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  1. pslady says:

    Thanks Michael for this timely post…it’s what we all need to hear and contemplate on. As for myself, being a little over 70, I am trying to be safe & live as normal as possible. Being in the arms of Jesus is my comfort!

  2. Michael says:


    Thank you for hearing me…we all have a “new normal” to contend with, but we’ll get through it better together.

  3. Dan from Georgia says:


    I’ll be honest and say that I have been struggling A LOT with fear and anxiety to the point where I have had to take extra medications at times, even after contemplating God’s Word.

    I am one of those that is easily influenced by “the crowd”, and mass fear and panic and unwarranted speculation impact me greatly. Which is why I am troubled at times when I hear speculation here and elsewhere, especially the kind that isn’t backed up by expert and official sources (meaning, not comments from twitter, Facebook, the local grocery checkout lines, mommy blogs, etc).

    I work in the travel industry and lately every time I check the news or my work online website, its one punch in the gut after another. I know that I am going to have to check my work email right before I drive to work tomorrow to see if I am still needed or employed. A month ago this wasn’t even on our radar at work. Today we are a bare-bones operation.

    I will continue to monitor the new and experts advice, and struggle with fear and anxiety. I will also attempt with what I can muster to lean more on God and trust more and fear less. It may be a long road.

    As an aside, I am glad you are sticking up for the elderly and vulnerable. My mom and my wife’s dad are in the group and need our support and care, and not be relegated to “well, that’s them, so I can rest easy.”

  4. Michael says:


    First…may God bless you and give you peace.

    I panicked last night…for myself and for all those that will be affected by this.
    It’s hitting my own people really hard…really hard.
    We’re going to get intentional here about speaking words of grace and faith to people without ignoring the reality of the situation.
    My hope is that we’ll all be praying for each other and we get through this together…

  5. Babylon’s Dread says:

    If we are suspending everyone’s ability to earn a living when are we going to suspend mortgages and rent?

    AND – it is NOT amiss for people to note that governments seize power in crisis. It is not amiss to note that what we fear may not be as bad as what the fear is bringing.

    AND I am expendable and would rather die as a victim of this virus than to create a world that is worse for my children and grandchildren.

    At the core of our faith is the END of the fear of death.

    I’m not a conspiracy believer. And I am cooperating with everything we’ve been asked to do so far but anyone who trusts our leaders better be a good cliff jumper.

    AND I hope I’m wrong.

  6. Michael says:

    “If we are suspending everyone’s ability to earn a living when are we going to suspend mortgages and rent?”

    Damn good question…

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    BD and Michael,

    First, thank you Michael for your kind words.

    I would like to say that I was glad to see an unnamed GA utility yesterday declare that they were going to suspend disconnecting services to those that cannot make their payments.

    So some out there are getting some sense into their businesses.

  8. Cash says:

    I’m scared. I have ptsd and I’m triggered as all get out. My wife currently has a respiratory illness (deep cough.) We can’t get anyone to test her for COVID-19. She works in a Wal-Mart pharmacy and will be exposing hundreds of ppl if she does have it. I’m especially concerned for elderly ppl she may be in contact with. It’s hard not to panic.

  9. Michael says:


    Much love and prayer to you, my friend…I hear you and your heart.

  10. DavidM says:

    I am in a virtual meeting right now with our church leadership, strategizing how to maneuver through this crisis. We’re talking about setting up a benevolence fund for those who are losing their jobs, how we can check in on the elderly and others at high risk, how we can serve communion. There is a great deal of compassion and care motivating the decisions, along with abundance of caution. I like what I am hearing. We’re not snubbing our noses at government restrictions, but recognizing that this is most likely shrt term and doing all we can to help others.

  11. Michael says:

    May God bless you and your team with wisdom going forward, DavidM!

  12. Babylon’s Dread says:

    Cash she needs to stay home. Everyone has to make such choices. I have closed the meetings of our church. For two weeks I’ve been telling people to stay away if they have any kind of infection.

    We also have started a benevolence fund for the people who lose jobs. It may sink us. So be it. Lots of us are going to suffer. Those with government jobs have the high ground of safety. That’s fine but people with coughs and colds must stay home and follow the guidelines until testing is available.

