May 252018

I was asleep, but I know what happened.

Chester, as is his practice, was asleep next to me in the bed.

He woke, yawned, and stretched, extending his legs and claws in the process.

One of those claws caught me in the forehead and I woke up with it still stuck in my head.

I woke up quickly…and stopped bleeding about a half an hour later.


I did not loudly bless Chester, though I was loud at one point.

This new scar will join the ones on my arms and legs from when he’s tried to jump in my lap and missed his mark…and then held on with his claws to keep from falling.

He meant no harm.

Harm was done.

I always forgive my feline friend…after the blood stops flowing and the Neosporin has been applied.

While I was holding a wad of toilet paper on my latest wound, I had a minor epiphany.

The price of real relationship is being wounded as a result of that relationship.

Real relationships demand a measure of intimacy and vulnerability.

The more of both the better the potential relationship is…and the risks become greater as well.

The only way to avoid being hurt is to minimize or avoid both.

Some of us have hardened ourselves to avoid the pain…or only opened ourselves to friends with fur on them.

Some of us have hardened ourselves to God as well.

Life hurts, prayers seem pointless, heaven is silent.

It hurts too much to hope.

We stop trying and we stop talking and we aren’t close enough anymore to hear Him if He spoke.

If you’re in that place, let me give you another perspective.

Jesus went through wounding as well…in order that He could empathize with what you’re going through.

Despised, rejected, scorned…

To have relationship with us, He had to suffer and even die.

That set the standard for us.

Sacrificial love.

No holding back.

Following Jesus means being open, vulnerable, and wounded.

Go and do likewise…remembering that you will wound people too.

You will mean no harm.

Harm will be done.

Jesus will heal it all.

I forgave Chester…though I was tempted to baptize him…

Make your own application…

  5 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. well said.
    point taken.

    “It hurts too much to hope.”
    It costs too much not to.

    we try to manage risk on all fronts ignoring that all of life has an element of risk. It’s too risky to withdraw from all that may cost us or cause us pain and loss.

  2. Amen to Michael and filbertz, but i would add that one can still be discerning about how this principle is to be applied…
    Perhaps there is more to unpack on this?

  3. love it Michael!

  4. Sorry about your new scratch.What so amazing is how much Chester has changed.He sleeps with you and shares his food with you.When he came into your life Chester was lost…hungry and desperate.Keep up the good work….

  5. Love this!

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