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  1. DawnMarie says:

    Dr. Mark Odell in Kalispell, MT at 406.755.5430 or modell@glacierhaven.org He is the one who walked with me and helped me heal.

  2. Challis says:

    My husband was on staff there for 6 yrs. He wrote a “Spiritual Health Survey” if you’d like it. It’s a good resource. We would also like to help if a fund can be created to fly people out of the valley (it’s expensive). Or we could establish a list of local “safe houses” in Whitefish and the surrounding area. I know some families that would help. I know this sounds dramatic… it’s not.

  3. Em says:

    The areas south and adjoining Whitefish are very populous – also the train depot connects with all cities west Couer de Alene, Spokane, and on to Seattle
    There must be solid Christians able to help in this endeavor… ?
    Will remember to join others to pray as this unfolds

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