  13. Em says:

    My nurse daughter refused to spend 4 hours confined to small room treating a corona virus patient without protective gear – she was dressed down by the national company she works for (in front of everyone), the hospital and a doctor – this after 2 days of working nearly around the clock as other nurses called in “sick.” The next day all the protocols she insisted were needed were implemented. The doctor told her she was right, but no one apologized for treating her ” like a trained monkey” as she put it… This virus does not behave like other virus and smart professional s are puzzled.
    Putting panic avoidance above safety is insanity.

  14. Em says:

    FWIW, the Administration has been requesting that wage earners be compensated by the government for lost hours (some companies ARE continuing paychecks, some don’t have the resources) utilities not suspend service etc… I got a nice Email from my bank saying that they intended to work with all their customers to get through this
    Myself, i intend to blacklist any politician who tries to take advantage of this.

  15. Em says:

    Pastor Dread, may God bless what your church is doing
    Praying for cash and family… Hope we all are

  16. Catherine says:

    My daughter is a physician in Phoenix. She told me Sunday that the clinic she is working in has NO protective gear for doctors and the medical professionals working with them. She and the other doctors are steeling themselves that they will all contract the virus at some point. I am outraged that Calvary Abq still had their big 3 services going on on Sunday, assuring people there was enough hand sanitizers throughout the complex. On the other hand, the Catholic church has suspended all their services for the near future. I am thinking this might be much worse than we think. But our hope is the Lord.

  17. Michael says:


    Praying for your daughter and all our medical folks…

  18. Michael says:


    Praying for your daughter as well…

  19. At our service yesterday (we’ve cancelled the next 2) we had a physician open things up with a medical perspective of the crisis. It takes roughly the first 30 minutes or so of the service. If anyone wants to hear from a real doctor, I think it’s worth a listen.

  20. Hmmm…I didn’t think it would open up as a window like that…just wanted to leave the link. :-/

  21. Em says:

    Listening to a news conferece now… 3M has been givrn permission to sell an industrial mask to healthcare facilities because it will do the job… Thank You Lord… Keep the prayers going, eh

  22. Cash says:

    BD–I agree she does need to stay home..she is not really listening to me about it. She just left for an appointment with her General Practitioner…but this morning when she called them, they told her they didn’t even know how to deal with this even though the CDC’s guidance is if you have symptoms, call your GP first and they will know what to do. We shall see. I don’t have confidence that ANYONE has a handle on what they’re supposed to do. It’s difficult not to lose my temper..Pls pray for me and my family as I have also been praying for all of us. Blessings, all.

  23. filbertz says:

    my school is closed and like districts throughout the nation, many students not only don’t have access to on-line opportunities to continue learning, they don’t have meals on the shelves at home which twice a day 5x/week the schools provide, nor the transportation to go to a school site and get the food. It’s going to be tough on the kids. My café is open, still, but we’ve had all catering cancelled, and we feel it’s just a matter of time before we have to close due to state mandate. Our employees are great, hard-working, caring people and things will be super stressful and financially ruinous for them. It is a supreme opportunity for the Church to act out its mandates.

  24. Michael says:


    Praying for you and yours…

  25. Em says:

    The state of Oregon should be providing for those needy kids – both with the necessary meals and whatever they need to study at home… IMHO…. My teacher daughter’s district is doing that…

    Above I related my daughter’s experience with the players in her area of the health care field.. Another doctor entered her into a large national online doctor’s forum and these people are very concerned as this virus is not behaving as a predictable bug… precautions ARE necessary until it is better understood, if it ever is….
    Praying… God keep

  26. DavidM says:

    Michael, thank you for your thoughts and perspective. I was in a long meeting this morning with our church leadership, strategizing on what we need to do during this time. What I loved was the idea of establishing a fund for those whose income has been reduced by their place of employment being forced to close, reaching out to the elderly and making sure they are OK, being very careful to not put anyone at risk, and more. It was all motivated by compassion, love for one another, and the recognition that there is a real threat. So much uncertainty right now, but we need to do what we can to help and love one another.

  27. MM says:

    It’s okay to say one’s scared. Do any of us believe even the greatest heroes of combat weren’t afraid?

