree with Michael, the system will work. It has worked and it is working. IOW,

    Just one example — I live in one of the states where Der Donald/Orange Julius and his dimwit lawyers have demanded a recount. I can guarantee you, 110% that it will have no effect on the election results here. We did this in 2016 and the difference was about 130 votes. Right now the difference is north of 20,000.

  39. bob1 says:

    Also, just to clarify…

    Joseph R. Biden will be the next President of the United States.

    Good to keep the truth and the big picture in mind.

  40. Xenia says:

    I believe Biden won the election. I do think there are a few examples of skullduggery but of such a minor magnitude that even if they all turned out to be true it would have no impact on the election results and folks who are pinning their hopes on Trump winning should pin their hopes on Someone Else.

    The MSM has pre-conditioned us to doubt the results of the election so we have to look beyond their machinations and go about the business of living our lives in Christ.

    It’s time to strengthen the things that remain that are good and true.

  41. Michael says:

    I don’t know if Biden will get in or not…I do believe he won and we now have a coup in progress.
    It might be successful.

  42. Jean says:

    “I do believe he won and we now have a coup in progress.”

    Thank you for speaking the truth.

    As for my prior comment, based on both your [Michael’s] desire and your witness, “we will not call people racists who have never shown any signs of racism,” I recant my prior comment and apologize to Em for attributing racism to her comment about monkeys.

  43. Em says:

    Me thinks that we place too much trust in machine counted ballots…. Corrupted or not, your choice, but …..
    the easiest thing in the world is to write deceptive code and to hide it deep in the software…

  44. Michael says:


    All of this is happening well above my pay grade.
    No matter who eventually takes the office nothing will ever be as it was or as it should be.
    All things American have been ruined, but all things have not yet fallen.
    Historic trusts have broken and there can be no country without them.
    We have divided into media centered states politically and the pandemic has revealed that individualism is the high and holy sacrament of the American civil religion.
    It’s over.
    I will make some good coffee and feed my cats.

  45. Jean says:

    Your analysis, Michael, is frightening yet probable, I think a Trojan horse took power, and America let him in. Woe for Troy.

  46. bob1 says:



  47. Michael says:

    That horse was carried in by the church…and as someone once wrote, the first ones to cheer are the last ones to hang…

  48. Dan from Georgia says:

    On a different note on a subject that doesn’t get much traction here…

    PBS will take up airing the Peanuts Holiday Specials, as one of the networks will no longer do so. The Thanksgiving special will be broadcast this Sunday November 22. I believe the Christmas special will be broadcast on December 13.

  49. Dan from Georgia says:


    Pets are not only a good diversion but can be a healing balm. They don’t care how we look in the morning, for example.

    Our beagles biggest worry most days is how to get that treat that fell to the floor and rolled under the fridge…

  50. Michael says:


    I didn’t know anyone had ever brought that up… 🙂

  51. Michael says:


    I spend as much time with the cats as I can and as little with humans as possible.
    They are always glad to see me…unlike the humans…

  52. Dan from Georgia says:

    You’re right! I know it’s TV but there’s an innocence about these specials.

  53. Michael says:


    I’m all for anything that brings some joy to people and distracts them from all the rage.
    Things like that will be especially important this year with all the pandemic separation and stress.
    I don’t function well during the holidays as it is…and many people have far deeper concerns this year than I do.

  54. Dan from Georgia says:

    Wife and I can be gone from the house 15 minutes or 4 hours and my little buddy Andy reacts the same way when we come home!

    My wife sometimes says the same thing..that she’d rather spend time with our dogs than with some folk. The older I get the more I drift in that direction.

  55. Michael says:


    I’m having a very hard time in terms of wanting to withdraw from everything.
    The rules of engagement have changed socially and I have no place in what is happening, nor do I want one.

  56. josh hamrick says:

    SO, I just watched a Trump Lawyers press conference and they are proposing a very insidious, long-planned conspiracy. If true, the democrats (or whoever) are guilty of a coup attempt, and that is terrifying in terms of what that means for the future of our country.

    If it is not true, then Trump’s group is guilty of a coup attempt, and that is terrifying in terms of what that means for the future of our country.

    Blame whomever you want, we all lose. We have entered a very dark time.

  57. Michael says:


    Yes, we have.
    What’s more insidious is that by making the accusation fifty percent of America will believe it…despite the fact that Trump is 1-28 in court so far and they have presented no evidence at all.

    In any case…it’s over.

  58. josh hamrick says:

    Hey, the Trump people may be right. I doubt it, but I honestly have no clue. But what they are proposing, I’m afraid, has crossed a line that we can’t back away from. I honestly, for the first time in my life, fear bloodshed in our near future.

  59. Michael says:

    “I honestly, for the first time in my life, fear bloodshed in our near future.”

    I do too…

  60. Jean says:


    Did Democrats manufacture Covid-19?

    Have the laws for running elections been in place for years, and certainly before 11/3?

    Did Democrats foster mistrust in the election?

    Did Democrats tell Trump voters not to vote absentee/by mail?

    How did the Democrats do such a great job of defrauding America at the top of the ticket while doing a failing job down ballot?

    Does Trump deserve any credit for the loss by his abject failure to lead on the pandemic, by lying about it to the American people, by flouting his own CDC guidelines, by sowing racial unrest and by vilifying anyone who disagrees with him?

  61. josh hamrick says:

    WHy are those questions addressed to me?

  62. Em says:

    Dan asks if i want to wait a year to know who our President is….
    Won’t happen this time… Welcome to the Whitehouse, Dr. Jill, Joe AND Kamala

    Each polling site with bona fide supervision tallying by hand and reporting results to central location works and there is a paper trail – a traceable paper trail … Breaking down into small tasks that can be completed in 24 hours…..

    Plus ya wanna vote? Register before deadline, a month before….
    But that was yesterday when we were a democratic Republic …
    we should pray that we still are, eh?
    God keep

  63. Xenia says:

    The Devil’s brew:

    1. A scary disease. We saw Wuhan officials weld people into their apartments yet we also read that the survival rate is 99% for most people. Is it a plague or is it the flu? Depends on who you choose to believe.

    2. The scary disease resulted in the lockdowns of *some* people, just enough people to run mom and pop stores out of business. White collar workers stay home and work from their computers; the others are either out of work or go to jobs that serve the ones working at home from computers. But since March, all of us to some degree have been isolated and made to feel either terrified or superior.

    3. Trump has behaved abominably for his four years in office. He might have won the election fair and square if he hadn’t been such a jerk. His antics have riled up many and fed fuel to groups like Antifa and BLM with people supporting these groups who normally never would have.

    4. The Left has gone nuts, many of them, with abortion to the last minute, outrageous promotion of various sexual perversions, the refusal of many to condemn Antifa and BLM. Leftist mayors have behaved abominably, too.

    5. The lockdowns have meant all the kids who are doing Zoom school are not getting a good education this year and some parent or adult has to stay home with them, causing frustration levels to rise. Many mothers with outside jobs are in a serious bind. Many school officials (and other students) are getting to see inside student’s homes, which I believe is a breech of privacy.

