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  1. London says:


    ummmmm isn’t every day round here MLD banging on about why he is a Lutheran? :mrgreen:

  2. Another Voice says:

    I understand that Drudge linked to this report the other day. http://www.ktsm.com/war-on-drugs/four-dead-in-juarez-bombing

    I don’t go to Drudge’s site, but he sure gets a lot of hits.

    Also syndicated talk radio host Hugh Hewitt had this on his blog today http://www.hughhewitt.com/blog/print.aspx?guid=e20aaa90-68ed-4c7a-b39b-f9d533a29b60 (this is where I read about the Drudge thing)

    More discussion seems to be happening Michael…

  3. Michael says:


    Thanks for the links.

    The Clark Judge article from Hugh Hewitt is exactly the kind of disinformation that our government spews.

    The Mexican government cannot and will not stop the drug trade…the country would collapse without the money and most of the government (including recent presidents) have profited immensely by protecting certain cartels.

    There can be no democracy when the opposition candidates are executed before the election.

    We won’t stop it because we know it would completely destabilize the country and the region.

    There has been a ton of scholarly research done on this…we must educate ourselves.

  4. Babylon's Dread says:

    Looking forward to the repartee with MLD….

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Baby D used a big word. Repartee, definition: to partee again! 😉

  6. papias says:

    Michael – Have you ever done a post on the Immigration debate? If not, have you considered doing one?

    Watched a video yesterday by a guy who is a Prof at Denver Seminary on Immigration, and while I thought he missed the point, he brought up a few talking points. Linked here: http://www.willowcreek.org/compassion

    Just wondering…in case you were bored. 😉

  7. papias says:

    btw – I got “The Politics of Cocaine: How U.S. Foreign Policy Has Created a Thriving Drug Industry in Central and South America “.

    It’s pretty dry reading. I will probably just read the Conclusion and wait for the other books to show up.

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