    You know how I feel about the virus and how it’s being handled and quite frankly I’d say our leadership is actually getting worse than better. I cant help but see geo-political battles going on here and an excuse to essentially extend personal political agendas on the population.

    Someone I read, a trusted follower of Jesus BTW, said that each life was precious and to dismiss those over the need for money or reward just isn’t what Jesus would have approved of.

    I also like the idea of setting up delivery services for those who can’t or won’t leave their homes. Much better than the hoarding I witnessed today at our local Safeway store. BTW I asked people why? The answer was they had heard the Governor was about to lock down all the businesses and they were in a panic. Which BTW isn’t true at all. All around the world where lockdowns have occurred the ability to have food and drink has not been encumbered.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could set up a supply chain to help these people!

    Of course some would say, “I might get the virus or you could give it to others!” I’m one who, while taking normal precautions, really isn’t worried about getting it. I’ve seen worse in my close family and would rather get it helping others than doing selfish acts.

    The virus has its cold, unassuming, un-compassionate, and non-racist heart. I really want to have a heart of compassion.

    Each day is a step and His word is a light to it.

    Thanks, it is therapy in a time of stress to be able to write this down.

  28. Jean says:

    If we want to be honest, Trump is almost unrivaled as a self promoter, and this talent won him the biggest prize. But as far as an empathetic person, he’s the worst I’ve ever seen in a public official. The good new is, he is surrounded by some very talented public servants with empathy and Trump appears to be following their advice.

    Currently the US is statistically where Italy was two weeks ago. Depending on what we do, we can be Italy in two weeks or we can be South Korea. If we listen to the President’s official advisors, we can be S. Korea. If we listen to the truthers, we can be Italy.

    As far as our faith as Christians, there are strong and there are weak, however, if you are strong, then comply with the government anyway for the sake of your neighbor. Don’t murder your neighbor just because you don’t care what happens to you.

  29. Anchored says:

    A few ounces of perspective. The world pandemic refers to geography, not severity. Pandemic is not inherently surprising given international travel.

    Does anybody remember Swine flu? Estimated 60 million infected, 274,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 deaths in the US alone.

    Covid, confirmed cases 3487 (realistically, the number is much higher as testing is woefully inadequate), and deaths 68.

    Influenza deaths this flu season? Estimated 22,000 – 55,000.

    Take precautions, especially around the really young, elderly and immune compromised, but for the love, don’t panic. Eat garlic and other immune boosting foods, wash your hands, cover your sneezes, stay home if you are sick, and don’t panic.

  30. EricL says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh wait, Anchored said do NOT panic. I misread that at first 🙂
    Just a bit of weak humor.

    I pray this will soon pass and we can get back to a more normal life, but it also might take numerous weeks or even a month or two.

    Into this maelstrom, we are trying to sell my mother-in-law’s house after moving her into assisted living. We actually had three realtors bring in potential buyers Sunday and one made a decent offer (thank the Lord), but now we have to go through the paperwork and waiting time. Mom-in-law is under lockdown at her new facility because she has a cold, but we are going to need to have her “wet signature” on at least some of the final documents. Ugh. Need to sell it to free her of the mortgage payments, but this is going to be an extra adventure for sure. What is the safest way to smuggle docs into an Assisted Living facility? Asking for a friend.

  31. The California governor didn’t help when he mentioned the possibility of martial law. Our lab was set to go on a rotating schedule as 9f tomorrow until the order came down. My boss called me this afternoon and I took my kids in to finish a few things so I could finish a report remotely in the morning. We aren’t allowed onsite for 30 days (at this point). I hope we have jobs when we come back. Good time to take some online learning through LinkedIn. At least their mom and I won’t have to worry about childcare now. No word yet on if we will be paid or have to burn PTO or take days unpaid (personally, I’ll be ok in this case). I’m getting money back in taxes so good timing. I pulled extra cash from the ATM at work just in case…. TP we are good for a month, my usual stockpile in case of an earthquake.

