Tom Stipe Has Passed Into Glory

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  1. Duane Arnold says:


    So sorry to hear this. Tom was with Country Faith when they used to play at our church and fellowship concerts… requiescat in pace…

  2. JD says:

    Our prayers go up for the family, friends, and the many he ministered to.

  3. keith says:

    I used to answer the phones at Cross Roads Church of Denver. Tom was a super gifted teach and was faithful to the Lord till the end of this chapter. He is a good man..flawed as we all are but full of Lover for our Lord Jesus.

  4. Karen says:

    Oh, poor Tom, not sad that he’s in heaven, but I didn’t know he had liver cancer.
    He was one of the many brethren whom God used in my early Christian walk when I came to the Lord at CCCM in 1970.

  5. prodinov says:

    I don’t go back as far as Duane w/ CC but I do recall in 1979 Tom reached out to some of us searching University of Denver students looking for alternatives. Weekly house meetings took us to a new place of discovery. Tom was a unique minister who opened our eyes to simple Bible teaching that allowed us to learn and develop. Did not know Tom had cancer. Phoenix…let’s keep you active so we remain having a place of solid links.

  6. I didn’t know Tom personally, and I knew him more as a musician until learning more about him at this blog. The fact that he didn’t always go with the Calvary status quo made me like him right away. He seemed to be able to think for himself. From what I gathered he was more open to counseling and such. My take was he was open to common sense.

  7. pstrmike says:

    I considered Tom my pastor when I attended CCCM. Memory eternal 🕯

  8. Em says:

    Prayers for all of you… God give comfort and strength….

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Rest In Peace, Brother.

    Lord, please give your comfort and strength to MaryEllen.

  10. IVAN Bruce says:

    Like to Praise God for Tom..Although during the disinvestment imposed on South Africa in the 70s, I was privelidged to listen to the Maranatha Music that people visiting the US, brought back to SA..I had a small trio group going and we blest many a audience with Toms song “Two Roads”
    He’s now with his Lord and Master where there is no more pain and suffering.
    Thanks you Tom for the legacy you left behind..

  11. Corby says:

    Tom was a tremendous personal encourager to me as a relatively young pastor. This makes me sad, but I’m glad he’s relieved of his cancer now.

  12. Alan Hawkins says:

    2020 has been sorrow upon sorrow and now this. Tom was unique. He was a window into the Jesus movement and he was a unique participant. Mention Frisbee, Smith, Wimber, or Hanegraaff and his name inevitably arises. Calvary Chapel to Vineyard and back he made the journey. Evangelist, musician, man of God, and so many other roles.

    He helped me research Vineyard and opened worlds I had only known by shadows. I admired him for courage and conviction. I grieve hearing this.

  13. Alan Hawkins says:

    Forgot about the True Grit avatar 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Darrell says:

    Our prayers go out to Tom’s family, our joy goes to the Lord. Another Saint has come home. Praise our God and Savior. Tom you are healed.

  15. Robert Quintana says:

    I worked at Crossroads, when it was a Calvary Chapel and then a Vineyard. I grew in Christ because of the teaching and ministry of Pastor Tom Stipe. I was on staff for 9 years and a member of Crossroads for 13 years. I saw Pastor Tom 2 years ago and it was nice to see him again. Sad that he is gone but glad that he is with Jesus Christ Tom’s Lord and Savior. He wrote and sung “Sovereignty”. Tom trusted in God’s rule and reign.

  16. JD says:

    Here is a link to the foreword of Hank’s book. I missed it back then but is still relevant for today.

  17. Rick says:

    I first heard Tom Stipe give a message after one of the weekly concerts at CCCM in the mid-70’s; as a new Christian I found him an amazing communicator. After 6 years in the military, I went to a meeting in Boulder, Colorado (early-80’s) for what would become the Denver Calvary Chapel plant and eventually Vineyard, then on to Crossroads. I have been a part of several mega-churches; I think out of the main leadership figures I encountered there I never had doubts regarding his sincerity of faith and commitment to truth. I will always hold him in high esteem though I left Vineyard while it was meeting in the liquor store warehouse for a smaller, more traditional church. I was a home-group leader for a time while at Vineyard–it was an interesting and challenging time.