    6. To top it off, for those of us who find solace and salvation in our churches find them closed or limited, causing people to polarize into sides, one saying “if you love your neighbor, wear a mask, etc.” and the other saying “Wearing a mask is cooperation with antichrist” so people of good will are CONFUSED. I believe most church people want to do the right thing, if only they knew what it was.

    7. Throw in the MSM biases (both sides) and social media’s meddling and the situation is volatile. The Trumpers believe the election was stolen by means of a devious plot and the Biden folk believe he won the election and even if he didn’t, get Trump outta there no matter what.

    8. We have governors telling people what they can do in their own homes, in regards to holidays. That just riles up the “ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do crowd” either way because that’s the motto of most Americans, left and right.

    So the Devil has set up all the props he needs to destroy America and western Europe as well. I suggest we Christians (and all Americans of good will) RECONCILE with each other because this division is sinful. Ok, the election’s over. Kiss and make up, everybody. Work together to retain what is good about America.

  64. Dan from Georgia says:

    Wasn’t me EM.

    Was only speaking of pet and Peanuts.

  65. Jean says:

    You indicated the Trump people might be right.

  66. josh hamrick says:

    Jean – I was referring specifically to the outlandish claim made today, by Trump’s lawyers, that the late Hugo Chavez had orchestrated this fraud, and the Dominion voting machines were from him, for this purpose.

    I also said “I doubt it”.

  67. josh hamrick says:

    Xenia – I think you’ve summed it up well. On a personal level, why did you decide to go all in for Trump this time around? I found that very confusing from you.

  68. Xenia says:

    Hi Josh,

    I didn’t exactly go “all in” for Trump. I reluctantly voted for him because Trump could only last another 4 years, max, but some of the things on the Dem agenda could last for decades and would be hard to reverse once set in place.

  69. Michael says:


    We have to wait until they present the “evidence”…

  70. Jean says:

    Josh, I got your vibe, but just wanted to point out the obvious, but not implying that you bought in to the conspiracy.

    How dare the national head of cyber security conclude that the election was secure. Apparently in MAGA universe if your conclusion or view contradicts Trump, the supreme arbiter of truth, you must be fired via Twitter or just dehumanized. And that is okay by and large in the GOP.

  71. josh hamrick says:

    Seeing your #3 above, and knowing you voiced support for him several times is where I am having trouble understanding. I get that you thought the opposition was worse and so, held your nose, and voted. The public support shocked me.

    I’m just trying to figure out what to do with my local Christian friends who have Trump flags in their yards, fly them on their cars…I get it. You are republican and think that preferable to democrat, but to fly the flag of this particular guy?!? And now they (not you, Xenia) seem willing to take down the country with him. We have literal militia groups meeting in the woods around here recruiting young men from our church. I’m trying to grasp the mindset so that I can relate, but man, I think we are in for a rough time one way or the other. I pray God iuntercedes.

  72. Em says:

    Sorry, Dan
    Twas bob the one. 🙆
    Short term memory gone? I guess…..

  73. josh hamrick says:

    Jean, you’ve bought into the democrat side, and I get that. But the truth is, if they had not put forth the two worst candidates in American history in the last two elections, we wouldn’t be in this position. However this disaster turns out, you guys need to stop pointing fingers and start some soul-searching.

  74. Xenia says:

    Josh, because I had in the past made so many well-deserved criticisms of Trump on this blog I felt it would be hypocritical of me not to say, on this blog, that I had changed my mind about voting for him. I was just trying to be up front.

    When my husband and I were driving home from having dropped off our ballet, we looked at each other and said “Can you believe we voted for that guy?” Yet we did, and I do wish he had won, but the Trump we have now is a Trump backed into a corner and he is deadly.

  75. josh hamrick says:

    Thank you, Xenia. Understood.

  76. Jean says:

    I do think the Dems have soul searching to do. But as to Biden I believe he is well suited to lead at this point in time, and think he was not a bad candidate.

    He laid out a vision that resonated with me and 90 million other voters give or take.

  77. josh hamrick says:

    “But as to Biden I believe he is well suited to lead at this point in time, and think he was not a bad candidate.”

    Biden is a horrible candidate or he would have beaten Trump with no doubts. The guy has been in government since before I was alive and never considered presidential material until he was 1/2 a step away from being a corpse. He got a lot of votes because people hate Trump. Had he actually been a decent candidate, people would have united around him to defeat Trump.

    Before the election began, I doubt that Biden was in your top ten for who you wanted to be president. He was on nobodies radar. He was propped up at the last minute because they realized Bernie was going to win, and that was terrifying.

  78. Jean says:

    What doubts? He flipped 5 states, won the popular vote by 5 million and won 306 electoral votes.

    The only doubts are in the minds of the hypnotist and the hypnotized.

  79. josh hamrick says:

    Jean – you need to do soul some soul-searching. Why is 483 year old milqu-toast Joe Biden the best candidate you have to offer? Our country deserves better.

    You’ve bought the left’s hypnotism just as much the MAGA’s have the right.

  80. Jean says:

    But Josh,

    I do agree (I think) with Xenia in that Trump lost the election, more than Biden won it.

    How many times can a candidate say, “we’re turning the corner,” when heading into the fall with a raging national epidemic, and voters not get turned off?

  81. Jean says:

    So, age is now a liability?

  82. josh hamrick says:

    Trump sucks, to be sure. He might even suck a little worse than Biden.

  83. josh hamrick says:

    Yes, Age can certainly be a liabilty.

  84. josh hamrick says:

    For instance, If Joe drops dead, which 80 year old men often do, Kamala is the president. That may be preferable to Joe, but I’d rather her experience the public eye for a while, and then be voted in if that is the people’s will.

  85. Jean says:

    The people spoke on 11/3. Kamala will make a splendid President should the Lord call Biden home during his presidency.

  86. josh hamrick says:

    Jean, we’ll see. I hope it is as easy as you think it is going to be.

    I also wonder, why not just run Kamala as the candidate? I think most actual democrats prefer her anyway.

  87. Dan from Georgia says:

    No worries Em!

  88. Dan from Georgia says:

    Josh (12:32pm)….I think in the past you said you reside in N. Carolina? Living here in GA I am aware of the militias also. Some a a little more brazen that others…one day driving to the local GNC…I spotted several vehicles in the large parking lot…my hunch is that, cued by their attire, and adornment of their vehicles, they were a militia. I saw no weapons as they stood around, but I can almost guarantee they were toting metal in their vehicles.

  89. Xenia says:

    Age can be a liability, depending on the person. I know that as a 68-year old trying to learn languages I am way behind the other students in class. Takes me probably 2x as long to produce a translation. I think experience gives older people the edge, though because they’ve seen enough to know what matters and what might not.

    I do not know Mr. Biden, so I don’t know how affected he is by age. I have old relatives…. they should not be in charge of my henhouse.

  90. josh hamrick says:

    Dan – Yes. North Carolina, small town. These guys are training with weapons in the woods near my church and are actively recruiting our young men.

    Xenia – Agreed. I think there is a tremendous difference in 2016 Biden and Biden now.

  91. Xenia says:

    By “way behind” I mean I no longer have the ability to memorize verb charts and case endings. I still have the ability to look these things up, though, so all is not lost. 🙂

  92. Dan from Georgia says:

    Or was it South Carolina? My apologies for not remembering..but the group I saw…perhaps not a militia, but nevertheless looked rather intimidating.