    I posted on Next door that it was ok to drink tap water here. Then someone replied that our water was contaminated with some obscure solvent. I looked up the MSDS and there wasn’t any toxicity info and the rats and rabbits who died (lethal dose 50%) were basically immersed in the compound, reading between the lines. Just drink the tap water for now, Covid-19, sharks and lightening are more likely to hurt you.

    A buddy of mine works at a casino in the foothills. They are shutting down, but will be paid full salaries. It’s a good tribe that they work for.

  32. Em says:

    The assisted living facility should have an employee that can take the documents to EricL’s MIL for signatures… the employee should be competent to explain to her what it is that she is signing and, if she is so far gone that her mind can’t grasp that, then it is time to get a power of attorney and handle it for her…. 🙂

  33. Murphy says:

    Babylon’s Dread – good words.

  34. EricL says:

    Em, my MIL is mentally sharp but her eyesight has deteriorated a lot in the last few months. Hard for her to know where to sign and the documents have to be read to her. She’s fully in favor of this sale and we are keeping her up-to-date on the details via phone, but these extra complications weren’t expected 🙁

    Thanks for your suggestion on how to smuggle in the forms. A bet you were great at sneaking as a kid 🙂

  35. Duane Arnold says:


    A durable power of attorney. We did this last year. Much easier…

  36. Jean says:

    A question for the house:

    If your modus operandi as a politician has been to denigrate and delegitimize government institutions and the civil servants who work in them, how then do you convince your followers to trust said institutions when our country suddenly needs them to lead and manage our country through a worldwide pandemic?

  37. bob1 says:


    I agree with your POV. Electing Republicans (not all, but many, especially these days) is no different from the proverbial fox guarding-the henhouse.

  38. Jean says:

    ” ‘It’s not a concern,’ [Reverend Tony] Spell told WAFB. ‘The virus, we believe, is politically motivated. We hold our religious rights dear and we are going to assemble no matter what someone says.’ ”

    This kind of thinking will doom our nation to a depression and cost millions of lives

  39. Em says:

    Rev. Spell is speaking from ignorance – i hope his faith IS VERY strong…. i pray it is

  40. MM says:

    Let’s look back to just a month and a half ago.

    Please read this article and consider its almost prophetic note.

    The numbers and information about its growth and spread haven’t changed much since the article was written. What has changed is the predicted panic and politicizing at a world level has come true.

    We are basically now headed down a tunnel where the only answer for we common folk is to just enjoy each day we are given, bring true peace to others and know there’s nothing new under the sun.

    Shalom is more than peace. It’s true love and order in a world of chaos.

    The glass of milk has been spilt so it’s time to just peacefully clean it up and move on.

  41. Jean says:


    Don’t impute panic in false witness. It millions of Americans are put out of work by business closings, and unemployment goes up to 20+% (from about 3.5% a month ago), that’s called a depression. Remember, the American economy, unlike China is a SERVICES economy. the vast majority of American workers work in service industries.

    This week alone, tens (maybe thousands) of thousands of hotel, airline, retail, auto, and restaurant workers in America are being furloughed or laid off. This is just the beginning of the pain.

    Honesty does not equal panic, it might just equal truth. Are you opposed to truth. Even if you are not personally impacted, have some empathy for your neighbors.

  42. MM says:


    You missed the whole point.

    The very reason why all you state is going on was covered in the article.

    Truth and reaction to it are two different things.

  43. MM says:


    I am very personally impacted by it and your suggestion to say otherwise is an insult.

    This is a blog and an exchange of ideas have to be limited and with some level of respect. You crossed that line.

  44. bob1 says:

    I think the best thing right now, at least for me, is to focus on what I can do — stay home, for example and don’t infect anyone. I consider that to be patriotic!

  45. Em says:

    I just paid my property taxes for the full year instead of my usual 6 month increments. Since i live with a healthcare person taking care of these victims, it seemed sensible – not panic.. 🙆
    And i am taking my vitamin D3. 😇
    Praying for all… Folk i trust to know what they are talking about think this may be a long haul – not just a couple months…
    God keep

  46. Em says:

    A corny joke in honor of St. Patrick (tell it to a ten year old)

    Why do leprechauns love shamrocks?
    Because real rocks are too heavy for them………. groan?

  47. bob1 says:

    Good one, Em!

    But…groan! ):

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