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  1. Dread says:


    Invisible β€” not really but β€” massively

    It was too large anyway

  2. Michael says:


    Do you think that anything can repair all these breaches that we’ve all experienced?

  3. Linn says:

    #9 The first church I attended as a true Christ=follower was an IFCA church (Indepent Fundamentalist). I was only there a few years, and saw the light of maybe attending somewhere else (although they were very good to me). Anyway, these folks who preached against the evils of television, Hollywood, and movies, would practically come unglued if there team wasn’t winning. And, you could watch the game on television, which was often referred to as an instrument of the devil. It was when I began rethinking all of their rules. So, can you be a football fan and a Christian? (wink, wink).

  4. Michael says:

    I am a rabid football fan…has nothing to do with my faith at all.
    If I said that you had to be a Viking fan to be in the will of God…that would be a whole different story…

  5. Kevin H says:

    Not only a whole different story, but heresy.

    One must be an Eagles fan to be in the will of God. πŸ™‚

  6. Michael says:


    I was waiting… πŸ™‚

  7. Kevin H says:

    Only a 9 minute wait, not bad.

    But have you forgotten about this:

    I think I wrote about it once. πŸ˜‰

    Only $19.99 and you can have the playbook, too. Only $199.99 and you can have it for your whole church.

  8. Michael says:

    Most of those guys are now missionaries to another team…

  9. Linnea says:

    No shrinkage…I accept those vaccinated/not vaccinated, masked/not masked– I haven’t lost any friends. We’re in this together, we just have different marching orders.

  10. Linn says:

    Has my circle shrunk? I think it’s about the same. Some friends I don’t hear from as much due to very differing thoughts about politics/vaccines, and I am obviously “lost.” What I found amazing (and may have been equally amazing to them) is we are Christians at opposite ends of the spectrum. Afters few attempts to keep a conversation to something simple like the weather, I gave up. I just don’t enjoy being yelled at. But, I’ve gained some new friends, too. They are like me-bewildered by all that has happened these past long 19 months, but wanting to grow in faith and love. We don’t always agree on everything, but we do agree that a good discussion doesn’t need to be a shout-fest.

  11. Dread says:

    Repair the breeches?

    The LORD certainly can but I think it is not going to be so.

    Likely more is ahead – the kinds of crisis that have brought us together are dividing us worse and we lack anyone with greatness either politically or religiously to unite us.

    It’s a dire time β€” we must cry out

  12. filbertz says:

    my circle has shrunk as five friends have died and another is on a ventilator. I’m too old for all this s**t. The posturing for political points is wearisome and needless. If I survive, I’ll feel that I have the stamina of a man a third my age. I’m inclined to agree with Dread that the repair will be divine as His own cry out for mercy and deliverance. I’ve had to step back a bit from the ACF debacle as I was teetering on a brink in holding it so closely. It was my church for fifteen years and the place my kids were reared so I have mixed feelings about its demise, yet know there is something rotten in Ruch. I’ve vested much over the years in learning of spiritual abuse and malpractice on this site; when the harvest comes in from wild or foreign seed it’s not time to hope for a crop failure.

  13. Steve says:

    Numbers 1 and 2 are hard to accept but true. These anointed ones won’t ever come to you to apologize. In their minds they have done nothing wrong in how they they run their family franchises and view the abused as a threat to their own vision and bottom line. For some they may even enjoy it for you to come beg for their forgiveness that you would dare challenge their authority and for your own lack of submission to them or for trying to hold leadership accountable. However, the bigger the threat you are, the more one may have to beg for forgiveness which perpetuates this cycle of abuse which it clearly is.

  14. Dan from Georgia says:

    Linn, it’s obvious to say this, but still sad that you had people basically yelling at you to the point you had to put up a boundary. I was just thinking about this the other day that it is near impossible to have a conversation…a real conversation…about vaccines, COVID, and masks, without at least one party running right to slogans and accusations and basically saying that you are the devil incarnate because of __________ (usually what they are against). Where I work there are a few people I feel like it would be safe to talk to about these issues, but one or two that would turn it into a shouting match if given the chance.

