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  1. A bunch of people are stressed out about Noah. I quite enjoyed it. Thoughts?

  2. Derek,

    Thanks for posting that article, it was hilarious. Someone please give that lady some olive oil and help her pass those stones. I did not realize what a tool I have become until she showed me but who lobotomized her imagination? I loved the watchers. They made me know that Hollywood is still so awed by the story that they cannot figure out how God did it.

    Rock People Dread

  3. Ryan Ashton says:


    “@wthrockmorton: Former Mars Hill Pastors Repent at New Website Extraordinary, what is coming out now about Mars Hill”


    “@piratechristian: Former @MarsHill pastor confesses that it was godless to throw people under the bus & create a “pile of bodies”.

    HOLY COW! Looks like the “apology” bluff is being called, and Driscoll’s former subordinates are modeling what real repentance looks like.

    Game. Set. Match?

  4. sarahkwolfe says:

    Alan…I’ve enjoyed your fb comments about Noah. I’d like to see the film. I’d like to see it for the entertainment and for the discussion, and to see what the world sees when they try to understand the story.

    I don’t expect the world to get it right.

  5. Rob Murphy says:

    I read this article this week and it won’t leave my heart or mind. I read with both incredible desperate desire and dismissive-ness. God *could* do this everywhere . . . and yet I don’t often even dare hope.

  6. Michael says:

    I think if I had enough money to see a movie, it would be “Captain America 2″…

  7. BD,
    I have no plans to see the movie. For one thing, from the trailers, it seems fairly unimaginative action movie fare. Any theology aside, the article made it sound just as derivative as I figured it would be.

    If anyone wants to watch a good movie this weekend, go on Netflix and watch “Mud”.
    E reminded me of it.
    I watched it a few months back.
    Now that is an excellent movie.

  8. Michael,
    I second your #8.
    Wish I had enough dough for that too.

  9. Michael says:


    Not even close.
    I’ve seen this show before and I’ll tell everyone how it ends up on Monday.
    The people have the king they desire…

  10. Michael says:


    I need someone I can root for and a happy ending…not another religious brawl.
    I love Cap…

  11. Michael says:


    That’s a great link and I was going to run it next week.
    Great story that raises a bunch of questions.
    Hope anyway, my friend.

  12. Steve Wright says:

    I understand artistic license, especially in a story of Noah where we have little information and almost no dialog.But this Noah movie sounds like if someone made a movie about Christ and used the “raped by a Roman soldier” to explain Mary’s pregnancy.

    I saw a 3-person panel talking about it (spoilers and all) and it just was so out to lunch that I can’t see watching it because I can’t see being entertained by it. Even when it comes available for free.

    Now Gravity was a very cool movie I must say.. 🙂 Just saw that a couple weeks ago.

  13. Steve Wright says:

    Derek, the wife and I saw Mud several months ago. We liked it. I tend to like Mathew McConoughey’s (sp?) stuff.

    If you missed “We Are Marshall” watch that sometime…even if you are not a football fan

  14. I recomment Mr. Peabody & Sherman. I laughed the whole way through.

    But you need to bring a couple of kids so you don’t look too stupid. 🙂

    Save your money April 11th is Rio 2.

  15. MLD took a ride on the Wayback Machine.

  16. Derek – and it was great

  17. Steve,
    My wife and I watched him in “The Lincoln Lawyer” too. Another great movie.

  18. Michael says:

    Trey wants to see “Mr. Peabody and Sherman”.
    I said “you want to watch “Bulllwinkle”?
    He just stared…

  19. sarahkwolfe says:

    MLD…I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Peabody and Sherman, we saw it yesterday. Lots of fun.

    Rob…great article, but I am with you, it is also a difficult article. We want it to be prescriptive. We want it to happen every time.

    I will talk to my mom on the phone, which has become more and more rare, and most of the time she is dismissive of me. Most of the time she is jealous my Dad is talking to a woman on the phone. She will try to get him off the phone when he talks to me. When he tells her he is talking to their daughter, he will give her the phone and I will try to talk to her. 9 out of 10 times she dismisses me.

    I try to tell myself that is not painful.

    Sometimes I can draw her in to a conversation about Maddie.