    I think the pressures on a mega-church pastor who really loves Jesus would be almost impossible to carry. The number of people who desire face-time, the number of people who think because your ministry is so fruitful think you have the answers would be overwhelming. I think Tom Stipe handled it as well, again, as anyone I am familiar with–I do not envy the burden he has carried through the years.

    When I read the end of John 6, where the disciples say that “this is a hard saying”, I have sometimes thought that the biblical plan for church growth is to get smaller. I think the mega-church ministries, in a sense, hinder the living out of the gospel because the ‘leaven’ becomes centralized rather than spread throughout the community which we are hoping to impact. I am rather taken by Shane Claiborne’s thoughts (rough paraphrase) that we should get smaller and smaller until we take over the world. To be out there as outposts of faith rather than living in forts, if that makes sense.

    I have great empathy for leaders like Tom Stipe, sincere, good men, who have to manage such numbers and expectations. I think he did well.

  18. Muff Potter says:

    I remember Stipe from the the old Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa, CA) Sat. night concerts back during the wind-down of the Vietnam era. Even as a young Army vet just out of the VA hospital, I thought he was a very talented MC.
    I’m with Duane … requiescat in pace

  19. Trevor Jones says:

    I had the opportunity of meeting Tom 1980-81 through my good friend and Pastor of the Desert Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Lancaster Calif
    The reachness of his message
    Thank you Lord for your anointed

  20. Tom F says:

    I came to faith at Tom Stipe’s church in Denver in 1981. I met God there in a real way and set my life on the right road. I thought Tom taught the bible as one who had lived it. Jesus walking by the Spirit was not just a bible verse but a way we could live. I moved to Chicago a year later still have not found a church like CCD. I’m still on the right road and look forward to seeing Tom again. Very grateful that he followed his call to Denver. I was one who was changed.

  21. Erunner says:

    Tom delivered the message in 1976 when I came to faith at CCCM. If I recall correctly his church provided free counseling for those struggling with mental illness. I never knew him but God used him to change my life. I pray that his survivng family will experience God’s peace in a very real way.

  22. Mike E. says:

    I did not know Pastor Stipe. My only experience with him was when I was a pastoral intern at a Calvary Chapel that took probably 2 or 3 mission trips to Russia every year. At a Pastor’s conference, he was a speaker. He said something about taking European vacations. I’ll never forget that. May he Rest In Peace with the triune God.

  23. We met Tom and his congregation in about 1980 when they just moved to Sheridan Blvd. What a great teacher who believed in and taught the entire Bible, not just the the easy parts. His communication and music talents were very inspirational. We taught kindergarten for about 5 years on Kipling and were always happy to be a part of his team. We give our sinceer condolences to Merilynn and their family. How blessed we are to have known him and learned from him. Tom has brought so many people to the Lord over the years that he will see in Heaven, he will be missed by many.

  24. Tim A says:

    Tom had marching orders from the King, he pursued them diligently and passionately, as a warrior of the Word, he was faithful, as a musician, he was David, as a servant, he was prayerful, as a leader, visionary, when humbled, broken before his Master… I loved Tom, Tim from long ago

  25. Marianne says:

    I remember as a teenager going to CC Costa Mesa in the early 70s with friends every Saturday night to hear the various concerts back then. Tom Stipe was the MC for those concerts and then he would teach us from the Bible. From Southern CA we prayed for Tom and his family as they felt led by God to start a new CC church in the Denver area. Although at the time I was sad to see them leave Southern CA I am so glad they did come out to CO because we have moved here and now we attend Fort Collins CC. God greatly used Tom Stipe as he spoke into the lives of countless young people during the Jesus Movement. I thank God for this man.

  26. Steve says:

    Like some of the others, I recall Tom from the very early days at Calvary Chapel… he was truly a gifted teacher from the Lord. Sad to see him go, glad we will all see him again and see Pastor Chuck too! Can’t wait… come on twinkle of an eye, we’re ready.. 1 Corinthians 15:52.

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