  15. Dan from Georgia says:

    #7…absolutely true. Wow…new color for the iPhone! I must have it NOW! Heck, they moved the bezels .0000001 of an inch further out!!!!

  16. CM says:

    Here is the dirty little secret about Apple. They still get their touchscreen OLEDs made by Samsung….

    Of course the CPUs are fabbed by TSMC in Taiwan, the VCSEL for the facial recognition is made by either Lumentum or Finisar (now a part of II-VI), the RF chips for the wireless and cellphone are likely made by Cree/Wolfspeed, and so on…

  17. Dan from Georgia says:


    I heard that about the screens. Ironic isn’t it!

  18. Michael says:


    I’m so sorry my friend.
    Crying out is all we have left…

  19. Em says:

    Pastor Dread @ 8:06pm
    Sadly there is little belief in a Creator God left in this world
    Psalm 81 was my scheduled read this Wed. morn’ – sent chills up my spine

  20. Em says:

    “Crying out is all we have left…”
    YES, bit we know Who to cry out to…
    That must count for something? ? ?

  21. Nathan Priddis says:

    10. I’ve shrunk. I have less social contact as a result.

    It’s past due for Evangelicalism to shrink. It’s dangerous. Engaging culture, was a nice sounding slogan in the post War environment. But unnoticed and un-considered is that engagement is also a military term. Neo-Evangelicals where using it as culture war term, for creating a new world mind. One built on historic Protestant traditions.
    It was inevitable that seven decades later, both internal and external culture war would occur.

    Death and rebirth are a nessesary cycle of life. Just as Fundamentalism went into decline, so should Evangelism. If it is preserved as a lingering corpse, then the Scripture applies:
    ..where the dead body is there the eagles will gather..

  22. Em says:

    Evangelicalism a corpse? Hmmmm
    However, i cannot disagree that ignorant, untaught Believers have been led astray by those wolves of which our Lord warned us…. They’ve shown up in Methodists, Lutheranism, Presbyterians, and others as has been noted here…..
    But true evangelicalism is not a rotting corpse – IMHO

  23. Linn says:

    Dan from Georgia at 5:43 am
    Yes, it’s frustrating when people yell, but I’ve decided I don’t need to yell. I believe our culture has elevated “loudness” to how persuasive we appear, and thus the loudest person wins. I grew up in a home where my parents and sister screamed at each other all the time, and I gradually came to the conclusion that there were better ways to use that energy. I like a good discussion, even a good animated discussion, but not yelling. I realized I had a choice, and I took it. When I’ve been approached about my non-participation in some things, I’ll discuss it, as long as the yelling and the slogans don’t come out. I manage 250 students a week without yelling at them. We as adults should be able to act like adults.

  24. Em says:

    Linn, hear, hear ! ! !

  25. Em says:

    pondering “yelling….”
    i have noticed some folk with a soap box to stand on don’t yell, but their logic-so-called declarations make no sense to me….
    than there are the yellers – who needs logic when you can yell louder than anybody else?

    come to think of it πŸ™‚ did our Lord ever yell as He taught?

  26. Xenia says:

    I, for one, hope that Evangelicalism does not shrink and go away because where would the people go? It’s not like the people of the big Calvary Chapel in town are going to show up en masse at my tiny Orthodox parish any time soon, although they would be most welcome.

    The fact is, America’s culture, such as it is, is partially built on Evangelicalism and if it collapses, many people will lose their faith and be lost. (Yes, I believe people can lose their faith and be lost.) If this happens, the degradation of our society will become even worse. I want Evangelicalism to drop its politics and some of its goofier theology and continue on, singing praises to God. learning the Scriptures and teaching little kids Bible stories.

    I think they are irrevocably attached to their right-wing conspiracy doctrines, unfortunately.