    Almost all of the conversations last under one minute.

    I talk to my Dad daily.

    Most of the days she won’t even get on the phone, she just pushes away, or she will just sit silently and angry.

    But. Once out of every 10 times whe will talk like she is glad that I have called. She will tell me she loves me and how happy she is I am her daughter and how delighted she is about my children and how proud she is of me. I honestly have no idea if she is speaking from engrained politeness or if she really has clicked in that moment and knows she is talking somehow to someone she knows and there is a glimmer of recognition. I honestly don’t care. I have a glimpse of my mother…and it is worth the painful crappy 9 calls to hear that one.

    Maybe that is a little more of the reality of dementia. I’m really happy for the author of that article that he has more of the 1 call than the 9 calls.

  20. Steve Wright says:

    Derek, he is on a short list of names of actors where I will take a chance on just about any movie he chooses to do these days – Denzel Washington is on that list.

    I saw LL and it was good…another one was the sports handicapper movie he did

  21. Xenia says:

    Crazy. Hollywood is probably the biggest promoter of the homosexual agenda. Why support Hollywood with your patronage?

  22. Steve,
    Magic Mike is the exception in my case. lol
    But, generally he is a really good actor.

  23. Steve Wright says:

    Derek…I did say “just about”… 🙂 To me though it also has to do with the scripts he chooses

  24. erunner says:

    Rob, my grandmother and great aunt (my mom’s mother and her sister) both passed in the midst of dementia. My mother and I would visit her aunt in the facility she last stayed. We’d take her out in her wheel chair so she could feel the cool air and then sit with her although she barely spoke.

    Shortly before she passed I visited her as she was slipping into a coma. As I stood near her I prayed aloud for her and when I uttered the name of Jesus she began screaming at me in German. I didn’t understand a word but I had obviously triggered something. All I could do was step back until she stopped and was still. I prayed again silently and then left quite shaken at what I had witnessed.

    When my mother got the message her aunt had passed we went to visit one last time. I spent time sitting next to her thinking and praying.

    I didn’t know a lot about her outside of the fact she had escaped Nazi Germany and at some point her husband had taken his own life.

    My mother is now in the stage of dementia where she can still drive and is healthy but her memory is slipping badly. She is keenly aware of how her mother and aunt passed so she tries to keep busy to stimulate her mind. I take care of most of her needs.

    I don’t know what the future holds but I fear that she may be headed the way of her mother and aunt. My dream for my mother is she could age gracefully and die in peace. Yet circumstances may not allow for that. I will see her later today as she will be dropping by.

    My heart goes out to you and Sarah.

  25. erunner says:

    Steve @ 22, the odd thing is Russell Crowe is on the short list of actors where I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen him in. Go figure!

  26. Steve Wright says:

    Xenia, I ask this sincerely…do you oppose a Christian family taking their small children to Disneyland? Giving them memories that will last a lifetime? Specifically of course, telling those children when all their friends are going (including their church friends most likely), that “We are Christians and the Lord would not want us to go to Disneyland” (with whatever additional specific remarks you think they can handle)

    I think the idea of “support” is a little off-base, at least if the discussion is my family and movies. I spend far more on food each year with various companies that I’m sure are supporters of the homosexual agenda than I do in ten years for movies. I’m sure the car I drive is made by a “gay friendly” company.

  27. I agree with Steve on his #28.
    The only way to escape all support nowadays would be to go wholly self-sufficient.
    Believe me I am all for being more self-sufficient, but not for that reason.
    Then we just become the Amish.

  28. Rob Murphy says:

    Sarah and Erunner – I was very hesitant to share the article because it is such an intense, personal and heartbreaking journey for everyone involved. I liked Sarah’s word “Prescriptive” . . . and I am hollowed out, thinking “God, you could do this EVERY time; why don’t you?” I want that 1/10 spotlight Sarah spoke of to be on all the time by the hand of God. I pray constantly for my friends who are on this journey.

  29. Sarah says:

    Rob…don’t hesitate to post. It doesn’t offend, and I think it still offers hope. God does still work, even in these situations, and as I said (and I think E would feel the same) we can rejoice for this man.

    We just have to rejoice while comforting those who continue in the brokenness, and that is the balance….which you do well.