  93. Dan from Georgia says:

    Josh…thanks! I live about 30-35 mi SW of Atlanta, a short drive to ATL, and a stones throw to rural Georgia. I have NO DOUBT the same thing you mention is going on here.

  94. Jean says:


    I’m not focusing on motives during the Primaries. Here is what I would like from Biden:

    (1) Reverse all of Trump’s Executive Orders hindering the administration of the EPA and expanding oil and gas drilling into eco sensitive areas. The choice of American workers does not have to be between having a job and breathing clean air and drinking polluted water. We can be better than that. God gave us the planet to enjoy, not to treat our rivers and streams as open sewers and our oceans as open septic tanks. Our air is for breathing not for indiscriminately polluting.

    (2) Strengthen and improve the ACA.

    (3) Preserve and strengthen SSN and Medicare.

    (4) Rebuild alliances, trust and respect among our allies.

    (5) Bring American jobs, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, back to America.

    (6) Get off the front page of the newspapers and other news. I am tired and exhausted from a Presidency that is runs his office like a daily episode of the Apprentice.

    The President doesn’t build an economy.
    The President doesn’t develop a vaccine.
    The President doesn’t save Christianity.

  95. josh hamrick says:

    I could agree with most of that. I will be happy if Biden has a boring term.

  96. bob1 says:

    Hugo Chavez.


    Hasn’t he been dead for like a decade?

  97. Xenia says:

    Jean, I can agree with your list. It’s the other stuff on the Dem agenda that worries me.

  98. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I have never watched the apprentice so I don’t know if that is a good or bad comparison.

    I find it strange that someone would choose to consume news media in such mass quantities to a point of being exhausted. I am sure there is a sickness there.
    I often suggest people to rest in the Lord – turn off the boob tube.

  99. Em says:

    bob1, i think the point is that our election system is using software and machines from the company, Domininion, if memory serves, that developed Chavez’ stuff in Venezuela…. and somehow Geo. Soros is connected to them, so…
    Very suspicious….
    God keep

  100. Em says:

    Correction company was Smartmatic, but i believe they are somehow tied to Dominion… need to do some more research

  101. Jean says:

    “if memory serves, that developed Chavez’ stuff in Venezuela…. and somehow Geo. Soros is connected to them, so…”

    Memory doesn’t serve. This is the bright bulb, Rudy Guliania’s, whose hair dye was running down his face today as he became apoplectic, complete fabrication. It is a complete lie. Complete.

  102. Jean says:


    Is it possible that Trump is unacceptable to 90 million Americans? Do conservative Americans believe that the votes of blacks, other non-whites, environmentalists, advocates for working Americans, Americans who believe health care is a human right, and advocates for immigrants at the border, deserve a vote in elections?

    Let’s at least be honest with one another. Is it a whole vote? half a vote? 2/5ths of a vote? Or no vote?

  103. bob1 says:

    Cesar Chavez

    Geo. Soros

    Bozo the Clown

    Yes, Bozo was also involved. The Clown vote was very important in this last election. I know it’s hard to stomach…he was such a good guy and all.

  104. Em says:

    Things get a little twisted here…. Take a deep breath and wait and see how things play out in the next decade
    It isnt about old Joe or “the clown,” btw

  105. Em says:

    Campus Crusade has a new device called a “NewLife Box” kit which allows them to surreptitiously go into hostile territory and play The Jesus film to be picked up on phones in the nearby area. People watch without notice and CC claims that these hostiles are moved to accept Christ as The Son of God and as their Redeemer
    If true, what a blessing for the REAL kingdom we’re supposed to be serving…
    And, maybe, God doesn’t see the United States as the center of the universe…….. anymore…. 🙆. … sigh

  106. bob1 says:

    When I said Bozo the Clown, I meant…Bozo the Clown.

    As Freud was reported to have said often, “a cigar is just a cigar.”


  107. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    “a cigar is just a cigar.” – Bill Clinton never accepted that Freudian definition. 🙂

  108. Michael says:

    Father Peter died today from Covid19 at the age of 97.
    He and Sister Betty had served those in poverty and fear in Juarez for the last 25 years.
    They lived with the people they served and Father Peter worked until the virus took him.

    “Father Peter Hinde passed away today after more than a month of battling the coronavirus. Father Peter, a Catholic priest of the Carmelite Order and Sister Betty Campbell of the Sisters of Mercy, co-founded the Tabor House Community in Washington, DC on September 11, 1973, coinciding with the U.-S.-backed military coup in Chile. Their main purpose in creating the Tabor Community was to raise awareness in the United States of the abusive character of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America and to support the victims of those abuses. ”

    Tabor House has provided support for political exiles and refugees fleeing repressive military regimes in Latin America, and over the decades has created a solidarity network across the Americas to draw attention to the social and economic effects of U.S. governmental and corporate interests in Latin America, and to provide an alternative vision to promote social justice and international grassroots solidarity. Just this week, Father Peter and Sister Betty were honored as recipients of the Crispaz Peace & Justice Award:

  109. pstrmike says:

    Xenia, your 12:09; well said and thanks.

  110. Em says:

    Michael, was unaware of this work… We can rest that it was God’s time for His servant, but sounds like a good work was done for a time

  111. pstrmike says:

    “Grandma” Mary also died today, having been diagnosed with COVID just last week. She was a part of our church years ago and eventually moved away to live with other relatives. She was kind and always supportive. The quilt she made for our church still hangs on one of our walls. Memory eternal.

  112. Jean says:

    Meet one of the leading attorney’s representing the Trump campaign:

    Sidney Powell

    “Powell alleged during a November 19 press conference that a communist plot had been engineered by Venezuela, Cuba, China, Hugo Chavez, George Soros and the Clinton Foundation to rig the election. She also alleged that Dominion ‘can set and run an algorithm that probably ran all over the country to take a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and flip them to President Biden.’ She also repeated an allegation made by OANN, congressman Louis Gohmert and others that accurate voting results had been transmitted to the German office of the Spanish firm Scytl, where they were tabulated to reveal a landslide victory for Trump, and that a company server had been seized in a raid by the United States military. Powell suggested that candidates ‘paid to have the system rigged to work for them.’ ”

    Mitt Romney seems to be the sole conservative voice in the wilderness speaking out publicly against the the damage to our democratic institutions being perpetrated by Trump and his team of fanatics.

  113. josh hamrick says:

    I told ya. That press conference was scary.

  114. bob1 says:

    yeah, Trump’s “lawyers” are definitely from cuckooland. Bunch of eighth graders more like keystone cops. Trump’s performance art continues…

    National Review (!)
    “The Rudy Giuliani–led press conference at the RNC yesterday was the most outlandish and irresponsible performance ever by a group of lawyers representing a president of the United States.”

    “The affidavit that Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell insists proves that many precincts in Michigan have more votes than actual voters was actually based on data from Minnesota.”