  27. Muff Potter says:

    @ No. 1 :
    The leadership repenting of their mismanagement and turning over a new leaf?
    That’s about as likely as…. (choose your own metaphor).
    And if the Applegate people continue to fork over their hard earned dinero as ‘tithes’ an ‘offerings’?
    They deserve each other.

  28. Duane Arnold says:

    I think that the Evangelicalism that attracted so many of us in our youth no longer exists.

  29. Em says:

    Dr. Duane, if you are right, we are in deep trouble….

    Maybe it depends on how we define “evangelical?”

  30. pstrmike says:


    Yes it does. You just have to look a little more for it. It lost its voice in the greater American evangelical milieu a long time ago.

  31. Duane Arnold says:


    Hope that you are right, but it is doing a very good job of hiding…

  32. Steve says:

    Xenia,. I often pray that the big CC churches dissolve or repent. If the churches dissolve, I believe the sheep would find greener pastures potentially in some of the mainline denominations or other bible based independent churches, etc. Churches may dissolve and go away but disciples will always find a place to fellowship and hence Christ’s church will prevail. I often thought that if some of the mega CC pastors repented of the way they ran their franchises, what would that look like? To me, most I think would just have to shut up and start listening to their brethren and serve along side them in non teaching roles in probably a mainline denomination. That is highly unlikely though.

  33. pstrmike says:


    Most of these churches that I speak of don’t have the resource$ to make themselves known. The problem is, w=once you begin to attract a significant number, there is the temptation to morph into something more appealable to the general population, and in most cases, I think you ruin what you had.
    Without wanting to go into it much, evangelicalism ruined itself from within due to their own success.

    “And you can see them there on Sunday morning
    Stand up and sing about what it’s like up there
    And they call it paradise, I don’t know why
    You call someplace paradise
    Kiss it goodbye.”

    ~ Don Henley, Glenn Lewis Frey

  34. Linn says:

    When I was contemplating “escaping” from my church the middle of last year, because of all the rhetoric, I found several other churches not far from me that appeared to be good, sound, Christian churches. They are not known for being huge (most were a few hundred at most), but they were known for following COVID guidelines, being non-political, but very community-active (adopting a local school, helping unwed mothers/adoption, food pantries, etc). There was one I was particularly drawn to, but my church turned a corner somewhere and all of the rhetoric against our rights stopped. I think someone came to their senses about the fact that people really were dying from COVID and that it was in our interest not to have huge throngs of people at church. They added another service, spaced pews, encouraged masking, etc. All that to say that, if my understanding of Scripture is correct, the church is what we have until Jesus returns (wherever you are on that continuum). He chose 12 men to begin his mission (most of whom wouldn’t be considered qualified for church planting nowadays), and he continues to work through His church. But, I think He will let us choose a church that glorifies Him vs. the one that is only spouting political slogans and conspiracy theories.

  35. Em says:

    “But, I think He will let us choose a church that glorifies Him vs. one that is only spouting political slogans and conspiracy theories.”

  36. Linnea says:

    Regarding my previous comment…while I do not acknowledge loss on my part, I am not delusional. I can see what is afoot and it is dire and monstrous.

  37. Xenia says:

    I haven’t exactly lost anyone, but I am avoiding getting myself into situations where there might be extended conversations with certain people. In case of some relatives on FB I have to say to myself “Love covers a multitude of sins” and look the other way for a season. For a while, my husband and I would leave church as soon as the liturgy was over to avoid certain conversations, but we’ve gotten better at deflection and have preserved the relationships. My circle of friends was never that large to begin with, mostly consisting of my immediate family , my neighbors, and some friends at church. Some of them do have whackadoodle ideas but there is respect among us, and we talk about other things to preserve the relationships.

