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  1. Sharon Dooley says:

    And God loved us enough to give us the love and companionship of animals. An unconditional kind of love. Weve had 3 cats pass and one dog in our little family, soon one or both of my elderly dogs will go. Thats the price we pay for relationship. Im willing.

  2. Michael says:


    Amen…I’m writing about that right now.

  3. Cash says:

    I have two elderly dogs and not a day goes by that I don’t mourn that they will soon not be with us anymore…I believe pets will be in heaven or it wouldn’t be heaven. At least that’s the way I look at it.

  4. Cash says:

    Well, I guess it would still be heaven because Jesus is there. But I still believe they’ll be there with us.

  5. Michael says:

    That love we have for people or pets comes from God and He keeps it safe for us as we wait for effects of the fall to be fully ended and renewal to come…and it will.

  6. David Burgin says:

    Michael, Well written and from the heart. When I lost one of my Golden Retrievers I searched the scriptures and found one verse that declares that God is the giver of breath to animals and when they pass this life that breath returns unto the Lord. I am confident you will see your beloved Chester again as I will my five Golden Retrievers I loved. All good gifts are from above and there is something precious our pets bring to our lives.

  7. Michael says:

    Amen, David…thank you.

  8. Dan from Georgia says:

    Oh man, Michael. I am so sorry to hear about this. I too have an excessive love for family friends, in my case my wife and I love dogs dearly. I know my Sophie’s white coat is glowing more brightly now in her creator’s presence.

    God created life and God doesn’t waste life.

  9. Michael says:


    Amen…and thank you, my friend.

  10. Paige says:

    So deep. so true. Amen and amen.

    And of course, I believe our dear fur kids are there as well…. gives a small measure of consolation in seasons of grieving. We miss them all of this life. I have a herd of kitties awaiting me

    Long, long ago, I heard Walter Martin, the “Bible Answer Man” say that while the scriptures are not clear about the eternal destiny of animals, his thought was that since companion animals were created for our pleasure in this life, and the scriptures do say that “at His right hand are pleasures evermore”, Ps 16:11, then, our dearly loved pets would be part of our eternity with Jesus. I’ve always hung on to that answer.

  11. JD says:

    Although I am currently a “dog person” I have also been a “cat person” and our prayers are with you Michael. We are blessed to be owned by them for a little while in this world that thankfully does not own us anymore.

  12. Outside T. Fold says:

    Sending you love and comfort in your sorrow.

  13. CM says:

    Another thought….

    Isaiah 11:6-9 speaks of animals in heaven.

    As we are glorified and freed from the curse and taint of sin the new heavens and earth, then obviously all of creation will be free of it as well. Therefore, Chester will be as God intended from the beginning before the curse.

    You never know, maybe cats not liking water is due to the curse of sin and the Glorified cats will be swimming the dolphins….

  14. Dave says:

    We recently lost my youngest daughter’s cat Cody. Cody was my early morning buddy. My daughter, her husband, my grand daughter, and three cats live upstairs in our duplex. When I get up at 4:30, I used to hear Cody playing with his toys. We share your loss.

    Whenever I hear people say that pets don’t go to heaven, I think of the “Twilight Zone” episode where the man and his dog die. He refuses to go to the “heaven” where dogs aren’t allowed. Eventually, he comes to the Heaven where dogs are welcomed only to find out that the first was the lie of the devil. While I can’t find in scripture any verse that speaks specifically to pets joining us with God, I can see in scripture where God wipes away our tears and makes the world perfect.

    I hope heaven includes the pets my family has lost over the years. as I hope for you and Chester. He was an awesome cat! I will miss him, like I miss Cody. He was a big part of my day. May God continue to bless you!

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