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  1. Linda Pappas says:

    Posted on initially. As it is my prayer, and in keeping with Michael’s thread for this day, I am offering it up on this site before the Lord as well.

    Father, in heaven,

    Don’t come to this room often, as I am a private person as you well know. But felt led to do so as all afternoon, my mind has been burden with what is going on in the Middle East in particular, but also Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, the continent of Africa, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Liberia, India and well, Lord all over the earth. I think about the man who beheaded that woman and the I think about our churches, and those who are of the Church, as well as, those who are not. I think about Ebola and the rash of sickness that is causing paralysis and deaths among our own citizens, here in the United States. I think about our immigrants, legal and illegal and the many border issues and those who take issue for a variety of reasons. I think about people who can be cutting in their remarks and think about how justified they feel they are in doing so. I think about the history of many cultures, countries, religions, philosophies, and political agendas that drive and impact each person, directly and indirectly. I think about the hungry man I saw the other day literally on his knees with torn and filthy clothes begging for anything that I or another was willing to part with. I think about the children running up and down the street with a poster of a child that was shot and killed, asking for donations so that they could have a funeral and lay his body to rest. I think about my own circumstances and I think how little control I have over it all except to just trust in you and hope and pray that you would find favor with me and to enable me to do what you have gifted me to do while I wait upon a better tomorrow and a better day that I can smile more and not be so heavy hearted towards the things which I grieve over. Father, I know that I am only one person, standing before you and yet, know in my heart that people all over the world are doing the same to talk with you and to hear from you as well. Father, what all this means, I have not a clue, only speculations and your Word that shed light upon things that have yet to come. It scares me Lord, as I see the world become more and more chaotic and ever striking out in fear and anger over what is perceive to be unfair or unjustly set upon them. Father, God I don’t even know what to pray for anymore as the list becomes longer and longer and at its base, it would seem to me that it all has to do with just not paying heed to you —so in this, I would pray in behalf of the world and every man, woman, and child in it. Lord, my heart is heavy—please help your people to rise up and not be blinded or duped or deceived. Please help us to rid ourselves of all that is not of you, within ourselves, first and then within the walls of our homes and where we gather together, be it online or in some sort of meeting place. ‘Fill us afresh anew with your Holy Spirit and strengthen us in our sorrow, grief, and yes, even in the righteous indignation that seems to be right at the top in seeing such atrocities being committed, so that we will be wise and ever so careful in not losing faith and hope and the ever gentle hand that you, yourself have placed upon us to be likewise in our dealings with others, yet ever so firm not to be compromised or falling to the same.

    Father, I continue to pray for those things even closer to my heart. You know who they concern and what is involved. But most of all, I pray for all who will be coming to the cross and those who are now in Your hands, that soon, very soon, Lord we will see the face of Jesus very soon. So much suffering, Lord. So many tears–have mercy upon us all, Father—in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Anne says:

    Michael, did you compose this? It is wonderful prose/prayer. If not, who did?

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