    Some people are angry all the time, and you can tell they spend a lot of time watching cable news. They are so continually angry that they are ruining their lives with corrosive anger and are wasting all the freedoms they claim they are trying to preserve. What is the point of unlimited American-style freedom if you are so churned up all the time that you can’t enjoy life? And where if the peace of Christ in all this? Where is the gratitude for all the things we have? Better to be a serf in medieval Russia with the peace of Christ in your heart than an angry American ranting about losing freedoms.

  38. Michael says:

    I lost someone yesterday because they were upset that I had my disabled step brother vaccinated.
    I’ve lost friends and family even though I tried to avoid the subjects entirely.
    We started losing people here years ago when we started writing about border issues and as Trump emerged we lost about half the readership.
    There were discussions about shutting down.
    We have rebuilt…the site is again where nit has usually been over the years.

  39. EricL says:

    Just learned this weekend that my mother-in-law’s place is locking down again, even though all residents and staff have been vaccinated and there hasn’t been any new outbreak reported. This is a private Assisted Living complex, not a hospital or nursing home.

    Now they will only let in outsiders who can prove that they’ve been vaccinated. No vaccination card; no admission to see your loved one. Only exception is if you can prove that you were tested within the last 72 hours and came up negative. Proof of natural immunity is not accepted. Also, you must wear masks at all times and are limited to no more than 3 visitors at a time. It feels like the Spring of 2020 all over again, even though the Covid caseload is on the decline in our area of SoCal.

    We support COVID vaccinations. Almost all of us have gotten them. But my youngest is 9, so there is no vaccination for him. I guess he won’t get to see his grandmother for the next 3+ years. Sigh…

  40. Dan from Georgia says:

    I have technically lost no friends and family members due to politics/covid/vacc/masks since 2016, but one friend in MN kinda questioned my faith a few years back…not sure why, but could be that I was vocal in my non-support of a certain candidate, or a sin issue I had. Nevertheless, if it comes up again from said individual, the street Dan from Georgia will make it’s presence known.

    I am 53 and have no energy or interest in that kind of b****.

  41. Dan from Georgia says:

    And another thing…I am truly tired of being made out to be the bad guy because I got vaccinated.

  42. Dan from Georgia says:

    but then as mentioned above…anger only fuels the fires. Will calm down now.

  43. CM says:

    Dan, since to some “Christians” you got the Mark of the Beast by getting vaccinated, I found some more gems for your reading pleasure (many are repeats though, it was copied from a blog somewhere):

    666 = Number of the Beast

    660 = Approximate Number of the Beast

    66600 = Zip Code of the Beast

    665.95 = Retail price of the Beast

    DCLXVI = Roman numeral of the Beast

    666.0000 = Number of the High Precision Beast

    0.666 = Number of the Millibeast

    /666 = Beast Common Denominator

    (-666) ^ (1/2) = Imaginary number of the Beast

    6.66 e3 = Floating Point of the Beast

    1010011010 = Binary of the Beast

    1-666 = Area code of the Beast

    666 mph = The speed limit of the Beast

    $665.99 = Retail price of the Beast

    $775.88 = Price of the Beast plus G.C.T

    $236.66 = Price of the Beast at Bashco

    Esso 666 = Gasoline of the Beast

    Route 666 = Way of the Beast

    666 F = Oven temperature for Roast Beast

    666K = Retirement plan of the Beast

    666 mg = Recommended Minimum Daily Requirement of Beast

    6.66% = 5 year CD interest rate at First Beast of Hell National Bank

    $666/hr = Beast’s lawyer’s billing rate

    Lotus 6-6-6 = Spreadsheet of the Beast

    i66686 = CPU of the Beast

    665.9997856 = The Number of the Beast on a Pentium

    668 = Next-door neighbor of the Beast

    333 = The semi-Christ

  44. Em says:

    Ahh, “the mark of the Beast…”
    I wonder what our Lord thinks of our “interpretations”. πŸ˜’

  45. Derek says:

    Proof of natural immunity not accepted is about the dumbest thing I have heard of yet. It is superior to the vaccine in that your body has better ability to identify multiple proteins from the virus and not just the spike protein.

