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  1. Jean says:

    “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”

    “•Why didn’t Moses get free reign? “Build me a temple you think would be worthy of me.”

    There’s a very important teaching here. God has told us specifically (1) where to find him; (2) how he serves us; and (3) how we are to serve Him.

    By doing this, God actually protects us from our own imaginations and his wrath. Left to our own imaginations, we will look for God in forbidden fruit, a tower, a golden calf, false prophets, false worship, in our minds, etc. This happens today in our own context and we must always be on our guard.

  2. I think Jean has hit it out of the ballpark. Hebrews speaks of both no lone rangers in Christianity and no free styling.

  3. Em says:

    “This is the only question. When you answer “who” is Jesus, all other questions about him or his purpose or the nature of God and salvation are answered.”
    amen to that…
    writing a dialog a while back i had a character declare that the cross was where we start, but the above is actually the starting point of any search for God … even an agnostic can see the beauty and virtue of the Creator as He’s revealed Himself in Christ Jesus

  4. I hope this passage let’s everyone in on the point the Hebrews writer is making. What these Hebrews are looking for is not in an earthly temple, but the one that has been described several times as being the New Jerusalem and that there is no need at all for another earthly temple.

    Also, reading Ez 40-48 in this light gives the true meaning to those mid 30ish chapters in Ezikiel.

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