Nov 292013

finger_pointing_027I’m trying to give everyone the finger.

No, not that finger…at least for the purposes of this article.

This morning I speak of the finger you use to point…and I’m trying to point to people who are doing wonderful things, creating wonderful things, and saying wonderful things.

Whether you’re raising a child or a pet you know the power of positive reinforcement.

As a grown dog at 55, I can tell you that we never outgrow the need for positive recognition and encouragement.

Much of what we see here and on the rest of the internet are people pointing out folks who do the opposite…and if we are going to be a people who point to Jesus, then we must achieve some balance.

Here on the blog we’ll try to point to good writing, good projects, and the good in the Body of Christ with the same enthusiasm that we point out that which is not so good.

If you see something good point it out to me and I’ll point to it too…and maybe all that pointing will encourage more good things to point to.



Sarah continues her series on Advent…

Use the code “bookdeal” to get Matt Redmonds print book for 30% off…

More info from Derek on #freesaeed…

My book is on sale as well…




  12 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Im not sure who is Christian or not. Ill just take whatever good news I can find.

  2. As to my links, well I just gathered them from all over. If anyone wishes to repost them on their own blog. Please go ahead and do so. The important thing is that the word gets out.

    I know that Matt’s book is great!

  3. Oh snap!
    Went to Matt’s Amazon page for his book. Since I had already purchased the print edition, Amazon Matchbook let me have the kindle edition for free.

  4. London,

    Good news is redeeming …period.

  5. Derek, that’s cool!
    Great book…great guy.

  6. Thanks, Michael!!

  7. Pope Francis is saying and doing some very good things.

  8. Garth Brooks is on tv tonight. That alone makes me happy, happy, happy!

  9. London from the cheap seats none of us are true Christians we are each some elses heretic. I am deeply grateful we no longer hold the secular sword. As man died proving their Christianity. I dont get why God needs more blood, it is clear in history that he does even after his son died on the cross. I just dont see why he needs more.

  10. I agree. I don’t think He needs more either.
    I was just commented in Michael saying to talk about some good “in the body of Christ”.
    I’m just happy with good news from anywhere at the moment.
    It seems to be in short supply.

  11. Great idea! It is so good to come back after some time to find you not putting down Calvary Chapels! Old dogs can learn new tricks!

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