  115. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    So we are already seeing the Biden effect –
    1.) his runningmate Kamala saying that she believes in freedom of religion – as long as you keep it in your head.
    2.) the new transition appointment of the lady who said Judge Amy should be put to a religious test.
    3.) and now this guy being called an anti semite for witnessing to Jews.–84YEXI1cBAt0RD9fY_dT3RiFEDYiagp6kk-1H7goPobftMXA

    Gonna be a rough ride for some.

  116. Em says:

    IF he was an anti semite, he wouldn’t be sharing the Gospel, would he? Still the hearer’s choice. He isn’t preaching convert or die….

  117. CM says:


    You forgot to add the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, and the Gnomes of Zurich. Don’t forget to add the satan-worshippers who went from child kidnapping and sacrifice in the 1970s per Mike Warnke to being a secret Hillary Clinton pedophile ring being run out of a pizza shop. I am sure there is a Jack Chick tract talking about this somewhere.

  118. Jean says:

    LOL. Good catch CM.

    Remember everyone, that is Trump’s list and mental conspiracy, not my invention. This is what the GOP is either promoting, defending or remaining cowardly silent about, save an extremely lonely sane minority of Romney, Sasse and perhaps a couple others.

    This is the substance being offered to overturn an election and destroy American democracy.

  119. CM says:


    My comment also pointed out that these same evangelicals who have bought into all this Trump election conspiracy bulls*it are the same ones who bought into all the New World Order stuff with regards to the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, etc. And were the same ones who bought into all that satan worshipping child sacrifice conspiracy ring that Mike Warnke pushed.

    If you don’t see Trump as a con artist, you are the mark. And evangelicals have been easy marks for a long time. Just ask Elmer Gantry.

  120. Duane Arnold says:

    Thankful for those here pointing out conspiracies, lack of evidence, 250,000 dead, etc.
    Otherwise, I might have thought that I’d landed on the thread of Breitbart or the Flat Earth Society…
    I mean really…

  121. CM says:


    I was being sarcastic and pointing out the terminal stupidity gene that seems to a dominant trait in those who believe in such. Of course, if they deny that COVID is real or is a hoax, all I can say is maybe the virus will kill them all and their stupid gene s therefore culled from the population. Darwin awards all around.

  122. Jean says:

    Duane and CM,

    Saturday Night Live isn’t creative enough to invent the stuff Trump is arguing at this point. It’s beyond fiction. A whole new genre of stupid.

  123. Dan from Georgia says:

    Speaking of a whole new genre of stupid, Charisma News has stooped even lower….

    …stating as fact something that is HIGHLY disputed and just plain silly…

  124. Dan from Georgia says:

    In other words, what CN posted is nothing more than a facebook post disguised as journalism.

  125. bob1 says:

    We need more of this spirit in our world. Please!

  126. CM says:


    Regarding your links:

    Just when I thought members of the MAGA-cult can’t even more stupid and delusional, they surprise me. At this point, I might as well chip in and get them this:

    The lethal dose of KCN is 0.55 grams, so this will make enough Guyana punch for around 4500 Trump cultists. All I need is someone to spring for the plastic cups, Kool-Aid pouches, and the drink coolers.

  127. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Wow, a Christian (?? perhaps not) advocating to kill off other Christians who disagree politically, although not unexpected here, is still quite disturbing.
    The new norm lately.

  128. CM says:


    Of course, the only difference is that Trump would charge for the Kool-Aid first.

  129. CM says:


    Do you understand the concepts of hyperbole and sarcasm? Something the Apostle used when he suggested the Judiazers to cut off their ‘nads while they were at it.

    They will kill themselves just like those in Heaven’s Gate or Guyana. In their case, it will be with COVID denial. I don’t need to do anything. Why should I have sympathy for them any more than someone who does something terminally stupid like being drunk and playing in traffic?

  130. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    You were looking to supply the cups – hyperbole ended before that.
    If Trump made the same comment as you about his opponents, your brain would have melted by now.
    Just own it.

  131. CM says:


    Actually my quote said this, “All I need is someone to spring for the plastic cups, Kool-Aid pouches, and the drink coolers.”

    But then misquoting what people say is one of your ways of deflecting. And no my brain would not have melted at all. But then you ASSume that and you know what that makes you. I am actually more of an equal opportunity misanthrope.

    And since you seem to be rather obtuse, to make it easier for you to understand, I will use the /sarc and (hyperbole) tags in my future comments when such instances occur.

  132. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    So what is the difference between you soliciting others to supply the cups and you yourself supplying the cups?

    I still hold your comment as a threat – but hey, that is just me and as you pat yourself on the back, I am sure your friends here are cheering you on in the background.

  133. CM says:

    Why do I care about having friends when I have a general disdain for all of humanity?

  134. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Disdain for Christ’s body of people (the church) is something you should try to overcome – perhaps if you spoke to a pastor you could be saved.
    (but then again, I don’t believe in decision theology – so perhaps you need to pray to have the Holy Spirit enter you.)

  135. Dan from Georgia says:

    CM…I thought of you when I read this article on the materials used to build the Castillo San Marco fort in St. Augustine, FL…the oldest masonry fort in the U.S.:

  136. Dan from Georgia says:

    Bob1…that’s a really good and touching video there. Yes we need more of that.

  137. Mike E. says:

    It occurs to me that conspiracy theories all have a common thread…pride. The pride that says, “I know and understand things others cannot.” I know more than doctors. I know more than scientists. I know more than science. I see things others can’t, or won’t. Because there’s something special about me. And there’s also something special about anyone who agrees with me. WE know. Experts don’t. Experts lie. WE don’t. Experts have bad motives. WE don’t. Pride kills.

  138. Dan from Georgia says:

    Agree Mike E. Seem like those who fall for conspiracy theories base their knowledge on what the find on YouTube or biased webpages devoted to their cause. For example, I got my flu shot last Wednesday, and the next two days had some muscle weakness and felt a bit yucky. My doctor told me that you don’t get the flu from flu shots, while my co-worker says the flu shot gives you the flu. So who is right? Remember, this is my doctor versus someone who isn’t schooled in medicine. From what I read online on the website (yes, online but a trustworthy source) about 10% of people who get flu shots have some mild flu-like symtoms. Flu-LIKE, not the actual flu.

    So, here is what happens. The flu vaccine is inactive, but your body still produces anti-bodies, and the flu-like symptoms are a sign that the vaccine is working. So no, you don’t get the actual flu, and your body is developing immunity. Today I feel much better! My symptoms were no where near the intensity of when I got the actual flu in years past (with no vaccine btw).

    My point is not to induce a vax/anti-fax discussion/debate, but to say that we need to be discerning about what we read and who we listen to.

    My co-worker at work? If she read this, her immediate response would be that the website is only telling you what they want you to believe, and that the doctors are “in bed with the pharmaceutical companies to make big money”. Here is who I trust…those who know the science and not a co-worker who gets her (mis) information from questionable sources.

    Lastly, getting back to conspiracy theories…I see that many of these folk believe in almost all of these conspiracy theories.

  139. Jean says:

    Dan from Georgia,

    “I see that many of these folk believe in almost all of these conspiracy theories.”

    It makes one (at least me) sad to see people construct a false alternate reality to guide their lives, and by which they raise their children. I imagine it shapes more than just their politics, but their lives and relationships, and even their futures.

    The closes analogy I can think of is to films or television series.

