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  1. Nonnie says:

    About 8 weeks ago I asked for (urgent) prayer for our newborn grandson who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (the left side of his heart did not develop). Without open heart surgery, he would die in a few days. After 7 weeks in hospital and 3 surgeries, he got to come home this week! He is still a very sick baby and their home now is almost set up like a hospital, but he is home, and we all rejoice for that! Bennet faces more surgeries to rewire his heart. The next 4 to 5 months are crucial and the most fragile for him.
    So this post is a big PRAISE from Bennet’s Nonnie. We have been through some dark and almost hopeless days, but the grace of God never left us. AND this post is to ask you to continue to PRAY for our precious baby. He needs to stay healthy, gain weight and be able to get his next heart operation in a few months. Please pray for his mama and daddy too.

    I continue to pray all for the children represented here.
    Jesus wants us to bring the children to Him.

  2. sarahkwolfe says:

    Amen to the above prayer.

    Nonnie….such wonderful news, continuing to pray

  3. Em says:

    “so that the world may be made Easter new,” Lord, help us accept and live in the reality of Your gift – not missing the gift, not living in the other reality that the “may” implies: a life without Easter

    praying with

  4. mk says:

    Joining in prayer, Nonnie.

    Nonnie, yesterday we finally had a chance to meet your friend Robin. There was an another art fair and we made our way down to the art district where we found your friend’s beautiful store…she was there. I asked, “Are you the owner?” She said “yes”…and I replied, “We have a mutual friend…” She was so surprised! Anyway, Robin is lovely and her husband’s artwork is unbelievable. It was fun to hear her recount her friendship with you and your time in the Philippines together. Anyway, such a small world. 🙂

    Enjoy your time with your family and sweet grandson.

  5. sarahkwolfe says:

    Had such a wonderful morning at church. The message was exactly what I needed…the word of hope and Gospel and faith. Then had coffee with the pastor’s wife during the second service and left feeling inspired and loved. Then got to pray with someone during my ‘turn’ in the prayer ministry…I was paired up today with a young man named Ben who I adore. He is Indian and such a joyful spirit…just out of college. He and I got to pray with a woman who is searching for work and dealing with bones breaking because of osteoperosis…still, she was laughing and commented on the joy Ben and I had in praying with her.

    Saying all of this not to brag at all…but simply to say that it was a wonderful morning being in the midst of God’s children and rubbing shoulders and finding that we left with joy at being together. So thankful.

    Praying for the many needs here….

  6. Em says:

    Sarah, life in Christ is worth “bragging” on – perhaps we all should do more bragging/praising … just sayin

    praying still for all

  7. Nonnie, praying with praise and supplication!

    Sarah, there’s a difference between bragging and rejoicing. You were doing the latter.

  8. Em says:

    CK is correct, Sarah was rejoicing – that’s a very good thing and this is a place to rejoice … as well as weep, is it not?

    thanking God for a quiet place and time to praise Him this morning before the wars and the rumors of them intrude on the day – Lord give us strength and discernment to walk in the Faith, clear our minds to trust and choose You through this day

  9. nonnie says:

    Rejoicing with Sarah and praying for needs here.

  10. sarahkwolfe says:

    Thank you all…for getting it!

  11. If anyone sees this today, I’d appreciate prayer, once again, for this old tent of mine. I should be leaving for work, but instead, am sitting here in pain and fatigue. I put in for the morning off, hoping I’ll have enough energy to go in for the second half of the day. I can’t keep doing this. Eventually, my days off will run out, and I’ll start getting slammed in the paycheck. Some teachers use their days off to do Christmas shopping. I couldn’t do that right now if I wanted to.

  12. jlo says:

    CK, praying,

  13. Paige says:

    To God be the glory, great things He has done……
    praying for Bennet and Capt’n Kevin and others

    Our hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I/we dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ Name…… amen

  14. erunner says:

    Saw the dr. today. Have two cysts on my kidney that are harmless. What the CT scan showed are two kidney stones. They tend to move at different speeds and that explains the last week. Dr. gave me stronger pain meds as what I have isn’t strong enough. 600 mg of I buprofen. Also gave me something to hurry the stones along. Thank you for your prayers.

  15. Em says:

    “something to hurry the stones along.” … ? … Lord, have mercy – to quote a Saint here


  16. mk says:

    Praying for the Captain and E tonight.

  17. Urgent: My wife just got a phone call and left the house quickly. A student from her school never made it home today. That’s all I know.

