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  1. EricL says:

    #10, better get out there and start gathering nuts for the winter. It shouldn’t be hard…. there seems to be a bumper crop of them this year, though most are either twisted oddly to the left or to the right. Careful with those types of nuts; they have a tendency to get stuck in your craw.
    Good luck gathering.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m allergic to nuts… 🙂

  3. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I will bet we can all agree we will be happy the election is over tomorrow.

  4. Babylon's Dread says:

    He does just fine gathering nuts

  5. Duane Arnold says:

    I found this in my reading, and it made me think of the hatred engendered by believers involved in politics, left and right…

    “I do not detect in your work the slightest trace of what is called in holy scripture the peace of God that passes all understanding.
    You say many correct things. But what is correct is not always true. Only what is said kindly is true. You do not speak kindly in a single line.
    You utter a powerful No on all sides. It is indeed necessary to say No too. But the right No can only be one which derives from and is upheld by an even more powerful Yes. I hear you say only No.
    You accuse. That, too, has to be done. But, again, if this is Christian accusation, it has to be enclosed in the promise, in the glad tidings of God’s grace. In you it is naked accusation.
    You demand that others repent. Sometimes one must dare to do this. But only he may do so who himself repents and lives in repentance. You preach down from your high horse, righteous among the unrighteous, pure among the impure…
    A Christian should not speak as you do either to his fellow-Christians or to his fellow-men nor should the church speak as you do to the world.”

    – Karl Barth (1886-1968), ‘Letters, 1963-1968’

  6. Dan from Georgia says:

    Random and unorganized responses to your thoughts…

    10. After 40+ years of dreading the impending doom of winter in Minnesota…I finally had enough! Fortunately my job afforded me the opportunity to move south. BTW, winter in Minnesota is AS BAD as you have heard.

    2. Yes. The N.O. Saints just proved that they are hands-down the Super Bowl favorite. This coming from a Viking’s fan.

    3-5: Precisely why I have abandoned most online commentary on politics.

    6. Micheal…precisely why I consider this/your site an oasis!

  7. bob1 says:


    Let me guess…probably in response to a hard-core Calvinist like Van Til?

  8. Em says:

    1 – i have admit that i see little in the world’s politics that gives me hope for a peaceful world – not in the Bible either, come to think of it… except when things are winding down, isn’t there teaching that world, without God, will think they have found their peacemaker… ?
    2 – if “us” are the Redeemed, we’d better agree on Good Friday (or Thursday to some).
    3 – for my part, it is not skin color, but respect for the Constitution that is the lynch pin of this now wobbly Republic
    4 – well i don’t enjoy being angry… I go into a very calm and focused mode that tends to scare people… most of the time i am cross eyed and happily scattered. ?
    5 – the challenge here kind of answers 2, 6, 8. i think…
    7 – i have found that my daughter’s cat loves dry kibble to which i’ve added some warm water… is it cheaper that way? dunno…
    9 – i must be getting old… this one confuses me? reminds me of a funny story, tho… money was tight when our first child was a toddler – my husband said if you want her to have a jack o latern, you’ll have to make a pie out of it – i did.. neighbor stopped by saw the pie:
    “would you like a slice?” something about best pumpkin pie she’d ever had…
    ” this is delicious! ”
    “i’m glad you like it – i made it from scratch – it was the baby’s jack o latern”
    The pie got shoved away with a gagging sound. i didn’t say the obvious.. or anything else…
    10 – me too… must get someone to check my anti-freeze – do those minute lube places do that?

  9. Sylvia says:

    So much disagreement!
    Pumpkin is a lousy flavor, but pumpkin spice is beautiful in moderation.
    Pumpkin Pop Tarts are good too.
    I don’t think anything bad about different-colored people! I just want rule of law when it comes to borders….even if have to get rid of a few laws to have it. No lie.
    I DON’T like being angry. I hate it. I’m not angry now. I don’t want to be, so I try extra hard. Nope, don’t like it one bit.
    Okay, I’ll give you all of #8.
    I hope you win at this winter and all the cats who chose to visit you are fat and warm.

  10. bob1 says:


    How about baseball, hot dogs and apple pie?

    It’s a start! 🙂

  11. Steve says:

    I personally think your #3 is way off. If all the other side does is try to interpret their dog whistles they most likely will get it all wrong.

  12. Michael says:


    It’s not way off.
    I read it everyday…I couldn’t disagree with them more, but I respect their honesty.

  13. Steve says:

    Michael, I’m not talking about the outspoken racists but about those apparently covering it up. if people have to use their decoder ring to determine if they are racist, I say maybe their not racist. Calling someone a racist I don’t take lightly.

  14. Jtk says:

    6. Every week I rack my brain to find ways to bring people together…and every week I’m more inclined to believe that’s a fools goal right now…

    And some accuse us of being “nazi sympathizers” for trying…ughhh

    A young campus minister I know has been asking dozens of people he knows if they know anyone who is full-scale, out and out racist. No one actually knows one.

    I know a couple, but we are being “played” and need to stop listening (or letting it sink in) to the purveyors of factionalism.

  15. Tom Anthony says:

    Michael, we want entertainment not truth. The current admin provides the show. Personally I am not sure it will change in a booth. There are no super people and telephone booths are a thing of the past. We are a people who want to have our ears tickled. Not much hope until the return of our One & Only Saviour.

  16. Jerod says:

    That is very eerie…

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