    Imagine if you believe that Captain Kirk is a real person; that Tony Stark is a real person; that Amy Fleming is a real horse whisperer; that Stark Industries is a real company; that S.H.I.E.L.D. exists; that there are islands where Jurassic dinosaurs really live; that there really are X-Men; etc. (and that doesn’t even include the religious mark of the beast and other dispensational stuff floating around).

    Then you shape your identity and worldview, your politics and even your religious views off of fictional characters and/or organizations that you have come to believe really do exist.

    Then, somehow, you have to earn a living, raise a family, educate yourself and your children, and try to get along in society.

    Is it not a tragedy?

  140. Dan from Georgia says:

    Yes Jean, I see what you mean. I am not at the point of sadness for them yet, but still hold some contempt for them (some growing left on my part to see them as Jesus does). But it is sad because some won’t do for other what they should because doing so would come into conflict with their conspiracy.

    I see some online who swear they won’t get vaccinated for COVID-19 because either A) it contains a microchip designed by Bill Gates to control you, or 2) it’s a test being doled out on us to eventually get us to A.

    Has anyone considered that maybe, just maybe, God is having mercy on us in the pandemic by allowing scientists to create a vaccine so quickly that might actually be very effective? Heck, we could be stricken with something to the likes of the Spanish Flu, or worse…the Plague, which ravaged Europe by killing off up to 60% of Europeans, and wasn’t eradicated for a few hundred years after it arose (it was most lethal for about 2 years, but sprang up occasionally for another 100-200 years, if memory serves me correct).

  141. Em says:

    Those who suspect conspiracy plots have absolutely nothing to do with The Faith we hold…. Lost or redeemed, souls both have tendencies of trust or suspicion….. An old sin nature? Perhaps.
    We need good teachers? Yes we do – both evangelical and mainline Christians need good teachers to grow in wisdom and the nurture of this Faith…. 😇

  142. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    You guys are guilty of passing on your own conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories.

  143. Dan from Georgia says:

    That’s right EM!

  144. Dan from Georgia says:

    Em…in all honesty I’ve never really subscribed to something that would be considered a conspiracy theory, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t dabbled in some weird stuff. I tend to be a skeptic, so I have a bent against conspiracies. Forgive my ignorance of where I am cherry-picking this out of the Bible, but I think we are to avoid foolish controversies.

  145. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Dan, the modern day definition of a conspiracy theory is anything that disagrees with the left’s point of view.

  146. Em says:

    Dan, i think that is foolish and vain conversations.. Will go look it up (for my own edification). 😏

  147. Em says:

    2Timothy 2:23-26. Kinda applies

  148. Jean says:

    Another Republican, recovering from Laryngitis:

    “America is governed by the rule of law. The President and his lawyers have made claims of criminality and widespread fraud, which they allege could impact election results. If they have genuine evidence of this, they are obligated to present it immediately in court and to the American people.”

    – Rep. Liz Cheney, Chair of Republican Conference

    Imagine that the rule of law is relevant to the current President and his supporters? Wishful thinking?

  149. Jean says:

    If you grew up in the 70s, and perhaps especially if you are a male, you may remember the beginning of a revolution in the automobile industry.

    The VW Beetle and Wagon were on the scene. There was a Disney series of movies revolving around a Beetle called, Herbie the Love Bug.

    The Toyota Corolla was ascending in popularity. Honda brought out the Civic. There was the Mazda RX7 which came with something called a rotary engine. And, above all, to this Californian, was the advent of the Datsun 240Z and the BMW 2002!

    What was not said, but I think was developing in the background of Americans’ thoughts, was the death of the American automobile industry. The late 70s were some of the worst years of American automobile innovation. The Cadillac, mustang and corvette all sucked big time.

    Does anyone remember the Ford Pinto? The AMC Pacer? The Oldsmobile Cutlass? The Chevy Chevette?

    Let me be clear that this was not the fault of the American worker or Union. Workers and Unions do not design cars, do not conduct market research, do not conduct research and development. They build what they are instructed to build. The fault was in the short term profit minded, ineptitude of the auto executives, who made out like bandits.

    So the Country began in the 80s to be overwhelmed by auto imports. Why? Because Americans didn’t want the crap being marketed by Detroit. They wanted quality and innovation and an experience. So, what did Washington do? They set tariffs and even auto quotas.

    The Trump economic doctrine canonized this failed doctrine of economic policy. It is the same warmed over crap. He wanted to revive the energy sources of the past (coal), double down on the polluting energy sources of the present (oil and gas on pristine national and state lands), and pretend that mankind is not causing dangerous climate change.

    Biden has a very different economic vision, one that encourages American leadership in innovation and in the technologies that will fulfill the desires of worldwide consumers. What I am saying is that instead of buying the technologies of the future from other countries, why not innovate and deploy here first, and then export to the rest of the world. Can we have faith in ourselves?

    The world is moving to electric vehicles, wind, solar energy and emerging energy sources (perhaps algae). It is moving away from polluting energy sources, such as coal. Trump wanted you to believe that filling our aquifers with polluting fracking chemicals was harmless. He didn’t give a rip about the health of working Americans.

    Biden, God willing, is going to give the human race a shot at a decent future for our children and grandchildren. He is going to give you and me a shot. He will advocate for healthcare for all Americans. He will advocate for an environment that will sustain human life, and for ecosystems that will preserve nature and biodiversity and natural food sources (such as in the sea).

    Europe, Japan, Korea and China are moving forward. They are investing in innovation. They are educating their children. Whether it’s automobiles, pharmaceuticals, energy, computers, software, etc., they are not going to wait for the USA. They are moving forward right now.

    It’s time we step up to the future, if not for our own sakes, at least for the sakes of our children and grandchildren. We have a creative people, if only we are willing to unleash it. We are a country of immigrants, if only we are willing to welcome them. We are a country of faith, if only we are willing to let Christ, not a secular ruler, reign in our lives.

    Remember the Pinto and the Pacer and ask yourself: If that the America you want for your future?

  150. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I love it – one more thing that is Trump’s fault, but Biden will fix.

    This is the same Biden who has been in top elected Federal positions since the above mentioned US Automobile collapse and offered nothing.

    All the pie in the sky dreaming of what Biden will brings to our future – he did none of this in his previous administration – talk about revisionist history.

    However I did like the previous mention of Liz Cheney – the only person who is more indebted to the defense industry bomb makers than Joe Biden is her dad Dick Cheney.

  151. Em says:

    MLD, you said a mouthful ….. of logic and truth. 🙆
    I remember a young man discharged(not honorably) from the army for slugging a superior officrr – his mom, a friend of the Cheneys was able to get Dick to clean up her son’s record – you won’t find a dishonorable discharge in it today ……
    and yes, i know the Cheney party affiliation

  152. Anon says:

    This is disgusting, Nazi Brownshirt-level behavior. But I’m sure no Republicans will object. They don’t believe democracy anymore anyway.

    MILWAUKEE (AP) — Election officials in Wisconsin’s largest county accused observers for President Donald Trump on Saturday of seeking to obstruct a recount of the presidential results, in some instances by objecting to every ballot tabulators pulled to count.

  153. Anon says:

    Anyone obstructing the legal effort to count votes deserves time in prison.

    Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount

  154. Anon says:

    county clerk George Christenson said many Trump observers were breaking rules by constantly interrupting vote counters with questions and comments.

    “That’s unacceptable,” he said. He said some of the Trump observers “clearly don’t know what they are doing.”

    No kidding. What a bunch of losers, numbnuts and misfits, egged on by RightWing world and our idiot President.

  155. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Anon, (not that you would care) – I turn off any conversation that begins with the stuff you throw around – “This is disgusting, Nazi Brownshirt-level behavior.”

    Everything the left disagrees with is Nazi this, Hitler that. You have no capacity to dialoged on an adult level.

  156. Duane Arnold says:

    As Roger Griffin, the author of ‘The Nature of Fascism’ and a professor of history at Oxford Brookes University, said: “You can be a total xenophobic racist male chauvinist bastard and still not be a fascist.”

    Yet, there are others (and these are just a few), who see tendencies and dangers:

    Timothy Snyder, ‘On Tyranny’
    Madeleine Albright, ‘Fascism. A Warning’
    Jason Stanley, ‘How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them’
    Paul Neuborn in ‘When The Mob Gets Swayed’

  157. Em says:

    Not of interest here i know – BUT….. 😇
    I have tapes from the late 70s where a pastor who must remain nameless here was predicting exactly what we are now coping with…
    i know we are all praying for the health of the Church – mind and body
    God keeo.. . and keep us praying

  158. Em says:

    P.S. Anon, have you asked yourself IF there could have been GOOD reason for the ” interference? “

  159. Dan from Georgia says:


    Were those cassette or 8-track tapes? Just kidding. Thanks for the Bible verse reference yesterday!

  160. Dan from Georgia says:

    Speaking of prophecies, back in 1989 I visited a now shuttered local family-owned Christian bookstore (in Minnesota) and found a copy of “88 Reasons Why The Rapture Will Happen in 1988″…


    I purchased it for 1)just plain curiosity and entertainment purposes, and
    2) to get it off their shelves.

  161. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane – one point – we are not speaking about general, run of the mill fascism, that folks over the years pour their own definitions into. We are speaking very, yes let me say very specific comparisons – Adolf Hitler and all that the Holocaust means in world history. If people were just using fascist as a pejorative to make fun of something I could put up with that. But we are talking the full Adolf treatment.

    As a Jew born 4 years after the Holocaust, 1 year after the return to Israel, living with Jewish grandparent in the Fairfax District of LA through the 50s – I think we are nowhere close to what you guys accuse.
    No one has died because of what you say is this American fascism – no one has been jailed – no one required to wear bright yellow identifying marks on their clothes – no one is losing jobs and teaching positions (except those who have been identified as Trump supporting fascists) – this whole fascism charge is a hoax used for one purpose over the past 4 years — to win an election, plain and simple and you know it.

    America has not been touched by fascism except in your and your cohort’s minds. You do a great disservice to America.

  162. Anon says:


    There is no good reason — none — for interfering with an election count.

    I’m all in favor of the process being transparent.

    But that’s not what’s happening here.

    They’re obfuscating things and interfering with the orderly counting of ballots.

    The sheriff has already booted two individuals — one for accosting an election worker, the other for an idjit who wasn’t masked properly.

    Big line between observing and interfering. Making it more difficult should result in prosecution and jail time — and I don’t care if it’s Trump supporters or Biden supporters.
    Same rules apply.

    Cool thing is, if these fools keep interfering and slowing down the process — which they’re doing — if the votes aren’t counted by Dec. 1, rules are that none of the recount will be counted — it will revert to the original vote counts from the election.

  163. Duane Arnold says:

    “I think we are nowhere close to what you guys accuse.”

    “No one has died because of what you say is this American fascism”

    “America has not been touched by fascism except in your and your cohort’s minds. You do a great disservice to America.”

    I’ve said none of these things. You are simply lying.

  164. Anon says:

    You have no capacity to dialoged on an adult level.

    You’re lecturing me about dialogue? Give me a major break. What a laugh.

    Your whole approach on here is one of personal attacks, outright lies and obfuscation.

    Look at the log in your eye, pal.

  165. MM says:

    Why is it that everyone else is…

    A fascist…
    A racist…
    A communist…
    A socialist…
    A cultist…
    doesn’t read the great literature…
    voted for the wrong side…
    is undermining democracy…
    don’t think for themselves…

    Why is that???

  166. CM says:

    Dan from GA,

    Since it is un-glazed paper, that book’s pages would quite useful for lining the bottom of a birdcage.

  167. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane, it is a plural you to include you and your cohorts who defend “Trump is a Nazi” “Trump is Hitler.” Trump supporters are Hitler” Trump supporters are Nazis”.
    We have had these discussions before.

    But if you want to now agree with me that Nazi labeling is nothing more than an election tactic, I will accept that.

  168. Duane Arnold says:

    You continue to misrepresent and lie… there are no other words for it.

  169. Dan from Georgia says:

    CM…yeah that book found the round filing cabinet (i.e., trash) many moons ago.

  170. CM says:

    But your textbooks in atmospheric physics will be with you until the day you die…

  171. Dan from Georgia says:

    How’d you know that? Hehe…

    Seriously, I do still have those doorstops.

  172. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane, what have I lied about? Whenever I have called you out for this in the past, your lame backpaddle has been – and I am paraphrasing because you have reworded it differently on several occasions – I am not talking about Holocaust Hitler but 1932 Hitler.

    So here we are 4 years later – we should be at 1936 Hitler when he had Jews in the ghettos, on boxcars for relocation, wearing yellow / gold stars on their clothes.

    I sent an email to my niece in Virginia – a royal Trump hater. She has a PhD in history with an emphasis on the Holocaust. She is a traveling teaching fellow at the Holocaust museum in DC and spent 10 years traveling to Israel and Eastern parts of Europe to interview and chronicle the stories of Holocaust survivors before they all vanish. She says to mention anyone in the same breath as Hitler or the Nazis is anti-Semitic.
    One of the few things she and I agree on culturally anymore (but she still loves her uncle)

  173. Em says:

    Sigh.. .. It is possible that we are all lying/kidding ourselves…
    I have some knowledge of computers and have no doubt that an electronic scan or vote count could be skewed. I know folk smart about statistics who sre suspicious of the last minute surge in sleepy Joe’s favor, there is much to be concerned about where this election anomalies have interrupted our SOP of the past. Was the election rigged this year? Don’t know, but i do know that it was sloppy, conducted by spur of the moment tweeks.
    And if that doesn’t concern each and every one of us, that makes it scary for the future of this democratic Republic.
    Still there is some truth in the saying that God gives us the government we deserve.. 🙆.. .. sigh…. again
    God keep

  174. Duane Arnold says:


    I have to conclude that you lie and misrepresent simply as a matter of course… When you decide you wish to discuss something in good faith, let me know…

  175. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane, I hope you are not saying that we have not had discussions about the Trump / Hitler comparisons.
    That would be disappointing.

  176. Anon says:

    And if that doesn’t concern each and every one of us, that makes it scary for the future of this democratic Republic.