  18. sarahkwolfe says:

    Adding my prayers for Kevin and E as well.

    Some of you will remember from the early days of PP my brother Matt and his baby Teddy. Teddy was not supposed to live beyond the womb, but he has been a thriving little boy, now five years old. He has Down’s syndrome and has had some challenges with that.

    We were supposed to meet Matt and his family at Disneyland this next week, but they have had to cancel the trip. Teddy had croup and they gave him a strong antibiotic to knock it out…well at the end of the round of medicine he became very pale and had black bowel movements that showed blood.

    Very long story, somewhat shortened. Matt is in LA at a store he owns there while his family is in Albuquerque. Their regular dr is out of town and the substitute dr told Stacy that Down’s babies are prone to bone marrow cancer and the first indicator of that is anemia. Teddy tested positive for the anemia. Matt said if he was supposed to be at a 10 for the blood count, he was at about an 8.

    Well….Stacy had a cousin whose child died of bone marrow cancer at 5 years old, after a horrendous fight losing all her limbs. So, obviously staggering news to have a dr just announce this.

    They also have a friend who is an E.R. dr who suggested the anemia is due to too strong antibiotic that caused an ulcer in his tummy that caused bleeding in the bowel movement and anemia.

    They have had a second test that showed the blood level had dropped now to a 6.5. They are to have another test on Tuesday (week away) and if it is still at 6 Teddy will be admitted to the ICU. They have also done a scan for cancer, that as I understand came back clear, but the dr wants to do a spinal tap to see more conclusively. Matt has put this off until the next blood test where they can do a deeper scan in the blood for cancer.

    Needless to say, lots to pray for. Matt has cancelled, obviously, the Disneyland trip. He is flying back to NM on Friday morning. We’re all bummed to not get to be together, but want to be responsible. In all of this Teddy has been his cheerful self. Matt is confident that when they go for this test on Tuesday it will show his blood is coming back to the right levels.

    We covet your prayers for this little one and for Stacy especially as she was quite shaken.

  19. sarahkwolfe says:

    Kevin…just saw your other request, praying now.

  20. Oh goodness. Praying for Teddy and family.

    All is well with the student, Sarah!

  21. Sarah says:

    So glad things turned out well with the boy!!! I took down the urgent prayer request I had posted…in case anyone wondered where it went!

  22. Paige says:

    Praise God for the safety of the missing student……
    Sarah, praying for little Teddy…..and his family…:-(
    Brother Kevin….the Lord Himself, bless you, strengthen and heal you….. Nite

  23. jlo says:

    Praying for Teddy. Lord bless this wonderful child.

  24. Em says:

    praying – it’s always a start to visit the Phoenix Preacher and see a long list of comments on the Prayer and Praise thread – i’m sure it goads many to join in praying who never mention it here

  25. sarahkwolfe says:

    Just a quick update….the child in Stacy’s life that passed away from bone cancer was actually her niece. This was quite a few years ago and Stacy was very involved with the little girl. Matt said the girl was very mature for 5 and just a little soul that loved God. She would talk often about going to see Jesus as she progressed in her cancer.

    They tried to remove her ribs when they found the cancer there, and unbelievably the removed the ribs on the wrong side. She also lost her legs. She was diagnosed at 5 and died at 6 years old. So, many emotions were triggered when this doctor so casually said that Down’s children are prone to bone cancer and anemia was the first sign. Sigh. Stacy is such a sensitive soul and just an amazing woman and mother…please pray for her as they walk through this week of waiting for the test.

    We’re off to CA for my 20 year reunion in the morning! Hoping to suprise Matt and have a chance to pray with him before we head up to Santa Barbara.

    Thank you all for praying!

  26. mk says:

    Sarah, praying tonight.

  27. London says:

    I start a new job Monday. Two year project. Excited but frankly, a bit scared too.
    Could use some prayer.

  28. jlo says:

    London, Praying.

    i was actually praying for you yesterday on my walk. it’s good to see you.

  29. Em says:

    JOY and PRAISE – i know i asked for prayer for my daughter who was laid off recently – she has been approved to continue on the unemployment rolls without job searching as she goes to school to get an advanced degree in her field … so , while she worked very hard to make her case, God gave a blessed intervention in answer to prayer …

    her unemployment counsellor said, “this is a big thing, it’s unprecedented…” – credit is due to some educators and state employees who put integrity above the pressures from their bosses – may the blessing redound

  30. Em says:

    praying for London to have success and an enjoyable two years

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