  30. Steve Wright says:

    Derek, in my mind it’s also hard to justify that view in a conversation on the internet which has been used to advance the evils of pornography, including child porn, more than anything in the history of man.

  31. Frosted Flake says:

    Remember the whole monastic system was based on total separation from the world. Vows of silence, itchy robes, bad food, no wives, no sex, no children. Sounds like the high life to me.

  32. Xenia says:

    do you oppose a Christian family taking their small children to Disneyland? <<<

    I personally do not take my grandchildren to Disneyland. I am not a fan. When our older kids were young, we went a few times but lost our enthusiasm. We came to prefer the zoo.

    I would rather take them camping.

  33. Xenia says:

    Hollywood’s output is always smells a little of sulfur, even if it’s a “good” movie.

  34. Xenia says:

    But! Everyone must be convinced in their own minds what is good for their families. This is a decision we reached over here but your conscience might be telling you something else. You know what is good for your own families, not me.

  35. erunner says:

    Well my mother just left. She couldn’t find her keys so we went outside and they were in the ignition while the car was still running….

  36. Everyone is discomforted by the mess that the movie makes of Noah’s thinking. His (spoiler alert) screwed up idea that God really wants to destroy all the human family. I thought the idea was not so far fetched. Moses account of it does not allow room for that bad thinking and we know it so we react. The movie just comes at it from an inquisitive mindset. Noah is troubled to discover the same things within himself that he sees in the rest of humanity. (pretty much a Biblical truth wouldn’t you say?) So he concludes it is time for them all to drink the Kool-Aid and from there it gets weird until Noah has a kind of a Abrahamic awakening that murdering the offspring of the family is not a good idea.

    Then we see Noah’s drunkenness, well who hasn’t wondered about that? Here it is depicted as a kind of a hangover effect of PTSD with the whole world dying and Noah overseeing the refusal to offer salvation to the last remnant. And we see the whole matter of Ham worked out like a son with a wounded spirit. In other words the writer actually borrows from other narratives in scripture (Abraham and Prodigal son) and imports them here to try and make sense of it.

    I mean how would we ever expect Hollywood to make sense of the curse of Canaan episode? Anyway, in the end restoration and redemption are underway with alienated Ham not yet reconciled but not forgotten.

    That was the big brouhaha that bothered folk.

    Me? I was more hung up on some of the symbolism which I won’t spoil and the whole matter of finding wives for two of the boys and 9 months+ on the ark. And then there was those “watchers” … let’s just thank God that the movie maker did not give us angels leaving their domain and the whole sons of God / daughters of men scenario, I mean it could have been deadly. As it is Hank H is probably having heart failure over those stone-light creatures.

    ROCK PEOPLE REDUX … I am going to watch it again … just to crank people’s chain.

  37. sarahkwolfe says:

    erunner…sorry 🙁

    Derek…if you are around at all tonight, any suggestions on what to send for care package to a soldier serving in Afghanistan? Our niece’s husband is on his first tour there, gone for 9 months. We’re about to send our first package off next week and very open to suggestions. Sending the usual stuff…coffee, candies (he loves sour candies), beef jerky, baby wipes and deoderant. We heard toothbrushes are a good option to help get sand off stuff. I’m going to see if I can find good sunscreen options from my surfing buddies (open to suggestions from anyone here…looking for anything not liquid). Any suggestions would be great. Also, spaghettios and other things he can cook as they do have access to a microwave.

    I’m thinking maybe some books?

  38. Jtk says:

    So I gotta be the youngest pastor here….what book shall I read to help with “wedding counseling?”

    And yes, I give them the Bible and teach them how to use a concordance….

    I listened to the audiobook of (ducking as I type) Driscoll’s book….’cause I was curious…..and it was on ITunes….and I couldn’t think of any other books by pastors on the subject on iTunes….and I had like 15 hours of driving alone…..and I love a good audiobook with quality verses.

    I ain’t handing anyone “Real Marriage.”

    So someone please help….

  39. All of that sounds good.
    The books sound great.

  40. Jtk says:

    Quality “voices”

    An audiobook with substandard audio readings is horrible.

    “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer was PHENOMENAL!