  46. Michael says:

    Derek…I agree.

  47. Xenia says:

    I think I agree…. how is it proven? Can you just say “I had Covid” or is there some kind of test?

  48. Michael says:

    You would test for antibodies…

  49. Dan from Georgia says:


    333 = 50% off the beast
    166.5 = clearance price of the beast

    All serious now…my manager just informed me that I was exposed to a COVID carrier for 4 days last week while in office.

  50. Dan from Georgia says:

    I have been vaccinated and hope and pray (while being thankful for the vaccine) that it does it’s job so I can be around for my wife as I am not in the greatest of health.

  51. Just one of His Lsmbs says:

    EricL May I suggest you get your 9 year old tested when you want to visit Grandmother in the nursing home. With a negative Covid test within 72 hours the child could visit. Problem solved.

  52. EricL says:

    Just OOHL,
    Rapid test costs $150 at local Urgent Care. Regular test through our insurance took 3 days for results last time, so that eliminates the 72 hr window. Even if the test results came in 2 days, the times for testing is during school hours at a site 30 miles away in our medical plan. All of this is frustrating.

  53. Just one of His Lambs says:

    I believe there are recognized snd accepted at home tests you can order online and cost much less than $150. Just wanting to encourage you to look into alternatives. Wishing you the best.

  54. The New Victor says:

    Numbers of tHe BeAsT, lol. I saw that a long time ago. My mom got a PO box in 95665
    because her home zip code was 95666. That was in 1989.

    I also couldn’t be with her, though she no longer remembered who I was for over a year, in her final hours due to covid restrictions. That was pre-vax. I feel for anyone in such circumstances…

  55. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    For 10. … most of the circle-shrinking for me happened between 2014 and 2019, not 2020-2021. The pandemic merely confirmed what I’d already discovered earlier.

  56. Dan from Georgia says:


    My wife and I are hoping to get up to Minnesota in October to see my mom, whom we had not seen since August of 2019. Two years is too long.

  57. Derek says:

    I have been personally against this vaccine for a while now. No crazy theories. I only believe a totally new type of vaccine (MRNA) should have some long term studies before I have it put in my body.
    My wife and I are at home right now, both of us tested positive for COVID this week and we are waiting out our quarantine. I would rather have natural immunity and don’t really fear this virus all that much. If I die, well that has happened since Adam and will still happen after I am gone. Feel sick, but honestly, not the worst kind of sick I have ever been.
    We just got through watching the latest FDA video on Youtube. At about 4:21:00, they start to talk about the side effects and excess deaths. It is worth a watch. This video is titled Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/2021. They voted today 16 to 3 for boosters only for people over 65 and those at risk because of the issues with the vaccines. They are killing more people than they are saving.

  58. Michael says:


    Praying for you and your wife to recover quickly.

    I’m cautiously pro vaccine…but less so every day.

  59. Derek says:

    That video sealed it for me. This was rushed and all emotional. We ended up killing more people than we saved. The Israeli data scared them.
    My only hope is that this doesn’t;t turn into nightmare scenario of ADE like happened with the animal trials of MRNA vaccines before COVID. I have too many loved ones that took the vaccine that I would rather see stay alive and healthy and not suffer for our government trying to be the saviors with no long term studies.

  60. Michael says:

    I’m to the point where I don’t know what to believe…so I’ll believe nothing without better documentation than we have now.

    I’ve been disturbed for a while about the lack of interest in therapeutics, as well.

  61. Dan from Georgia says:

    I initially wasn’t interested in taking a vaccine, but with my weight and high blood pressure, I believed I should take it. My co-worker is asymptomatic and so far I feed fine after 4 days post-exposure. My at home test came back negative, and i will be taking a more robust test tomorrow. Not a pro- or anti- vaccine post here in any ways, but this is just where I am at…no arguing, fights, disagreements, but just working with what we have available. Also hoping that by mid-October things are looking up so I can visit my mom up north.

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