    Well, then, be scared, Em. Your choice. I’m not scared in the least. Our institutions here are working, as the Founders said they would.

    Fact is, this election was the soundest and most accurate and error free one EVER.

    I find it sad that you seem to be so ensconsed in the right wing bubble that you can’t tell the difference between facts and speculation. The difference is evidence, and the Republicans can’t show any.

    Good grief, even Chris Christie, a loyal Repub. if there ever was one, said today that Trump’s legal challenging of the presidential voting is an embarrassment to the country right now.

    Why? Simple. As Christie said, a “lack of evidence.” Case closed.

  177. Duane Arnold says:


    As I said, “When you decide you wish to discuss something in good faith, let me know…”

  178. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Duane, you engaged me first, it’s your football – you can pick it up and go home whenever you want.

  179. Em says:

    Anon, don’t be sad…. Not in a bubble here…. Of course, i hope your faith in the way the vote was conducted was as you say it was…. Chris Christie is hardly a go to guy for much of anything…
    Looking at Biden and Harris and not liking what i see. Not stupidity, but their history of calculated chicanery makes me concerned.
    And computers are not sanctified by God – they just reflect the skill and the character of the person who wrote the code. I would NEVER use them for election records or tallies. Anyone with mid or low level coding experience knows that’s true
    BUT, as i said, i hope and pray your faith holds true

  180. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I don’t have a dog in this transition fight. I am on record here 2 weeks ago saying Trump should concede and take the customary presidential door prize – the pardoning of 100 of his friends and donors (I really hope he would include Edward Snowden) and go off and be a king maker in future elections.

    But who cares how long the transition takes? Come on man, we are not yet at 3 weeks of the 5 week Gore precident to steal an election. People need to exercise patience.

    Once we get rolling, as a libertarian leaning anti federalist the prospect of a logjambed process doesn’t bother me.

  181. Jean says:

    For the conspiracy gossips and anyone else contemplating that mental dungeon, Georgia conducted a full manual tally of all paper ballots.

    The audit confirmed the accuracy of the scanning machines. In PA, Trump won 32 (22?) counties where Dominion equipment was used.

    If the Dominion farce carried any weight or evidence whatsoever, it could easily be proven and it would be part of the Trump campaign’s litigation. However, while dishonest or insane lawyers can lie on Parlor or Fox News, lying or filing frivolous claims in court can get a lawyer disbarred.

  182. pstrmike says:

    “I really hope he would include Edward Snowden”

    same here, and I also hope to see a pardon for Leonard Peltier —one of a list of disappointments I had with Obama.

  183. Duane Arnold says:


    Agreed on all points…

  184. CM says:


    The fact that you called him sleepy Joe belies your false narrative. I guess you didn’t watch the debates either. If anything Trump is the one who suffering from dementia.

    Second if you bothered to understand that in places like PA and others, the mail-in votes were not allowed be processed until Election Day (thanks to the GOP). Do yourself a favor, and get a clue.

  185. Em says:

    I wish there was another voice on the unreliability of using computers to tally votes and scan ballots, of course there’d be a few proveable, “honest” results…. Of course, i have no credibility here on the subject (i did teach it for a year)… My late husband, very computer savvy, could do low level programming, said it was dangerous….
    Sleepy Joe isn’t sleepy? Well that’s good news…. I hope

    On another tac, why is there a commercial showing a woman rolling HAPPILY downhill wrapped in her bedding, her drapes and some rugs?

  186. Anon says:

    Dominion spokesman: ‘It is not physically possible for our machines to switch votes from one candidate to the other’

  187. Jean says:

    One thing I’ve observed about Trump and his fanatical base, is how disposable people are. Maybe this is the new Christian ethic among those in his orbit.

    Take Chris Christie, prior GOP Governor, two time Trump voter, former Federal Prosecutor.

    While coaching Trump for the second debate, Christie caught Covid and spent a week in the hospital.

    Now, because he states the obvious, here’s how Christie is depicted: “Chris Christie is hardly a go to guy for much of anything…”

    That’s how people are disposable. And poor Brian Kemp. Powell implied Kemp to bribes to help Biden.

    And for anyone here to think they know more about computer security than Federal Homeland Security and professional cyber security experts, even if informed by the considerable wisdom of the high mountain men/women of the Pacific Northwest, should be in our prayers.

  188. Em says:

    Anon, of course they’ll declare that – physically impossible or difficult to uncover? Low level programs can hide a multitude of chicanery…
    I be gone now… Back inside my bubble. 🎵 🎶 🎶 🎵 🐣
    God keep

  189. Anon says:

    You believe what you want to believe.

  190. Em says:

    “Well, it’s physically impossible,” Steel said of vote switching. “Look when a voter totes on a Dominion machine, hey fill out a ballot on a touch screen. They are given a printed copy to a local official for safe keeping. If any electronic interference haf taken place, the tally repirted would not match the printed ballots and in every case where we’ve looked ….. the printed ballot… has matched the electronic tally.”

  191. Jean says:

    “If any electronic interference haf taken place, the tally repirted would not match the printed ballots and in every case where we’ve looked ….. ”

    Do you think that anyone may have thought of that possibility? Do you think that anyone would have tested the systems to rule out that possibiity? Do you think that anyone would have certified the systems ahead of election day to, ruling out that possibility?

    What you are talking about is not the mail in ballots, but the election day equipment, favored by Trump voters, which in the swing states appear to have gone to Trump in some cases by large majorities.

    If you were to question the same day equipment, would you not have to also invalidate all the Trump votes received on election day which utilized the Domion touch screens. Even Trump is not so reckless. He only wants to toss out Biden votes.

  192. Jean says:

    “Imagine being axed for craziness from a legal team that includes Rudy Giuliani!” – Matt Glassman

    “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” – Rudy Giuliani

    I think we are seeing more evidence for Chris Christie’s analysis this morning: President Trump’s legal team is “a national embarrassment.”

    Maybe some of you are beginning to notice why many of us have from the beginning believed about Trump that he is not only dishonest and immoral, but an incompetent manager and leader. He is one who puts his own personal interests ahead of the oath he took.

    How many of you believe that Trump even knows what an oath actually means?

  193. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Wow, some of you guys spend 24/7 scouring news sites for the “winner” quotes.
    I thought you guys said last week you were exhausted from all of this?

    Give it a break – I get almost all my news from you guys and I am not convinced that you are fair and balanced at all. For some reason it seems you guys are running scared and think you are the last great hope to save the republic – right here on the Phoenix Preacher.

  194. MM says:


    First I want to qualify what I am about to write with this statement, I have no idea if the Dominion voting system is good or bad, I have no idea how it works, who programmed it or the processes it uses to collect the votes from voters. The reason I state this is to say I am relatively neutral as to the accuracy, fairness and political sway of the system.

    Now I can unequivocally state this about all computer systems; it is almost impossible to prevent hacking, make them secure from tampering and, in very critical situations, the need for very robust systems of backup, checks and monitoring must be employed to prevent error and tampering. Was this done in the elections? I don’t know.

    To deny the system could be used to falsify an election is pure ignorance and self denial. The question is can that be proven in the case of the 2020 elections? Not if one wants the vote certified any time in the near future.