  41. Steve Wright says:

    jtk – When I taught through 1 Peter we took out most of that day’s message and put it in the archives as its own study – on husbands and wives. It is about 30 minutes long, and I have everyone listen to it who wants me to do their marriage. If you agree with what I say there you can certainly encourage people to download it – it’s free.

  42. Pilgrim says:

    Interesting article: The Christian Penumbra

  43. David Sloane says:

    Hey Steve @28

    Ever notice that all parents die in Disney Media?

    Why would Hollywood change in the making of Noah? I am going just because my wife and I like Russel Crow. I don’t ever expect to see a perfect Biblical movie from Hollywood. Knowing this going in.

  44. David Sloane says:


    My mother has it too. Your a great son!
    God please open the doors for an incredible job for Michael with amazing benefits! Please.

  45. Michael says:

    Thank you, David!

  46. Gary says:

    I need some input from the conservative side of the aisle. A man at my church who is a good friend is under ‘church discipline’. He is a handyman working toward getting his contractor’s license. He greatly under bid a remodeling job for a lady at church and walked off the job when he ran out of money. She reported him and the pastor told him to step down from his (volunteer) ministry. He told me that he’s run out of money and there’s no way he could pay the difference to finish the job. He believes a contractor he knows is finishing the job.
    This happened about 6 months ago and the pastor set no time limit. Is this the type of sin that should require a lay minister to be removed?
    This friend of mine used to be a Hell’s Angel. You wouldn’t know it to see him now. He does a lot of volunteer work at church and in the community. He really loves the Lord and loves people. He is well loved and respected. He says this is “killing him” and is considering going to another church. I told him the enemy wants to separate him from his friends and will beat him with guilt over it. I recommended he ask the Lord to supply the money and leave it there.

  47. Michael says:


    Sounds like the guy made a serious mistake.
    If he’s willing to own that, if I were his pastor i’d sit down with the woman and him and see what we could work out.
    There’s not much sense in just disciplinary action without a plan for restoration.

  48. As a contractor for 45 years I believe he learned the first valuable lesson in contracting.

    All jobs cost what they cost. Either the contractor pays or the client pays. Ideally the client is supposed to pay and the contractor is expected to make a fair profit to stay in business and thrive.

    Count the cost!

    Even though a client may shop for the best price possible, which all of them do. The job will still cost the same to perform to anyone who has to do it. That is the general rule. That never changes.

    But we know there are the realities of the exception. The “False economy” bids jobs lower because they do not have contractors license fees, no bonding fees, no insurance fees, no liability insurance fees, no workers compensation fees, no city work permit fees etc..they simply have no overhead whatsoever other then their material cost and their labor cost.

    In this case the client/customer was very foolish to hire someone who is a part of the false economy. I see this happen all the time. And the wannabe contractor had no understanding of the real cost involved to perform the work, obviously.

    The client left themselves open to a contractors lien upon their property by the worker. In the state of California anyone legal or illegal with or without a contractors license can file a successful lien upon a property. No proof of a contract or contractors license is ever required.

    I can say that the worker will never ever forget this most valuable of lessons. He will most likely go forward and become an excellent businessman after this harsh lesson.

    All of us contractors have been through this school of hard knocks.

    The solution is to sit down with the client and talk. See what the realistic cost involved should have been. Work out some sort of agreement to repay any upfront draw the worker got up from the client, less any material cost spent by the worker, receipts please.

    As for the workers labor call it a loss to learn a tough lesson in contracting work.

    It could be worse for him, the law could fine him for contracting without a license…

    We licensed contractors turn in unlicensed contractors all the time in my state because they make it hard for us who have all of the required overhead to compete with the false economy!

    He is blessed if he is not turned into the state!

  49. Gary says:

    My question is regarding church discipline. Should this man quit serving? If so, for how long? He went broke doing this job. His wife is currently paying their bills

  50. Gary,

    Your friend made an honest mistake even though he most likely broke your states law on unlicensed contractors. Discipline from church seems ridiculous if it was volunteer work.

    But if it was obligation by contractual agreement for a sum and he just walked that was not too bright on his part. Some probation would be in order I would think.

