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  1. Owen says:

    Well done, Michael. Just keep being the example of God to those two.

    It takes a long time to overcome a bad past and start believing.

  2. Michael says:


    This is one that I wrote for myself… 🙂

  3. Owen says:

    Ah…..I had a hunch, but didn’t want to assume…

  4. Michael says:

    Owen, that hunch is usually correct when applied to these pieces… 🙂

  5. surfer51 says:

    As a man who is owned by 9 cats, trust me, you will need to take Chester to the vet and get him fixed.

    You know, neutered.

    The testosterone will subside and he will mellow out greatly.

    But his veracious appetite will remain.

    There are clinics in some cities that will do it gratis just to keep the feral cat population down.

    You might check around for one of them.

    I live on a very big property and it is adequate for the amount of cats that have wondered on to it that I now am in servitude to.

    I wouldn’t change a thing!

    By the way all of my feline friends have been fixed and chipped.

    It really does make a difference in them all getting along together when they are fixed.

    Because I care about them and have committed to them for their entire life I willingly and joyfully meet their needs.

    And of course they return the favor by lots of purring and leg rubbing and just plain hanging out with me.

    In case any one is wondering I maintain 3 electric cat boxes that automatically scoop after each cat is finished with their toiletry.

    All of my babies are well fed and very well cared for.

    And yes my vet loves us..

    We just spent a lot on Solo Kitty today for some surgery.

    He is home now and doing fine, but still a bit groggy, but he will now be much happier and healthier.

    Really proud of you Micheal.

    I never expected God to bring these wonderful creatures into my life, but He did one by one.

    And yes we have lost a few of them.

    One to the neighbors pit bull and one to poisoning by who knows who.

    Cats just happen.

    You don’t expect to have cats.

    But one day they just appear and persist in making you part of their lives.

    Looking back i just know it was God’s plan to provide for them all along.

    They hit the kitty lottery or i am really blessed.

    Still thinking on that…

  6. Disillusioned says:

    Dang, Michael. Way to reach into my heart and stick it in my face.

    Keep doing this. 🙂

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