    BTW questioning the use of a fully computerized voting system is a very valid and important question and should not be dismissed so lightly by so many.

    Personally I believe the responsibility and privilege to vote should be held has a precious “right” established by our Nation. Making it “easy” to vote should never be the goal and neither should suppressing votes by limiting access.

    You all need to move on, because this will be over in a matter of weeks.

  195. Michael says:

    All the religious grifters are having an online prayer meeting to ask God to overturn the election…

  196. Jean says:

    I suspect those prayers will bounce right off the firmament.

  197. Anon says:



  198. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Re the video – I am glad to see confirmation on what I have been saying for 15 yrs here. Evangelical theology only contains a whisper of Christianity and makes its followers suspect at best..
    Evangelical runs the course from Benny Hinn to RC Sproul – nutty teachings. — some nuttier than others.

  199. CM says:

    Of course Em doesn’t seem to realize that multiple redundancies and checks both software and hardware are involved in these computer systems. It would be like trying to hack the ACH and Wire Transfer systems for banks. Most ID theft occurs because people do not safeguard their own data and SOCIAL engineering (like going through trash) gets the information. Second, you cannot even be allowed into the polling place unless you are registered to vote. Yes there are procedures for provisional ballots but those are the LAST ones opened, processed, verified and counted.

    As for your husband and low-level programming, let me ask what do you and he consider to be low-level programming? And no, ANSI C (or C++) is not low-level programming.

    But since you have drank the Trump Kool-Aid, you conveniently ignore Occam’s Razor. You would rather believe a vast conspiracy involving ten of thousands of people than accept the fact that your guy lost. And like the gnostics of old you feel a sense of superiority that you have this super-secret knowledge.

  200. CM says:

    Another thing I find it funny is that the supposed fraud is only on ballots for the POTUS part, not everything down-ballot. Trump is trying to pull a fast one on his marks. All the races and candidates are on ONE BALLOT. If the conspiracy was so vast and the Democrats so dastardly why didn’t they fix things down-ballot so ensure they gain seats in the House and win the Senate?

  201. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Actually I am looking forward to this all being over so I can begin my new vocation as the loyal opposition (as defined by the Democrats these past 4 yrs.)
    1.) I feel it is my duty, it I run into a politician of the opposite party in a restaurant to yell at him / her and accompanying family and friends.
    2.) To refer to Biden as “not my President”
    3.) When I think something is wrong, just chant “Dominion, Dominion, Dominion” (the GOP version of “Russia, Russia, Russia)
    4.) When the GOP wins back the House in 2022, bring immediate impeachment charges and hearings against Biden (it’s obvious from the last go around that no valid charges are necessary – and as Pelosi said, and we will say “it’s to put the stain of impeachment on his presidency.”)
    5.) and best, now that Obama has broken the unwritten rule that the previous President does not comment on the current President to see Trump tweeting about Biden 1,000 times a day. (I don’t use twitter, but I may sign up just to participate in that.)

  202. Jean says:


    The perpetrators were going to also fix the Senate and House races too, but in early October a dispute arose during a seance held at the HQ of the Clinton Global Initiative. Hugo Chavez, who was conferenced in by a medium from En-Dor, would not agree with the Democratic candidates favored by George Soros. So that part of the conspiracy was ultimately abandoned.

  203. Em says:

    CM, my late husband finished his career working on artificial intelligence research as it it applied to flight control systems integration – you wouldn’t want to take him on on this subject and yes i know EXACTLY what constitutes low level code – i can’t read it and i wouldn’t be surprised if you couldnt.
    My point is? Computers aren’t magic machines…. But they are subject to more manipulation than you can dream of… For instance, it is possible to write code that looks absolutely on the up and up when tested by your average (ahem) Joe. Yet the code hides triggers that can totally skew what finally comes out when deemed necessary…
    Now i have NOTHING more that i want to dialogue on this subject…. Don’t want to interfere with anyone’s bliss. 😇

  204. MM says:


    It seems from his posts CM is a very unhappy person. If it isn’t Trump, the election, Republicans, or COVID he would be complaining about something or someone else.

    It’s true, a crisis does bring out who we really are inside.

  205. Em says:

    MM, gosh… dont think i picked up on that, thanks MM
    I don’t want to pile on anyone who is going through serious anxiety – got some of my own now – the engine went out on my Pacifica and i love the car. Mechanic neighbor is handling replacement, but a nasty gouge to my bank balance. Just trusting in God’s mercies….
    My apologies to CM

  206. Jean says:

    “It’s true, a crisis does bring out who we really are inside.”

    It seems that in some Christian circles it is darn near heresy and un-American to have the temerity to (1) base views on evidence, (2) reject fanatical claims based on wishes and false prophets, (3) stand up for the US constitutions, and (4) reject the disfranchisement of millions of legally cast votes because the votes were against one’s candidate.

    CM appears to me to be a joyful, rational person, who can with a good conscience and good reason (not to mention good intelligence) condemn and mock the attempted Trump coup and the fanatical claims of his attorneys who have presented the USA to the world as a banana republic and laughing stock.

    Many people have sold their souls to the devil for Trump. They have gone on TV, to courts and, yes, to pulpits to spread unfounded lies and fantasies about millions of the fellow citizens. Lord have mercy on them.

    However, there is always redemption. Let us pray that God may send a Christian preacher to call Trump’s fanatics to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Let us pray that the Lord may heal our nation and unify our country under the new Biden/Harris administration.

  207. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    God does not “heal” nations. Look around the world.

  208. MM says:


    You are either possessed or obsessed with Trump and all this stuff which is going on. You really need, like so many others, to just let it go.

    Biden is the next President of the USA and Trump is fading away.

    Eventually the COVID crisis will be over and there will be another one to get all wrapped around and argue with others about which side is right.

    Right now work on how to be Thankful and celebrate the birth of Jesus and His redemption from ourselves.

    Personally I’m trying to figure out, in light of the COVID lockdowns and restrictions, how to bring Christmas joy to others.

    Maybe that is something far more worthy for you all to write about than how much you really despise and or pity “Trump fanatics” and hope they will repent from their evil ways.

  209. Em says:

    Saturn and Jupiter are about to pass breathtakingly close..
    Perhaps theyll collide… 😁
    Uh oh. Conspiracy bubble alert.. 😎

  210. Catherine says:

    Oh Em, you brought a smile to my face!

  211. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    “Let us pray that the Lord may heal our nation and unify our country under the new Biden/Harris administration.”

    I am very disappointed to see this in- the writer’s post at 3:28pm yesterday. This is a terrible form of political theology. How does this differ from Paula White?

    Paula White thinks that our nation is broken – Paula White prays to her God for national healing and imposes in her prayer that this God should use a Trump / Biden administration to carry out this work.

    The writer above thinks that our nation is broken – the writer prays to his God for national healing and imposes in his prayer that God should use a Biden / Harris administration to carry out this work.

    Nations are formed imperfectly in an imperfect world – they don’t break and they do not need healing. All nations to some extent are the beasts described in Daniel, Revelation and a few other places. I would pray that God guide us as individuals to work among and for the good of our neighbors regardless of what our nation does or who is in office.

  212. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    now there is a slip – God should use a Trump / Biden – should read “Trump / Pence”

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