    When he first realized that he was in over his head, he needed to sit down with his client and humbly explain that he beefed and had under estimated the amount of time and materials that were going to be needed to complete the task. While admitting to his lack of experience in bidding jobs but still having the ability to perform the work skill-wise.

    9 times out of ten the client is understanding and will capitulate and kick up the bid to the appropriate price point.

    It was his walking off the job that got him into the trouble not his bidding mistake in reality.

    Michael nailed it @ 49.

    I would go with him for support to the pastor and work this open ended discipline thing out. I know the man must have been totally frustrated and was not about to pay for work on someones home out of pocket. The first thought is to walk, but that is always the worst thing he could do.

    Look, this is nothing new, happens all the time in the trades, but when apprenticing we are taught to never walk when we see that we are in over our heads. Renegotiate the bid to the proper price point, nothing is ever set in stone in construction. Communication is everything!

    Walking off a job is not honorable and will get a bad reputation.

    That is just the nature of the business. No two jobs are ever alike, nor are the conditions.

    We always strive for a win/win situation in our bid practices. A good fair price at a good profit. It is never fair to hold a craftsman to an unfair price even if the man underbid.

    Over time one gets the skill to bid a job properly. Money is made or lost on the bidding barrel head and not in the actual performing of the work.

    Your friend is someone that now is actually going to do well in construction. He will take the time to research material costs and labor tables to be accurate in his bidding. His only problem that I can see is he was frustrated and did not have the training to admit that he beefed and renegotiate so he walked.

    Some church discipline is ok but to leave it open ended is not.

    He needs to advertise handyman work on Craigs list.
    It will bring in enough to get him over the hump until the probation is lifted.

    No, he should not quit serving, he already has one black mark for quitting a job and walking away. Another quit will mark him as a quitter.

    Which I am sure he is not.

  51. brian says:

    I saw the Noah movie, it had some very interesting moments but it was not that stunning. The thing that affected me the most, and I understand this points out my utter apostasy and vile hatred of God’s holiness. Spoiler alert

    When they were on the ark and the people were screaming and begging to get on board, the horrid cries, some wanted to open the door and let others on board, shame on them. Personally I would have opened the door and take on as many as I could and if the ark sank then we would all go down together. I know that makes me evil, I accept that. It was a rather silly movie, contrived, and one dimensional, just like most “christian” films. Noah had far better acting.

    No I won’t say anymore.

  52. brian,
    no, you wouldn’t have done anything differently than Noah and his family at that point. If you had been faithful to God for those 120 yrs and had built the ark and preached to the people you would have done just as they did.

    Now, and this includes me, it’s a matter of whether we would have gotten on the ark in the first place.

  53. Andy says:


    I would tell your contractor friend, to leave that church. They are ridiculous, and he should get away from there immediately.

  54. Andy says:

    Also, Gary, he should just try other churches, that don’t operate on such a legalistic and exacting level towards these issues.

  55. PP Vet says:

    Met some weird people Saturday.

    Mature, well-adjusted.

    Obviously prayed up and fasted up.

    Eager to participate in the full operation of the gifts in a sober and ordered atmosphere.

    Not cultish. No elitism or mania.

    Had no advice for me – only the tailored word of the Lord.

    Does every city have these people? Why did I not know about this?

  56. Muff Potter says:

    D. Alan Hawkins @ # 2,

    I too liked Aronofsky’s Noah film. There’s a lot more there than meets the eye for those who like to think outside of the box.

  57. Martin ScoresEasy says:

    I like to think outside the box. I’m right. You’re all wrong. It’s MY box. I made it with my own yardstick. I used materials of my own creation. Aronofsky didn’t go far enough. His box is too small. His vision is not my vision. I’m going to sue.

    Rooster Cogburn, aka Jeff Bridges (the Dude), aka BD, aka D. Alan Hawking: I’m stressed out about Noah (the movie, not the real man). The lead should’ve been played by Pee Wee Herman with Joan Rivers as his wife and Barak Obama leading the Insane Clown Posse to attack with Cirque du Soleil following. The ark should’ve had the Greenpeace logo on it. It should’ve included a theater showing great movies of the pre flood era such as The Last Temptation of Enoch and An Inconvenient Fruit.

    The Title: Battle Beyond The Flood. 😉

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